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Found 85 results

  1. A days trip lead us to here and several other sites, I'd love to write some history about this place but I cannot find any that hasn't been done before !. never the less if you have not been here I'd recommend it !. We decided to look around the remaining building which was secured by a nice fence and Hmmmmmmmm some thing I've never seen before a padlock that beeps at you when you go near !!!!!, at first i thought was it an electric fence until I looked under the lock..haha never the less We obtained access even though we saw many trees with on getting in taking pic's in stealth mode...several mins passed until the other half went into a different building away from me, packing up I went outside between the walls and room I'd just been in then it happened.........I heard a blokes voice..........hello...........(i thought it was over a small speaker system)......then the other half ran round corner to me.........HELLO.......oh shoot ! we was not alone haha the other halfs face said it all we were busted.....so going back to the way we came in the owner was looking at us .....no amused to say the least but after explaining we tried the phone number on the cctv notices and obtained no reply just cut off we stated we both thought the site was no longer under any protection and just abandoned .....he took our story to be true after all my mobile phone had 2 out going calls to said phone number so he just stated 5 mins then i'm calling the police !.....cheeky me asked for any history about the place he could give us !!!! lol, then we shot off for a few more pics and out fast !. Oh he asked if i was going to put this onto the net which i replied no.......never stated our lass would not for me though !!! haha
  2. Took a walk around Newton again today, to see what access was like, still easy as. It was also a visit to see what was happening here, Turns out that they have put in for planning permission to build an "eco" town here, build starts sometime next year, was on the news yesterday, which I missed:( Was on the Newton for a few hours, before I was stopped by a worker and asked what I was doing, not going to bore you with the convo we had, was the standard thing, we all know, lol. Was a nice guy tho. This will be the last time I'll see Newton this way , am sure when I'm home, it'll be gone/ in the process of being demolished So here are the photos Footpath 'Temporarily closed' Workers camp from a far Looking down to the A46, vehical access road looking up to the hangers, 'H' blocks etc Exit road onto the A46 Also found this little gem hidden away, very happy that I found it an managed to get photos of it, before it gets flattened. Chillin in the shade across from a 'H' building. Workers cars and Highway maintenance vehicle parking lot(behind the tree) Workers camp, standin on top of the mound of earth Saxondale roundabout work Entrance from & exit to A46, Newton. Now with a bus stop Burnt out house has gone See my other photos here http://s68.photobucket.com/albums/i18/Z ... n/?start=0
  3. Managed to pursuade Jesus (for the first time in fooking aaaaaages) and BravoZeRo to join me on a winter wonder round the former RAF base, saw a few new sites today but got spooked by chavs sporting balaclavas who later turned out to probably be fellow UE'ers Anyhoo, on with pics, usual entry point so a few of the houses first... BravoZeRo Always a good sign, but this is the point where the footpath conveniently disappears into nothingness Right onto some parts of the base that are right in the heart of security territory... After wondering around the heart of the base we then decided to have a lookie at a building I have never seen covered in any reports, mainly due to the fact it is directly behind the security hut and is pretty much constantly watched, on the way round to it we didnt notice the secondary security hut for the live section of the base that we pretty much walked straight past, and god knows how they didn't notice us.. Rather large building, although unfortunately not accessible at the moment. Might as well try....nope....locked At another entrance to the base, bit of a contrast to the opposite section of the site. Some random shots on the way back to the car Just before we were about to leave, while sitting in the car at the usual layby the group who we were previously being wary of turned up and one of them sorting woodland combats gave us a couple of knowing nods as we drove past, leading us to conclude that they had spotting our camera kit slung across our backs and realised that we were probably fellow UE'ers. Cheers for looking at the pics, most of em came out really grainy as I only looked at my ISO in the car on the way back and realising it was still on Ho.3 from the previous nights experiments
  4. I went for a wonder over to the Officers mess at RAF hawkinge for a little look see, unfortunately the mist was pretty thick so most of my pictures are pretty crap. Love the murals on the walls. Over all the place is a death trap, the roof is gone in the most part, entire rooms have collapsed into a big pile, fire damage and vandalism everywhere. The basement is flooded and easy to fall into as there is an open manhole in one of the dark rooms, which I almost fell down. From outside the fence Not sure what this is maybe a boiler house. There are also some huts outside, very dilapidated. One of the murals. This is one of the good ones I did venture up these but a few to many noises for my liking. The other mural. The hole to the basement, nearly went down Another entrance to the basement. A room with a sofa
  5. After my trip to Reinden Woods I stopped by the old RAF Hawkinge site I had noticed a mound behind the museum. The mound turned out to be the aircraft fuel installation. It consists of two rooms both with their own entrances but also connected by a steel hatch. The airfield itself was the nearest Royal Air Force station to enemy-occupied France and only some ten minutes flying time away from the Luftwaffe fighter airfields in the Pas-de-Calais, in addition to which the airfield and surrounding district was subjected to long range cross-Channel shelling from the German shore batteries stationed along the French coast. Not for nothing was the Folkestone area known as "Hellfire Corner". Outside: The first room I entered turned out to be used to house the pumps motors away from the main fuel store. The motors were connected via a shaft to the pumps above the underground storage tanks in the other room. Entrance (very wet and muddy) The next room was the fuel storage and pump room, there are 2 large tanks under the floor accessed by circular hatch's in the floor. One is open and the other is still sealed and can only be seen through a small pipe leading to it. Entrance: Sealed hatch: Open hatch: Shot into the open hatch, its a fair way down around 10-12 feet. Steel hatch leading to motor room:
  6. The subject line is a bit vague as the owners were spot on with us and asked us not to put the location out there. If this report tickles your fancy and you would like to visit, drop me a PM and I'll give you Tims mobile number. The best spot in the site (the room with the drawings / maps) is under lock and key and they were more than happy to unlock it for us. The Chapel. Brick cross on the wall. Shot from the bottom end of the site. Prefab roof joist. Demolished building with urinal and chimney still present. Boiler room on the left of the photo. Close up of the boiler room. These were hanging just above the entrance to the boiler room. Fancy a climb?? Look strong? Not so strong from this angle. Captian slow and hood_mad at one of the locked buildings. Demolished. Other ranks accomodation. Accomodation to the left, toilets to the right. Water storage in the tower visible on top of the building. Lightweight trailer. Officers quarters. Drying room. Two I beams had corroded away leaving only one to support this boiler. Water storage? Fireplace in the NAAFI. This had four fireplaces all using the same chimney. A bit out of focus, but you get the idea. Outside the NAAFI. There were a load of drawings on the wall inside the locked building, est @ about 1950ish. Drawing of a Sea Vampire. You can just make out "Shell" and "Esso" trademarks on these cans. Original Phone. After we'd done the accomodation side, we headed south west to the airfield proper. Shelter identical to the ones at Carew airfield. Underground HQ nearby. (Captain slow has some inside pics.) A great day out, we spent about 5 hours wandering about the site. Again, the site is well open, but if anyone wants above board access or just wants to see the drawings and maps, drop me a PM and I'll give you Tims number. J.
  7. I had a few hours spare this afternoon so I decided to take a look at RAF Lympne's huts and some of the bunkers. Here are my pics.... One of the bunkers: This little chap made the strangest rasping noise when he opened his wings to warn me off: The grate of death: Something did not make it: The sheds: Not so pukka now: Camping anyone? Hauled its last load: Who go's there: Do you think I upset him? Anyone know what this place is? maybe a refuelling tank and pump house: Pipes leading from hut in the direction of the runway:
  8. Visted with Thurisaz & Shadow I always see something new to photograph when I go here Still know photo's of ghosts & the amazing group shot The rest can be viewed here...http://s68.photobucket.com/albums/i18/Zoot337/Newton/Newton3/?start=0
  9. Took a trip to Newton again, visited the West to check out some Pillboxes and what seemed to be anti aircraft placements, only got to see 3 out of the 4 Pillboxes. "Pillboxes 1" http://www.flashearth.com/?lat=52.957661&lon=-0.993727&z=18&r=0&src=msl "anti aircraft placements 1&2" "Pillboxes 2" http://www.flashearth.com/?lat=52.958643&lon=-0.989486&z=18&r=0&src=msl "anti aircraft placement3" "Pillboxes 3" http://www.flashearth.com/?lat=52.959926&lon=-0.981843&z=18&r=0&src=msl Almost gave up looking for this one, as it was so well covered with a bushes an needles, I was right next to it before I actually noticed it. "Pillboxes 4" Did'nt get to visit this one http://www.flashearth.com/?lat=52.958671&lon=-0.998967&z=18&r=0&src=msl Then I went to check out 2 buildings behind the dog kennels hiden away in the woods http://www.flashearth.com/?lat=52.960897&lon=-0.986964&z=18&r=0&src=msl Second building, which I could'nt get to...this time. Hope you can just make it out. http://www.flashearth.com/?lat=52.960802&lon=-0.987758&z=18&r=0&src=msl Sorry for the heavy pictures Will be planning another trip back, to get a in to all those Pillboxes, if anyone wants to join me just PM me an we can sort something out:) See the rest of the photo's here... http://s68.photobucket.com/albums/i18/Zoot337/Newton/Newton2/?start=0
  10. Visited with a member off Derelict Places(Kaputnik) on a lovely hot very windey summers day, got a good 6 & halfs hours there before security from one of the hangers got his knickers in a twist and the other come spending after us like he was in a 70's cop show, lol. I'm gonna be taking a return visit as soon as to get more photo's and explore more. The only flooded bunker we came across. The rest of the photo's I took can be viewed here http://s68.photobucket.com/albums/i18/Zoot337/Newton/