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Found 65 results

  1. Does anyone know if Cloud cottage is still acessible as heading over that way this weekend,thanks
  2. One from the vault. Did a quick search on this one and surprisingly saw very little in the way of reports - so thought I'd share my take on it. Back in the day this place was quite infamous - mostly it seems due to the few 'bad apples' that lurk within the exploring community. Stories of looting and selling out to the media were rife. It is quite a special place for me as its the kind of place that's close to where my ancestors lived and I can imagine its the kind of place they would call home. Its located in a wild and isolated place, it would have been a harsh and bleak landscape to live in at times but in its own way stunning and beautiful. I visited twice in the early part of 2015. The house had obviously been left unoccupied a very long time until it suddenly appeared on the radar. The owners had become aware of this and tried securing it. On my first visit I noticed a big new shiny padlock was in place on the outhouse. When I returned about a month later the whole door had been smashed. A little later all doors and windows were boarded up, leading to an unofficial renaming by one clever wordsmith as Shroud Cottage. It appears that also didn't deter those with no sense of respect in the search for 15 minutes of Facebook fame. Enough of the backstory and on with the pictures:
  3. Former puppy farm that was often in the local news regarding poor living quarters,alleged mistreatment of dogs and the selling of dogs that often died after new owners took delivery of the young animals..the RSPCA were always closing down the business,but the owner John Lowe simply ignored them and carried on. On February 23rd 2014,Mr Lowe,who purchased Keepers Cottage in 1966,shot and killed his partner and then her daughter,who tried to flee and get help,but died just outside the cottage.Police arrived and arrested Mr Lowe who was found guilty of double murder later that year and jailed for life with a minimum tariff of 25 years so it is likely he will die in prison.From information on several estate agents websites,it seems the 6 acre estate has been sold but last year planning permission was refused for one plan to demolish the cottage and build 3 dwellings so as of January 2018,I have no idea what will happen.We arrived at dawn and immediately noticed red flashing cameras mounted firstly at the gated entrance then further down the track mounted on a telegraph pole and one fixed on the cottage all flashing busily.We were considering retreating however we decided to skirt round the outbuildings to escape the cameras if indeed that is what they are and not dummy alarms which I suspect they are...I have to say I found this explore both intriguing but disturbing at the same time and was glad to leave..I have not felt this way since exploring Cane Hill Asylum in 2008. My pics are only phone shots so please excuse.. Found this on Google Earth to show how haphazard this place is/was We arrive as the sun is filtering through the trees..this cottage sits within a six acre plot nicely hidden by the woods. The farm is surrounded by shanty type buildings largely held together with telegraph poles. Truly awful animal pens..I cannot imagine this was any better before the old man`s conviction. We skirt round the rear of the house avoiding the cameras Amphitheatre style seating/steps. Living room..very surprised to see that this fire place didnt seem to have been used for open fires. View from the master bedroom. And the enormous conservatory built round two elevations. I am glad I saw all this but upon exiting the house,some strange bleeping noise started so it was our excuse to leave!
  4. We slipped upon this little beauty while heading back from another explore, and Im glad we stopped the car, It another little treasure that was full of someones belongings, The building was literally crumbling beneath our feet
  5. Been a little while since I posted anything. Derp Cottage, located in what some consider Miserable Scotland, visited on a windy and cold day, but it had rather nice views. Thanks for looking
  6. Hello, another from my long long long list of shitty cottages I have to post up on here tp convert you to the deeply weird realm of cottaging! Found this almost my accident whilst exploring with a couple friends, after walking what felt like miles through small forests, over streams, up and down heather marsh lands and over several feilds to visit some of the shittest derps you could probably imagine, I spotted this on the way down the wild hills. We took a chance as it was on a live farm, found the door open and decided to pop in for 30 mins and grabbed some pics. We all felt a bit uneasy as it was a live farm and decided to get out quickly, just as we were closing the door a car came down the drive way, and we bolted like a mini heard of highland cows stampeding our way down the side of the house and over a few fences to safety. Never been back, but one day I will! Thanks for cuming cottaging with me
  7. I've code named this place as Meadows Cottage. This place is a hidden time capsule, with diaries and newspapers from as early as the 1940's. The most recent items had dates around the 1980's so it's hard to say how long this place has even been abandoned for. I actually explored this place back in May but have not yet shared it to the forum so here it is. So this place i understand was owned by a old lady named Mrs Banning, unfortunately when she past away this was past to her nephew that lived in Isle of Man. He had no care or need for the building or his aunties items inside.. it's since become left to decay and nature reclaimed the building and its surrounding area. With the recent sale of the building the new owners plan to demolish and rebuild on the land.. but this is said to currently be on hold due to bats, now taking residency in the cottage. It was obvious the surrounding garden that was once overgrown around the cottage was recently cut back, making for a easy access. I was very surprised to find what we did inside just left and forgotten. Here's some pictures form the explore followed by the Video of the explore. Here's the Video i made from the explore:
  8. Slowly catching up on my reports. This lovely little place situated in the Grampian area of Scotland. I spotted this one on google maps and went for a look, parking up at the nearest point I could which would not attract any attention, this resulted in me having to walk over 3 fields over a stream and strangely into a new plantation of Holly Trees which surrounded this lovely little place. Not much too it, but you can decide for yourselves. Thanks for looking!
  9. I haven't posted for a while, been pretty busy with Euro explores and finding new explores (more to come), but realised I hadn't posted this lovely little location from last year. The pics are from my first visit and a couple visits with friends I took here. The site is a very strange place, the images I am posting are from what I have called the main Cottage, a lovely hand built chapel (by the former resident)and the Garden Room. Hope you enjoy this place as much as I do! The Cottage. The Chapel The Garden Room From my first visit. Revisit Thanks for looking!
  10. This quick selection of pics is from a recent trip into the mountains near where I live to visit some lovely cottages. These locations are all within close proximity to each other so makes for a nice day out. First stop was an old school, which was half converted into a house, but never quite got finished and sits quietly at the side of the road. Next up, a good few minutes walk away was this old cottage which was well set off the road, but sadly very negligated, so much so it was filled with sheep shit half way up the door, but what a view! The Straw Cottage, lying quietly down a old foresty road, ground floor was full to the ceiling with straw bales, but the first floor held some nice pieces of furniture. The last stop just up the road in a very overgrown cottage, I thought it would be pretty rubbish, but I was pleasantly surprised! So there you go four fairly average cottages, but all very lovely in their own way! Thanks for looking!
  11. Lovely little location on a few hundred metres from each other. The Farmhouse and the Cottage situated in rural Grampian, I found these on route to another location, didn't spend too long here as they were fairly empty but had some lovely little features and a bit of a surprise when I had a good look around the table inside the cottage! The Cottage The Farm Thanks for taking the time to look!
  12. History Monk Cottage, located next door to St. Patrick’s Church, was constructed sometime in the 1860s, when European settlement took place after gold was discovered in the area. The small church, which is listed with the Historic Places Trust, was a community owned church built later in 1873. It is estimated that the value of both premises amounts to around $40,000. Although very little history exists surrounding Monk Cottage, which is now also community owned, several reports suggest it was the former home to each of the reverends of the church. The community’s plan for both sites is now to preserve them, and save each from being demolished in the future. Over the years the church has remained largely intact as it is still used for community events such as weddings, other festive occasions and funerals; contrariwise, the general condition and integrity of the cottage has been left to deteriorate. Although there is no sign of water damage, Monk Cottage has been subject to vandalism and, since its paint has worn away over time, the effects of the weather. Many years ago there was also a path leading up to Monk Cottage, but today it has almost completely disappeared. Our Version of Events If you leave Wellington and take a little drive towards Makara, following the windy road through areas of open grassland and forest, you are likely to stumble across Monk Cottage. It’s very easy to miss, so you need to keep your eyes peeled; and if you do, you’re sure to spot the little gem. After our scenic journey through New Zealand’s magnificent landscape, we parked the car and walked straight up to the old house. Although there are other buildings around, and there’s a nearby road, we didn’t see any other people, so accessing the building felt a little too easy. The whole time we were there I was expecting an angry farmer, or a curious passer-by, to collar us. Fortunately, this didn’t happen. As we approached the dusty house from the front garden I couldn’t help but think that the entire structure looked as though it belonged in the Wild West. If there had been horses and cowboys around, they would have blended in quite nicely. Once we were inside my imaginings weren’t spoiled either; the whole building, and the things inside it, looked as though they also belonged in Dodge City. All we were missing was the whisky and a couple of harmonicas. On the whole the building is very small, as you might expect, but there was something marvellous about the entire thing. The dusty boards creaked beneath our shoes as we walked from room to room. Unlike most abandoned places, the smell was woody, rather than the usual musty stench of mould. Most of the cracked wood seemed slightly rotten, but it was baked dry instead of damp. Almost all of the old paint inside was chipped or peeling from the walls and, where the wallpaper had fallen off under the stairs, we found some very old newspaper that looked as though it has been plastered onto the wooden boards a long time ago. After spending twenty minutes taking photos, and playing with the piano for a while, it was agreed we’d seen all there was to see and that it was time to saddle up and move on. We closed the door carefully behind us as we left; it was time to hit the saloon and try our hand at a game of poker. The baked grass crunched as we waked back towards the road. Our camera bags hung low, to assure smoothness in drawing our Nikons with a steady hand, should we have felt the need to draw at any moment. I held a long steady gaze, taking in my full surroundings. We knew, right then, with our confident sauntering, triggerless remotes and 64gb memory cards there wasn’t any room for anyone else in this town. If I’d had a hat I would have pulled it down low, covering my face like Clint Eastwood. Alas, I didn’t, and more to the point, I suddenly realised I was daydreaming. So, instead, we simply got back in the car and set off back into Wellington in search of more explores. Explored with Nillskill and Zort. 1: Monk Cottage and Barn 2: Monk Cottage 3: The Piano 4: The Piano Close Up 5: The Lawnmower 6: Lawnmower and Sinks 7: Stag's Head and Fireplace 8: Stag's Head Close Up 9: The Stove 10: The Staircase 11: Upstairs Chair 12: Upstairs 13: Upstairs: The Other Side 14: The Newspaper Under the Stairs (Overcoats for Every Man Advert at the Bottom)
  13. @CuriousityKilledTheCat and I went 'cottaging' with a few non-OS members (there were other types of derps on the , but one had been converted and one was a fail). It was a trek to get here, in the middle of nowhere. I imagine if you lived here, back in the day and it snowed. You'd be stuck for some time. I can only guess by the dated books, but this house looks like it has been left empty since the early 80's. Shot with a Nikon D3300 and a 35mm lens. ( I might of gone a but bokeh crazy.)
  14. A day out in the countryside, thanks for @hamtagger & @Urbexbandoned for the info Built in 1875, photo above from 1905, it was the farm house for a 97 acre dairy farm, on a large estate in the Peaks. Tiny little place, but some lovely stuff there. Will be going back when everything's greener for some more shots around the farmyard too.
  15. History I have done a little research on this place and not wanting to copy and paste as I usually do I have collated as much as I can to protect this little place. Built in around 1875 this little farmhouse was a thriving business with cattle producing milk for locals. Since around 1901 a family moved in to the farm, the parents died leaving their children to run the farm. The farm has been derelict for some years, I am not too sure how long but parts of it and especially the little trinkets & belongings have been preserved nicely. The farm land around it is still in use by local farmers who use it to keep their sheep and cows on the land. Explore Visited this place with @hamtagger , thanks to @Judderman62 for the info on this place Set in the beautiful Derbyshire countryside we parked up and set off on a little walk... amongst sheep and cows. They were no bother. Just before reaching the farmhouse there were 3 black cows looking at us. We went round a corner and I kept peeking out to see if they were still looking, they were. I was hoping for a stampede but they just looked gormless. I liked this little place, full of charm and character and it was visible that this was once a home. I originally thought when looking around that only men must have lived here, there were lots of things scattered about and not much seemed to have the female touch. It was only when I done some research on the place I realised that this little home was very cosy, a family home which back in the day would have in the daytime had that lovely freshly cooked bread and cake smell about it by a wife going about her duties. Anyway, small but perfectly formed it wasn't a massive place as you would expect from the size of the outbuildings (they had all collapsed or were close to it) There was no internal toilet, that was the first thing I noticed when I looked around. The ceilings were low as cottages normally are. The rooms were a nice size too. A fair house for one which dated back this far. In particular I liked the windows, they had that farmhouse feel to them. Accompanied by dingy nets which had been left to decay over the years it couldn't get any better. What I loved most was that at one point this little farmhouse would have been someones pride and joy, a family home where the farmer came home at the end of the day after tending to his cattle to rest for the night before a new working day. Now it still has that feel to it but instead is occupied by pigeons & spiders instead of people. Personal items such as the vanity mirror and teacup (see HT's report when he eventually gets around to posting). This was our first 'cottaging' experience and we quite enjoyed it. How the farm looked back in the day.. How it is today r One of my report isn't the same without my obsession for awesomely hideous wallpaper Thanks for looking!
  16. Some of the most enjoyable places to visit for me are the old cottages that are always in the middle of nowhere, This one is no exception.. Its pretty decayed which lately Ive really enjoyed capturing! I think i did get a bit carried away with the pram and very distracted when i heard a few fast jets whizzing over!
  17. This was one we got told about my my mates contact. Not sure there is any history at all as just a cottage on the side of the road. Its called "Brownie" as there is an old Brownie Camera on the side in there.
  18. Visited this delightful little place on a trip to Wales.the downstairs was really cluttered,but when you started going through the rubbish there was some real nice stuff here.the upstairs was a lot cleaner though.
  19. Another installment from my Northern trip of Scotland to meet a good friend, this one was a random find, whilst driving around the local area I spotted a derp out of the corner of my eye, off I went to see. It was right next to a modern house, but thankfully it was an unused holiday home I think. Hiding my car round the back a quick walk down to see if entry was possible, rain started heavily falling. There must have been about a billion sheep in the front garden, but I soon found the most awkward entry point possible. Quickly heading back to get my camera bag I was soon struggling my way inside. I felt very uneasy being inside this one, which is unusual for me. There was quite a lot of stuff left in the front room, but I didn't quite have time too look through it all as light was really starting to fade. Just as I began to feel relaxed I heard the beeping of a car horn, OH FUCK, I quickly finished my shot, gathered my gear and got out. Back to my car, to realise it was sheep farmer just down the road trying to herd his sheep off the road. A quick wave to him and I was off. Thanks for looking!!
  20. Been awhile since I posted on here, so thought I would put a few places up I had been to earlier this year and likewise. A rural cottage, once home to a hoarder, lots to see an loads to photograph, could of spent ages in here, but more gems like this awaited us on the trip. Upstairs was packed full of old magazines and trinkets almost so the doors would not open fully! a proper hoarder with an eye for musical instruments... IMGP0786 IMGP0888 IMGP0917 IMGP08444 IMGP0881 IMGP0878 IMGP0873 IMGP0869 IMGP0865 IMGP0846 IMGP0892 IMGP0840 IMGP0837 IMGP0836 IMGP0830 IMGP0822 IMGP0802 Thanks for looking folks, hope you enjoyed her as I did.
  21. This explore was a fairly random find for myself, after a day out looking around my local area some locations I had spotted previously I passed this place unexpectedly. A quick stop, run along and peek in the windows to check if it was empty and had potential, creeping up behind the building peering in the small back window, it a cracking looking vintage cooker it looked like it had potential!! A week or two passes before I return to avert any suspicious neighbours wondering why my car would be parked up close by. After my first look, I was excited to get in and have a proper look around, I wasn't disappointed! This place has lots more to offer, and need revisit it sometime to capture more have a proper look around, there are a couple more photos on my Flickr, if you are interested to see more! Thanks for looking!
  22. Hey everyone finally joined up here, an thought id start by sharing this place, visited awhile ago now, an loved it to be honest but recently its been the target of vandals who have trashed and stolen a fair amount of things from here, so thought I would share this place as I found it, last owned by an old gent who I think used to live inside the cottage at one point and then moved in with his children as old age crept in, he occasionally still visits and sweeps around the cottage, but unsure on the situation since vandals have been in. Kind of felt sorry for the old gent really as these are most likely his pride an joy or was. 1 2 3 4 7 8 14 16 Now a quick nose round this small cottage, sadly it was packed of magazines and broken furniture so just picked out some items laying about. 5 10 11 12 13 15 17 18 Cheers for looking everyone an more to come when I get round to it.
  23. Not much info on the history of this rather nice Cottage, however there is a lot of information on the owners found inside. The man who lived her was David Sharp and also I believe his brother Victor, two of three brothers, the third being Douglas. Born around 1927, David and his Brother Victor went on to become Sheep Farmers eventually buying the Farm Shearers in his early twenties. David lived in this cottage for a good 60 years, his last known occupancy being around 2005, working his life as a Sheep Farmer all those days. I believe David passed away in 2007, his 80th year. Living in the same cottage for some 60 years he became a bit of a recluse, working, living, hoarding in the farm. Living near the bread line for many years this Gentleman ended up becoming a bit of an alcholic and developing ppor health in later years. I found this place a while back and been waiting patiently to explore it, waiting for one of those rare Scottish Bluebird days. This today turned out to be one of the best explores I've had in my local area. Spending around 5 hours here looking around getting true sense of what this Gent lived through and learning about his life. This is Shearer's Cottage. First entering the Cottage, it was soon to hit me this would be awesome. Thank you for looking!
  24. Been a while since I last got round to uploading a set and doing a report on here, so a bit rusty, I present to you The Fly Agaric Cottage. Having a crazy alien come spend a couple days at my federation space shuttle deployment centre. After an initial pleasantries, an agreement between the grizzly bearded mongrel and the alien invader was set in place to visit a couple of Scotland's finest well protected and preserved residential dwellings. Prior to departure for the fine examples of derp dwellings, a night of festivities had to be conducted. After several other worldy concoctions, the beer googles and cider visor was firmly in place and a solid nights slumber ended a night of much laughter and race relations between the intrepid explorers. The time came for departure and a wild space race ensued with meteoroid dodging and asteroid belt of razor edged mountainous rocks, the race was an impending carnage or tragedy waiting to happen, until full reverse thrust was applied and grizzly mongrel and crazy alien found themselves in a strange new world. Climbing the gates of Black Cow Gate, the adventurers saw mystical erratically wandering clouds in the distance, as they grew closer, black snarling faces grew upon them, the adventurers presence were obviously not welcome in this new world. "We must move forward" shouted the grizzly mongrel, "follow the Ent like creatures" screamed the alien. The ent like creatures swayed in the wind offering protection from the snarling fluffy clouds. Finally the adventures reached civilisation... Entering the imposing castle, the adventurers were relieved to find they had in-fact found safety. It was time for the weary travelers to return to the shuttle and head off at warp speed to a new world, they ran from the castle, hurrying past the fluffy clouds who had gathered menacingly at the door, their snaring faces foaming at the mouth!! Finally they made it back to the shuttle, unscathed, but the did learn a lesson that day! Don't mess with the Fly Agaric! Stussy & Oldskool
  25. Took a few days to go round some new Scottish locations I had found, ended up doing 16 locations over 3/4 days, didn't find any really amazing locations but a lot with nice bits to them all, so throwing some of the better shots into this one report. If you would like to see any more of the places, you will find them on my Flickr, the website is a little behind atm Anchor Cottage Ram Cottage Sinners Cottage Lobster Cottage Mary's Cottage Mario Cottage Spinners Cottage Horn Cottage Rat Cottage Vinyl Cottage TV Cottage Peebles Cottage Bird Cottage Black House