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Found 1 result

  1. One of the largest hosts to the development and testing of gas turbine engines, Pyestock stands proud for over 50 years in Surry in the UK. Pyestock had a huge part to play in the jet age through designing, testing and carrying out experimentation on Concord engines, Royal navy gas turbines and much more. From the 1950’s through to 1970’s Pyestock was the largest of its type in the whole of Europe. As Technology advanced then Pyestock slowly ran into the ground until becoming eventually disused. The site is now internationally recognized and probably had the most unauthorized visitors than any other disused site. There have been no further uses for the site and planned demolition of the buildings for the erection of a supermarket storage facility is on the cards. For a full virtual tour and tons of information on the site http://www.ngte.co.uk So late one night whilst sitting at maniacs with my misses and frosty we were trying to decide what to do with our weekend. Well the decision was obvious, with rumors of Pyestock being torn down this year we had to see it. An early start put us on the road and on our way to one of the biggest and best places I have ever seen. With a little help from Urban Junkie and Nik24 we found where to park. We walked round and round with no sign of the place and were then met by a huge fenced section, Towering above the trees where the tops of industrial buildings…everywhere! This was it. After a quick scale of the fence we were in. We had been warned that security were currently very active on the site and quite a few people had been caught up there recently. With this in mind we made our way towards the buildings taking cover in the overgrowth. We spotted security and watched where they were driving and how frequent their rounds were. Now it was time to go. We started our explore with the first building we got to, After making our way through the inner fence we started to look for a way in. We were in, upon entering the building my jaw dropped; nothing could prepare me for the shear size of this place or the condition. Security had defiantly done a decent job in keeping the local vandals and copper thieves out. Number 10 extinguisher This building was built in 1969 and decommissioned in 2002 and was used to power the air supply network. At this point two security land rovers had stopped at different points around the building and we were trapped. We wondered if we had been seen entering the building but surely we would see a land rover before it saw us? WE sat tight and waited. They eventually were on their way. As we heard the rumble of their engines moving around the site we briskly made our way out the building and into the path of some pipe lines to keep out of sight. From here we slowly made our way round the site. There were a couple of trashed sub buildings and then Frosty found a door…Its open… Test Cell 2 We had traveled past test cell one and entered the second. As we climbed inside we heard another land rover. Dropping to the floor in the fear they may look inside we laid still. They briefly stopped and then continued on their rounds. This was ridiculous. They had been patrolling every 10 minutes and we knew our next building was quite a way from where we were based but currently in the test cell and safely out of site we grabbed some photos It would have been rude not too… The place was so vast and we had been here a couple of hours already. We didn’t want to miss the best bits but we had done well so far. Looking out across the site maniac recognized the air house from previous reports…That’s where we have to go…NOW… Gathering our stuff together we started to make our way in the direction of the air house. We went the hard way to avoid being spotted by security. Working our way under and over the huge pipes and trying to avoid walking on the gravel we slowly but surely made our way closer and closer to the air house. Another land rover passes as we freeze…now we can keep moving forward. Maniac found a door but it was flooded. As he and my misses looked into it and attempted to construct a makeshift bridge, myself and Frosty kept moving forward to try and find a way into the air house. There was a door dripped open but we realized our chances of getting up to it and through it without being seen were remote. We eventually found another way in. We grabbed Maniac and my misses and made our way into the air house The Air House Slightly newer than the exhauster the air house was constructed in 1961 but I am unsure of when it was decommissioned, I would assume this would have been around 2002 also? At this point I heard some shouting, Stop…Don’t move. Shit…RUN…They’re gona get us… As I looked out a slatted window toward the computer block I spotted four young gents running under, over and round the large blue pipe lines to the side of the air house. Close behind came a Land rover, screeching to a halt. Two security guards jumped out and chased after them. Taking note of this I quickly grabbed the others and we decided to be on the safe side and find a good vantage point to keep an eye on the security. We made our way to an old office at the top of the air house. First we saw a security Land rover, then another…Then two more. At this point we thought it wise to stay put until the heat cooled of slightly. Bark, Bark…Shit…Dogs… As we peered out the window we caught a glimpse of two Alsatian dogs running loose round the grounds. We decided to sit tight for a short while and then leave the site but then heard police sirens turning up! Watching the security and dogs we waited and waited, about 45minutes later they had disappeared round the buildings and the barking of dogs sounded faint so we decided now was the time to leave. We had spent 5 hours there and seen a fair bit and didn’t want to over stay our welcome. There was just enough time to strip off and get a 28dayslater page 3 shot (hehehe) and then we ran. We managed to get away and were happy with our days explore. Now we just need to return to finish what we have started Thanks for looking And finally Thankyou to Frosty, Maniac and dannii (my misses) we all did our bit and i dont think the day would have been or gone as smoothly without each of you there.