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Found 68 results

  1. After 3 days of super sweet Belgian coffee, Coca Cola, pastries, waffles, burgers, and, of course, MILLIONS of roll ups, the 1100 Belgium Tour had taken it's toll on me and NK's teeth making them DESPERATE for a scrape and polish!! Unfortunately, our teeth were in such a HORRENDOUS state, the dentist suffered a nervous breakdown and had to go home for a lie down... Time for a bit of D.I.Y... WELCOME TO ...VILLA CAVITY... And that's it... Myself and NK would like to thank you all for taking the time to check out our Euro adventures, hopefully much, MUCH more to come in 2014!!!
  2. Day 3 of the N.K.P.S 1100 Belgium Tour and me n the Welly Queen are up with the lark and hotfooting it to the days first location and in keeping with the rest of the tours sites its a walk in!! Which was nice!! We decide to work from the bottom up and find a huge collection of files and plans in the cellar all slowly but steadily decaying! NICE!! Up into the rest of the house and its just as good! Stacks of goodies left behind, pristine rooms that give the impression that the residents have popped down the shops and contrasting ones which give the impression that the house is about to fall down! And to top it all off a collection of stuffed birds!! Cant beat a bit of taxidermy!! Enough waffle... Heres some pics from both of us... ENJOY!! ...VILLA HEIL... ...The Cellars... ...Ground Floor... ...Upstairs... Thanks for lookin' in...
  3. 1. What the hell??? 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.
  4. A crazy wonderful location. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.
  5. Day 2, site 2 on the 'N.K.P.S 1100 Belgium Tour' and after an unexpected lay in at Motel Das Wahlfart and a quick breakfast of coffee, Belgian pastries and roll ups we arrived at the one at the top of our list, and BOY did it deliver!! An abandoned doctors surgery... Implements and drugs still in situ... Clothes in the wardrobes... Tidy looking motor in the garage... And to top it all off? An urbex badger!! Had a good 3 hours in here and it wasn't enough!! (No pics from NK on this report unfortunately, she's got computer issues!! She'll pop some up once it's sorted) 'Take a seat, the doctor while see you shortly' ...MAISON MORPHINE... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Vorsprung Derp Technic (As they say in Belgium) Thanks for lookin in peeps... Still a couple more sites to report on! So keep 'em peeled!!
  6. Evening Oblivionistas!!! Welcome back to the continued adventures of N.K.P.S. on our recent '1100 Belgium Tour'... After our Antwerp Hell Drive and After Dark Pickled Pig Excursion on day 1, we were a bit knackered, so being as tight as the proverbial drum we decided on a derp establishment to rest our weary swedes... 'WELCOME TO THE MOTEL DAS WAHLFART' (Pictures from both of us as usual) 'Right then bab... Time for Maison Morphine! Hop on I'll give yer a backy... That's it for now peeps... Keep em peeled for the next remedial instalment!!
  7. You join me n NK as we draw near to the end of day 1 of 'The N.K.P.S 1100 Belgium Tour', by this point we'd both been awake for about 32 hours but fuelled with copious amounts of coffee and roll ups, we forged ahead to our next destination... By Belgian standards its a bit fooked, by UK standards though its a bit nice!! Heres some pics from the pair of us... ...Villa Doktor... And just enough time in the day to fit another one in!! Bit of a strange one this... Felt a bit 'weird'! But still very photogenic due to all the bits left behind, although some thieving little shite has half inched the skull AND the living room lights!! GRRRR!! ...Maison Islam... And there it is... 1 day down, 2 to go! Oh, and we've got some night visits show ya too!! KEEP 'EM PEELED... N.K.P.S OUT!!
  8. Well, it finally happened!! After setting off late, another sat nav failure and forgetting the ferry booking number, we're on board the boat sniggering like overexcited schoolkids!! 'WE'RE OFF TO F**KIN' BELGIUM BAB!!' After a rather choppy crossing and randomly bumping into Maniac and the boys off to France, (nice to meet ya lads!) we arrived on foreign soil and the 'NKPS 1100 Belgium Tour' could begin... And we couldn't have started it off any better!! Rumoured to be 'sealed' we decided to hit it up anyway as the word 'sealed' doesn't exist in the NKPS vocabulary... We prefer the phrase 'challenging access'!! Anyway, enough waffle (for now) here's our first location of the tour... Chucking NK's pics up too... Hope you lot enjoy!! 'The Hangmans Hunting Lodge' ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ That's it from us, for now, hope you loiked it, another 13 sites and associated scrapes to get through, so keep em peeled for some more NKPS shenanigans!! You never know I might be able to get NK to do a report...
  9. This place is amazing! Soo much stuff has been left and the telephone still works! Thanks!
  10. Evening all, End of the first day and we thought we’d pay this place a visit as we knew it was a brief stop and was well decayed. Did the usual and parked in a little side street away from the place. We walked towards it and as I took one step towards the gap in the cornfield, I looked to the right and saw an old woman walking down who immediately spotted what we were up to and went into her house and watched us out the window. It appears others had seen us too. I spotted a small gap in the hedge off the road so we walked back to the car and had a rest for 10 minutes before going straight for it and not hanging about when traffic was quiet. Don’t have the history but there was some heavy decay going on here. I heard from one person that the house was going to be destroyed soon. A few photos were taken but some rooms were filled up with stuff or the roof had caved in. Not good for three big guys but we managed half hour and left to drive to Chambre De Commerce for a late night looksee. On with the photos. Thanks for looking in.
  11. Evening all, For those in the know, this is the "other" cooling tower in Belgium with the small shed inside hence the name "maison petit". Not sure why the shed is there but we parked up and got here, I took what I wanted and got back to the car as we parked outside the main access gate and this looked conspicious at best. Just two, there was no way to walk to it safely (not that I could see anyhow) so variety is not really a spice of life here. Thanks for looking in.
  12. Evening all, OK so I threatened you with another report so here goes..... This place was Fcking creepy as hell. We arrived at the beginning of a storm around Saturday lunchtime and proceeded to unpack ready for the short hike to the place. We were told that the owner is right on top of this and lo and behold, a car came out of the track just as we were about to head through the forest rather than use the track. Not so bad if you are a walker or dog owner as its public but tripods give the game away these days. The car pulled in front of ours and was just parked there with the lights on as if he was watching us out the rear view mirror, so we carried on walking down the road as if we were on a ramble. Well the heavens opened so we decided to walk back to the car and see what this guy was doing. Thankfully from the road we couldn't see the drivers door open and it was just a guy picking pine cones in the forest for his BBQ so we had a chat and off he went. So we waited 10 minutes and cut through the forest. This time, crossing the barrier and straight in to the grounds through the hedge and to the front door. As we arrived, the whole sky went dark and the rain and thunder started, just as Sean opened the front door and to the discovery that the downstairs light was on. Sufficiently creeped out as we were, we spent a good few minutes in silence in the hall waiting for some noise or sign that someone may have been in. Luckily, no one in and we had a good hour and a half or so in here with some pretty bad light. We left and walked straight into a couple coming through the door with a dog. Thinking it was the owner, we briefly tried to explain ourselves until we saw the camera backpack and tripod. Atmospheric was the word of the afternoon especially considering the history. There are gruesome rumours about the owner of this house. In the 18th Century the lowlands of Belgium and The Netherlands were confronted with gangs of hoodlums, rapists and satanists who called themselves the "Bokkenrijders". These medievil criminals terrorized the people and left a trail of destruction in these countries. Mr Clerkx was fed up and swore to wipe out all of the "Bokkenrijders", in which he succeeded. Stories go that in the basement of his house he had rings attached to the walls where he locked up the criminals and starved them to death. Those who were not brought to the basement were hung. The hanging was often done in public and therefor the people were very frightened of him. After the "Bokkenrijders" were no more he turned his aggression to the people around him. This got so worse that he was banned by the community. But even after he left, the terror Mr Clerkx brought took ages to be forgotten..... On with some photos. Thanks for looking in.
  13. Not a great report but thought I would share as it would be a cool place for a video shoot or something like that. Especially in the snow. After a lousy 2 hour sleep in the car, with 2 lads snoring behind me (I have a video recording! - attached) Just getting you back Cyberhouse (he recorded me whilst I was asleep several times..apparently snoring... perv! ) Anyway.. it was a crap sleep. Snoring, heavy winds, heavy snow, made for a grumpy wake up call at 7am. We trundled over to the house, freezing. We got in, had a look around, and I'm not sure if it was sleep deprivation or what, but we weren't that into the place. It had some ok features but most of the house was boarded, hardly any light coming through. We had better places to see so we shot the stairs, (torch painted, hence turning black and white haha) then buggered off to the next place... found out through some one else going that we should of ventured into the loft, a good few pics could of been made up there. 1 2 3 4
  14. Now this one, was interesting. Arrived at 7am, it was pitch black until 7:30, when I shot the first image of the painting. The light slowly began to sneak through the front window, but when I started shooting, I didn't feel all that excited. I realised that I really have a passion for photography and exploring, but this felt like I was invading somebody's home. I know in the back of my mind it had been abandoned a while but still; It was a weird feeling. Any of you ever get that? So many artifacts left behind, glasses, playing cards, teapots, hats, coats, gloves, portraits, paintings, crockery. You name it... it was there*. *well, don't but you get the idea! I would of felt more comfortable if there had been a few more spider webs and cordyceps and cobwebs and peeling wallpaper and rotting ceilings about. It felt so.. fresh. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  15. Evening all, Sorry, one more residential one from me........ I told you that Luxembourg was full of residential stuff but I'll stop for a bit after this This was first light, first morning in Luxembourg. We popped out for this at early doors and then went back for a shower and breakfast at the hotel before going to Central Thermique and then onto France. Was told before we went that the neighbour looks after this and leaves his large dog in the garden to wander but thankfully no such luck this morning Had to wait a good hour or so after sunrise before I was getting any useful metering on the camera so the 3 of us made use of the front rooms at first light and moved from room to room as the light got better. Was one I was looking forward to doing and wasn't disappointed. On with some photos. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12 #13 #14 #15 #16 #17 #18 #19 Thanks for looking in.
  16. Evening all, Another residential unfortunately. Didn't realise before we arranged this day or so in Luxembourg is that the majority of places are residential in Luxembourg. Never mind, we arrived at the airport and collected our car and were in this place within 45 minutes. As we got in, there were 4 German explorers on the stairs taking a break so we all manouvered our way round each other and spent a couple of hours here before getting over to our second and final one for that day. Some rooms were piled high with crap and time was spent on the areas that were still in good order. For a friend of mine who had never been over the pond it was a great way to start off the 4 days. On with some photos. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 Thanks for looking in.
  17. So after failing to get into somewhere, we spotted this close by, its a dentist with a nice little house next to it, just a little video some faces in here so no names please!