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Found 33 results

  1. ​ First stop on our recent southern excursion saw Me, Nk and the 'Future Moochers' nipping in here... St Georges Hospital in Hornchurch. Really keen for this one due to the 'eternal corridor' and intact mortuary which, unfortunately, has now had its pristine porcelain slab removed! Didnt matter though, we had a bostin time topped off with a bit of dressin up (apologies in advance for the topless shots!) Heres some pix then... Mine and Nk's... ENJOY!! 'Oi! You! Bloody urbexers! Get out my hospital!!' Well... I DID apologise!! Cheers for lookin' you lot!!
  2. NKPS ..A hidden Treasure..Y Heulog...May 2013 Not alot to say about this little one really, apart from...so beautiful...tucked away and forgotten.... Hope you enjoy the photos all curtesy of PS ...I did the dizzy chicken bit and mine are some what appauling....hope you enjoy her as we did...
  3. NKPS The Derby Dash and Ushaw slopes April 2013 A couple here that we did a few months ago..crackin splores both of...hope you enjoy..splored as always with my besty PS..a mix of both our pics to follow...hope you enjoy.... The Derby Dash..... Ushaw Slopes...
  4. After a rather frantic days splorin we drove past Camalot at about 10pm and looked at each other knowing we had to be up at 3am and still hadnt found any where to pitch the tents and still two hours away from where we had to be by morning...........Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Dam splore fever over took us and we hit the rides!! A mix of both our pics...Enjoy the ride..we did
  5. Stairs, Chairs n Enemas! Saturday morning shenanigans in Mansfield General Once again me n me besty were heading in a northerly direction at the crack of dawn keen to quench our thirst for Hospitalization and Mansfield General was the target in sight! Turned into a crackin' morning and bumped into some fellow lurkers while in there... Nice to meet yuz Shush, Skankypants, Hitgirl, The Real Indiana Jones and Aunty Foghorn!! LET THE SHENANIGANS BEGIN... What better way to start the day than with a spot dressin up... Ooh! Pretty in pink! After some intense mooching theres nothing better than popping yer slippers on and havin a noice cup of tea... WHAT DYA MEAN THERE AINT NO TEA?! After half an hour of griping about not getting my cup of tea NK got a bit fed up and decided to dish out some 'punishment'... I'm still walkin funny! Well thats it from Mansfield... Tara for now... But wait... NO TEA AND NOW A FECKIN PARKIN TICKET!! GRAAAAARRRR!!!!
  6. ...Mitchells Brewery, Lancaster... After much mooching around Lancashire, me n me besty NK fancied a bit of libation, so headed off to see if there was any ale left in this lovely old brewery... There wasn't so we just took some photographs!! A nice end to an epic days splorin... "History: They made booze ere!!!" As always... Ta for lookin'
  7. 'The Bucket House' Bit of a sad , solemn place this one. How does it come to pass in this day and age that someone ends up living in a house with a roof that leaks so badly they are forced to fill the rooms with buckets to catch the ingress of rain water? The old lady who lived here was, at some point, a nurse, so you would presume she was of a caring nature. But did nobody care about her? Did her mental state deteriorate causing her to shun anyone trying to help? What would make her board some of the windows from the inside? Its not a remote location, there are plenty of people around and the state of the house is pretty obvious! I dont suppose we'll get the answers to any of these questions now that she is sadly gone... I guess you'll draw your own conclusions... As always, thanks for looking Over to NK for some more pix now...
  8. After The Sick Poor Orphanage and Rossendales Death Drop Theatre, we decided we hadnt had enough 'med sites' for one day, so off we scarpered in search of more... We ended up at this lovely, dark, damp little oddity! The Firth Brown Medical Centre According to rumour they tried to knock this down but because it was built to withstand a bomb droppin on it they couldnt be arsed and just buried it instead! But they left a window uncovered with just enough room to squeeze in... Nice of em eh! Crackin' little splore with my besty... Cant beat it!! C'MON BAB, WE GOIN' UNDERGROUND!! Thats yer lot! Over to you NK...