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Found 208 results

  1. Visited here in early May with Frosty. History 'borrowed' from wikipedia. . . . This was quite an explore, as this building is not the easiest place to explore, but it was well worth it. Before visiting the main Hospital building, we first found the boiler house. And then found ourselves inside a smaller seperate building, maybe an accute ward or simelar? Not much to photograph in there really. Then we explored the main Hospital building. It's in damn good shape after several years of closure. After a few wards and corridors, we found the first of two large halls. There's a marble plaque at each end, one with the names of all the people involved in the origenal building of the place And a second with the names of all the people involved with the improvement and expansion work that took place some years later. Along the walkway at the top. And then the second hall which was upstairs above the first - quite how they got those pianos up there I'll never know. With fully functional stage Padded room, although this wasn't origenal I don't think - the room's been used for something since it's closure I think. Thanks for looking! Maniac.
  2. here is a report i did a while back on another forum! I dont think anyone has done a report of it on here so i thought id post it up: ok so after some emails and calls between the Kent county council and the other forum, we were asked to carry out a survey of the schools air raid system. There is not much history behind the place other than the lower level is WW1 and the upper level is WW2. This was a good place to see and was great to have permission and a run of the school. Visited with lynton, Fortknox0 and nik24. A couple of various shots around the school and the external entrances
  3. Here is a local farm house that is right down the road from where I live. Sorry the pictures are small I took the before I got a real camera. I will be going back soon and taking new pictures. After the pictures check out a music video by the band Nathaniel White and a Link so you can see how the got there name and some info behind the house you see standing along RT17 in Goshen NY. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-N-sOaU2W-M History and behind the name. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nathaniel_White
  4. A frickin huuuuuuuuuuuge space under there, thought I might as well post it up. Always nice to see something new
  5. Explored with solar p in quite a bad state but made for some cool pictures the barn in to the house
  6. this place is just outside of totton near southampton seems to be an old farm house sorry for the quality of the pics but was using my phone. drive past this old house two but some one actually lives here
  7. This was posted on BB but I forgot to copy it before it died, as its ghost has appeared from the past for some reason. Here it is again. Just had a little look around an Old gate house. I have driven past it loads of times, so I decided to have a little look. This is my first attempt at taking photos on an explore so sorry if their a bit crap. Very dilapidated, roof is falling in and most of the rooms have lost their floors. Front door Side view Rear Some shots from inside (someone should tell the vegetation that) I love the pattern created by the roof Out the back is a small shed type thing. And be careful in the woods, stupidly I touched the fence before I found this...dam that is surprisingly painful