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Found 27 results

  1. probably one of the weirdest places ive explored as the heating and electric still runs as its connected to the bingo hall next door thanks to abandoned uk for the tour visited with 12 gauge as well. loads of little bits still around didnt have my eos with me on this one so pics are a bit poor any way on we go Main Entrance admin upstairs parts art deco style room upstairs cinemas 1 and 2 Projector room my favorite
  2. just trying to get better night shots really of things different to urbexing.....by all means a mod can delete !... by the last shot I had 2 security guards from the opposite firms watching me !
  3. Visited this place a few months ago but did not descend into the 2 chambers as I was by myself, felt a little braver this morning so went back for another look. Unfortunately I did not take my box brownie this time as I forgot to pick it up when I left, the pics below are from my first visit but only show the entrance tunnel and a few shots down into it. Went in this time, what a great little place, no chav damage and in really good nick. It was originally built to supply water to the Silversprings factory. Entrance Tunnel leading in Looking back at entrance Across the top of the 2 chambers Looking down One of the 3 vents above
  4. after a rather long walk with 12 gauge we found a sealed roc post were slightly annoyed as i was told it was open in good condition from the outside.
  5. Not really UE but I thought I'd stick it up Hopefully Jesus will put up his pics too, I would say this was a photography exercise, but it really wasn't most of the time mine was on full auto and i wasn't bothering with the view finder hahaha. Point and shoot in the most literal sense I'm still quite proud of the results...
  6. explored with solar p dont no anything about these but solar p said they were to do with the mod severly trashed and dangerous bit of a boring one really
  7. MIss vd found this one not quite sure on what it is maybe a store of some form if anyone could shed some light on it please do my personal fav
  8. Southforelands Deep Shelter not in to bad condition tho
  9. Explored with solar p in quite a bad state but made for some cool pictures the barn in to the house
  10. visitited with solar p im not to sure of history on this place ill leave to solar p to tell you all but heres my pics probably the worst fence ever good place for lightpainting incase u hadnt noticed
  11. This was posted on BB but I forgot to copy it before it died, as its ghost has appeared from the past for some reason. Here it is again. Just had a little look around an Old gate house. I have driven past it loads of times, so I decided to have a little look. This is my first attempt at taking photos on an explore so sorry if their a bit crap. Very dilapidated, roof is falling in and most of the rooms have lost their floors. Front door Side view Rear Some shots from inside (someone should tell the vegetation that) I love the pattern created by the roof Out the back is a small shed type thing. And be careful in the woods, stupidly I touched the fence before I found this...dam that is surprisingly painful
  12. Hi Guys any of you who have been members of Broken Britain might have already seen this report. After our explore of the other two carriage sheds near the station we decided to drive to this shed, expecting only to be able to take exterior pics. We were then given permission to go inside. The builders mentioned later that it was nice to hear people taking an intrest in this building. The shed used to be part of the line that spured of from Faversham Station down to the Creek and is currently been renovated it is now on a new industrial estate in Faversham, as well as building new houses near by. From what I understand they are completly doing up the outside whilst stripping out the inside, whilst keeping some of the internal features The Shed from outside I Like the fact that they are doing this place up, as you can see from this photo they have already started of the roof in this room Inside the shed was full of scaffolding but was still fun to explore and had some lovely features I hope the restoration of this place is as good as the builders say its going to be. After seeing how the other two shed looked, it was nice seeing this one been rebuild, esp as there was evidence of a fire at some stage in the shed's past Thanks again to all contractors who gave us permission to take these pics. UPDATE - 14/01/09 - Ive since found out that this building is going to be fully renovated and turned into offices. The company that will be taking it over is keeping all the original features inside and outside. The only minor change is that the roof will have to be a few inches taller. Glad to here this place has got a second lease of life.
  13. bit of a random find not really sure about the history of this place so if anyone noes let me no and ill add it in
  14. During the 80 3 bunkers were built by southern water this one was built but never fitted or used due to ease of the cold war and the collapse of the soviet union explored with 12 gauge weird place as the electric still runs #
  15. small bunker just off the road near cliffe fort explored with miss vanishing days sealed of at the end tho continues round the corner
  16. The Northern entrance in dover is one of the most interesting access ways ive done thanks to solar p truly an amazing place would be great to see these places back in there better days but on with the pics the draw bridge guestbook
  17. from one of my and solar p visits to dover love this place apart from the massive drop if u fuck up gettin in lol
  18. Wisley airfield was once an raf base but over the years all the buldings bar one have been demoed the place is now used to store farm equipment and as an emergency landing facility die die die mwhahahahah
  19. Explored with misses vanishing days weird little place great little explore Hiistory Grain Dummy Fort was built and then rebuilt in 1905 the fort was prone to subsidence and there was many problems with the construction. the fort has a ditch full of water in front of it but there is no refernce of the fort ever being in use in eiter ww1 or 2 unfortunately theres been some form of arson or fire atack by chavs. often wonderd was this the entrance to the long fabled tunnels to the tower fort theres also lots of these dotted around
  20. A few pics from multiple visits with 12 gauge and solar p This place is truly massive its so much bigger than i expected the walk out to it via the walkway just builds up the expectations truly one of the best places i have explored. bit of history Grain tower battery was constructed in 1855 the style resembles a martelo tower extra parts were added on in the later world wars in 1910 more guns and the tower was attached. in the 1940s more modifications were completed when the extra block was attached. A few artsy fartsy pictures accommodation block on we go tower top room observation post ammo loader gun turret
  21. was told this was an old brick factory stumbled accross it with miss vanishing days
  22. Dont really no much about this stumbled across it looking for cliffe fort remeber some one told me it was a gun powder factory not much of the place left climing skills came in handy
  23. my first attempt at an roc post with 12 gauge spent around an hour striipping the folage back was cool to see tho
  24. another roc post capped with a lump of concrete no access