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Found 36 results

  1. Predannack opened in 1941 as an RAF base, but today is the satellite airfield to RNAS Culdrose - it is a restricted MOD site and an active airfield used daily for flying training and also provides our Fire Fighting training facility. The area is heavily utilised by Culdrose helicopter squadrons, light fixed wing aircraft and, on an occasional basis by other aircraft types including jet aircraft, for a variety of reasons. Predominantly crews are involved in intensive training sorties involving a high cockpit workload. On average there is in excess of 2000 aircraft moves a month at the unit. The airfield is also used by the Fire Training School for live fire fighting and rescue instruction/exercises and there is also a rifle range at Predannack which is frequently used for live weapon firings. Additionally the airfield is used for a variety of additional tasks when the Control Tower is unmanned e.g. gliding.
  2. Histroy A commercial port in Cornwall has cease trading and axe nearly 200 jobs as part of cuts carried out by a china clay company. The cuts at Par Docks are part of plans announced earlier in the week by Imerys to make 800 workers redundant. The docks will stop being used for ships exporting clay, and two-thirds of the site's clay dryers will close. Imerys said it regretted the cuts, but said they were necessary to protect the future of its business. Massive blow The company blamed high energy prices, a weak dollar and strong overseas competition for significant business losses. The move is a massive blow for the area, which was originally built to provide housing for clay workers at the docks. China clay is piped to the harbour near St Austell in slurry form and then dried at the docks' dryers before being exported by boat, road or rail. The dryers for paper-coating clay will close by the end of 2007, but the dryers for performance minerals and ceramics clay will be unaffected. County and borough councillor, Joan Vincent, said the closure would badly affect the area, especially after a large amount had recently been spent there to help the china clay industry. She said: "The county council has spent a vast amount of money to alter Skew Bridge to get lorries under there." She said that money had now been wasted.
  3. Okay, here we go with my first post here, hope its okay and will get round to posting more, let me know if i've missed something bit rusty at this. The School was opened in August 1857, it was designed by Decimus Burton, famous for building parts of the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew and London Zoo.
  4. Right before i put the history up id like to explain this was visited at night..cold damp windy and nasty!didnt have the advantage of being able to see other possible routes as it really wasnt an easy route in..right that said visited with uncle bulgaria and nite walker..thx to a few bits of on mission info from the lads!!right the history.. Fort Burgoyne was originally known as Castle Hill Fort,I have over 200 pages of info on this site explaining historical background the history of the fort and description also details of current condition etc..but im not going to bore the crap out of you so ill just Quote a small section from the history … Quote: Castle Hill Fort according to the Royal Commission was to be a polygonal work with a ditch 36 feet wide at the bottom, flanked by one double and three single caponiers, each of two tiers. The gorge ditch forms a re-entrant with casemated flanks for guns and musketry. Scarps and counterscarps were cut into chalk protected by a facing of concrete and flint work and well defiladed. The fort was provided with a chemin des rondes below the crest of the rampart as well as a covered way on the scarp of the ditch. Twenty-nine guns could be mounted on the ramparts of which six were to be in Haxo casemates. At the right of the gorge two guns were on the parade level covering a flank ditch connecting the East Wing Battery with the main work. Twenty-six smaller pieces were to be placed in the caponiers and flanking batteries. In the rear were the East and West Batteries for four and five guns respectively with requisite magazine accommodation. They were secured independently by ditches and connected by lines with the main work. Bomb-proof casemates were under the main ramparts of the fort providing accommodation for 7 officers and 270 men. Construction started 18 June 1861, with a contract for the building of a casemated barracks by civilian contractors at a total cost of £29,508, but the remainder of the work was finally completed by military labour..End Quote On with the pics from what we managed to see after a good fair amount of walking to find the way in! Right considering the weather the time of night and fact obvious torch light in open areas wasnt a good idea best i could do really..thank you for looking
  5. Visited with Space Invader and Fort Knox Zero And for some History; Many proposals had been made for a Channel Tunnel dating as far back as Napoleonic times and in 1875 serious planning began on both sides of the Channel. However, early attempts on the English side were not very successful and flooding was a continual problem. In 1880 a test shaft was sunk at Abbot’s Cliff near Folkestone, followed by a second shaft at Shakespeare Cliff in 1881. The tunnel was expected to be completed by 1886, but the British Government were beginning to grow increasingly concerned that the Tunnel would render Britain extremely vulnerable in the face of an invading army from Europe (by this time recently unified Germany were perceived as posing the greatest military threat to Britain). The government remained concerned; very little work proceeded after 1882 and the project was forcibly abandoned in 1898 when bring was permanently restrained through the High Court. Today the wooden props within the original shaft are rotten and crumple very easily and chalk falls are numerous. As the tunnel slopes downwards, the height of water begins to increase until a point is reached beyond which access is not possible. My Pics Entrance into the tunnel, goes under the main railway line Moving further into the entrance The mark of the Man ! Looking back down the entrance tunnel and into the bore of the main tunnel itself Not too bad at this point Starting to fill up with water Deeper still didnt proceed any further Was a good afternoons explore and the weather was kind for a change, well worth a look
  6. Oh Dear!!! It appears that somebody left the biriani on a slow simmer and forgot to check it!!! Originally called "The Gypsy Mead", The Haque Empire served its last poppadom in 2003 after a fire and has been plagued by arson ever since. Serious fires were put out in November 2007 and two in the same night in October 2009 Epping Forest Council rejected planning permission for 19 homes on the site in 2005 ------ ------ Thanks for taking the time
  7. Right decided today was gunna meet up with "space invader" and a local bod..so as u do we decided to go to the RanK Hovis Mill and just for kicks Go for my 4th visit to the boeing 747 near by!! Ive done both sites but a revisit after a xmas stuck in was in order... some pics Hovis mill first A shot thru 4 floors up.. On with some of the Boeing!! Was just a quick revisit but fun
  8. I visited this hospital in December 2010 and enjoyed it so much that I returned in January 2011 to explore some more!! Highwood Hospital was designed by Charles and William Henman who were commissioned by the Metropolitan Asylums Board to provide medical and social conditions for poor children suffering from ophthalmia (A contagious eye condition) Highwood was opened on 26 July 1904 and could accommodate 350 children. Highwood Hospital 1965 In 1914, following the outbreak of the First World War, the hospital site was loaned to the War Office and from 1918 to 1919 it was briefly used for sane epileptics. It was then used to treat children suffering from tuberculosis (TB) and rheumatic diseases. London County Council took control of the site in 1930 and they made a number of improvements to the buildings including the addition of sun balconies to the patients’ blocks to provide suitable open air treatment of patients. Highwood Hospital is a rare surviving example of the cottage home system. Although changes have been made to the buildings over time, at present, the character of Highwood’s origin still remains. Many of the house cottage groups are still together and larger individual buildings still retain many architectural features Modern History The Hospital site had been made a conservation area in 2001 and closed little by little over the years as services moved to other hospitals in the area. Highwood finally closed it's doors in 2009 and the 17 acre site was sold to Bellway Homes who plan to build over 200 homes. Thanks for looking
  9. Right after report not long back myself and uncle b decided we'd put this off long enough so cold weather and long walk aside we decided to go for it,we where joined by obscurity ,maniac and ofatjameso...was cold wet and thats before we hit the tunnel,excuse quality of pictures as finding a steady unmoving part of ground to place tripod wasn't easy..Thanks to obscurity for pointing out the Nice bit of graffiti Many proposals had been made for a Channel Tunnel dating as far back as Napoleonic times and in 1875 serious planning began on both sides of the Channel. However, early attempts on the English side were not very successful and flooding was a continual problem. In 1880 a test shaft was sunk at Abbot’s Cliff near Folkestone, followed by a second shaft at Shakespeare Cliff in 1881. The tunnel was expected to be completed by 1886, but the British Government were beginning to grow increasingly concerned that the Tunnel would render Britain extremely vulnerable in the face of an invading army from Europe (by this time recently unified Germany were perceived as posing the greatest military threat to Britain). The government remained concerned; very little work proceeded after 1882 and the project was forcibly abandoned in 1898 when bring was permanently restrained through the High Court History taken from underground kent For a more in-depth history you could check here… http://www.subbrit.org.uk/sb-sites/sites/c/channel_tunnel_1880_attempt/index.shtml or do a bit of a Google Right some pictures of the evening. And cheers again to obs for pointing this out as id walked past it twice... ..A very cold wet night but worth it for a look at something we'd heard and seen a fair bit about before
  10. Right i posted a detached bastion report this is the north entrance leading onto the road that you see on the trail thru the moat going towards detached..Not going into history its Napoleonic as id finally managed to get in here i thought id post a short report.. Visited with uncle bulgaria who didnt quite manages to get in ..i think hed had to much dinner as the gap was small!!Right on with some pics of whats behind those doors you can see from the road!! Oh look inside the doors you can see from the road..how the dickens did i get in there!! Right nothing ground breaking or epic..but i had wandered past the north entrance from the road and the moat and thought how the ferk do you get in there!!Well now i know,thanks for looking
  11. Visited with Wevsky and Superwide, my 1st underground explore experience, thoroughly enjoyed, bit of history on the site, Situated on the cliffs above St. Margaret's Bay is the site of a four gun, 5.5" battery that was one of the earliest of the protective emplacements that were rapidly established along this vulnerable area of the Kent coastline during the early years of the Second World War, these guns had been removed from the secondary armament of HMS Hood in the period 1935 - 1940. In the case of St. Margaret's Battery, the guns involved were all manufactured by the Coventry Ordnance Works. Manned by 411 Battery, part of 540 Coast Defence Regiment, the limited range of these weapons (less than 18,000 yards) meant that it rapidly became 'redundant' as a Coast Defence battery as the more powerful and flexible 6" weapons at Fan Hole Battery were commissioned. This led to the site becoming a training battery, until eventually the idea was hit on of establishing a 'flashing battery' here. Because of its exposed location near the edge of the cliff, any gun flash from here was fully visible from the occupied French coastline - this meant that when an enemy convoy was sited the 'flashing battery' could pretend to open fire using special charges, thus causing the ships to change course away from the expected danger and into the range of the (hidden behind reverse slopes) big guns at South Foreland and Wanstone. (History borrowed with kind permission of Kent Hstory Forum) And on with my pics, not the best in the world owing to my Point n shoot camera but now Im getting into this I think Im gonna go invest in a "real" camera ! 1st A pic of the site as it was "Back in the day" Looking back at the entrance and the hole of death And a few of the interior And last but not least a bit of original grafitti My Thanks for taking the time to view my pics and hopefully they will improve in the Future
  12. Right no actuall history i can find on the shelter itself but here's a bit of history on the grounds its in.. Pierremont Park has a hall and associated gardens of unknown size dating from 1785. The site was purchased by the district council for council use in 1927. The gardens include specimen trees, a fountain and a pergola The shelter has 2 different types of construction and is only about 15 foot underground so a direct hit wouldn't of been much protection as far as i can see..its in use for the above mentioned gardens as it houses a pump for their fountain..it is locked tight and the main entrance is boarded up as well as padlocked!! Visited with obscruity ,fortknox0, and uncle bulgaria and was a good little explore..right on with the pics! I'm assuming original doors Welded shut i do believe!! Right thats what it is smal but unchav'd and nice inside..
  13. Right after a late night doing a revisit to a local underground section i was up at six am awaiting obs to arrive, who bless him brought me some liquid refreshment to get me going!We Then picked Knox up and set out for runwell.The place is huge..entrance thx too professor fink for some useful info was tricky as im not that clever at fences ..cheers dr knox for the leg up your a star matey..security must have been asleep as no sign of them anywhere even when we stood behind their hut so a relaxed explore was had..first place we got into was the laundry room and then the boiler room and what a room shame we couldn't find way up to the roof for some shots to show scale of how big this place actually is... Runwell Hospital was operated by South Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust until its final closure on 23 April 2010. From February 2008 until its closure, Runwell Hospital provided solely forensic mental health services in line with the trusts re-provision programme Full history and there's lots of it can be found here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Runwell_Hospital#History Right on with some pics.. Flakey Paint Reception The pics i could go on with ive hundreds the place is clean yes and stripped but it wasnt a local one so for me it was great..thanks for looking
  14. Anyone know what this was access to ?, Its at St Margarets Bay car park on the right hand side (with your back facing the water) in the cliff face about 10ft up or so Looks to me like the top of a stairwell that used to be, Itd be nice to know where it went or what it connected to Cheers Tris
  15. This is a near Unspoiled cave which is well known to cavers and potholers it was open to the public in 1964 and shut in 1974 due to there not been enough tourists to keep a good income for the owner possibly due to other show caves in the area one of these would have been White Scar... Loads of nice formations and remains of the old show cave (concrete steps steel railings and wooden walk way boards). Easy to find if you have a Gps ! A view back to the way in... There are some real nice formations within this system... Original walk way from the Old show cave..... Time to come through a squeeze in a boulder choke !... A path that once was.....but never will be again... Walk way under water..... Although an X show cave flooding was very bad in here !...how bad you may ask.......just look at the Foam from last nights flooding !... More flowstone formations....well nice !. Looking to the roof... End for today as we did not have a weather forcast time to retreat but next time it will be beyond the 15 foot waterfall (climb up and keep going)... The Girlfriend wanting to go further but we both know what can happen without that needed report of the weather !... Gour pools... The rib cage... Final Pic on the way out... T'was a nice day out ....c u on the next report !...
  16. Right this was not our plan for the evening!Dover was the actually place to visit for something much nicer!But as some of you may have noticed its been snowing road conditions arent good and it was minus 4 last night...so after a driver round our local derelits and a few fails on entryas a last Resort we decided to visit this place i hadnt been before uncle b has twice so not quite an adventure for him but something new for me!! History ,well it was a nursing home one report i read reckoned it closed in 2006 another said 2008.i spoke to a woman who worked there and she agreed on the 2008 option..I know obs has put up a wonderfull history on the place somewhere ,i dont know the history so tbh im not gunna nick his stuff!it is what it is and a shame its getting in the state it is in!The big baths still have power to them but thats only due to the fact they have big old batteries fitted still withg power!! Right as said visited with uncle b on a cold december night!! Some pics And one as i left of the frontage of the place ...and yes visited as ever at night Not epic but a nice building ..shame its taken me so long to get into it!!
  17. Right this was a spur of the moment find as the place we where heading out to just wasnt do-able,its a chapel from a closed down and well demolished college ,i assume the chapel is still there because its listed!well i assume!the college is long gone and rebuilt on i cant find any info on the chapel it self ,but its been there as long as i can remember!right no flashy right up !the place had seen fire damage at some point and was in a bad way most of the stained glass windows had been destroyed,but a few pics of the night are in order.. it has been chav'd!! And for some reason a small boat inside.. Right like i say wasnt our first choice but has been there a while waiting for a look inside to be had so we did
  18. Right this was just going to be a look around after obs had allready done a lot of research and "looking"into a way in!as it happens after walking the outside of the building a way in manifested itself and with the usual skills and effort from knox and co we where in..right a bit of history.... The Spanish firm, which opened in September, 1998, had employed 120 people at its premises on the Euro Kent Business Park, at one point but scaled back operations after deciding in 2006 to leave the area..and in january 2008 where they had it was said just ten workers on site the car components site actually closed Visited with fortknox0 and obscurity..and it was an eventfull night to say the least as security showed their faces spoke some words from a distance then walked back out the way they came..after we departed rather quickly a nice meatwagon appeared so we didnt push our luck by going back in to finish up!! Picture quality isnt as good as a day visit would have produced and the areas inside where vast so a bugger to light..no real shots of the offices at front of building for obvious reasons! Right in no particular order on with the pics.. It was after this shot voices that where not obs and knox spoke..hasty retreat was made! Right thx to the guys for getting me out as man flu had hit and didnt think i was gunna get out my chair let alone get this done!!
  19. Just a few images that were taken in the D.O.E tunnels. Just having a play with Fat wreck's wire wool trick.
  20. Hi all this was my first explore on my second visit to this place, It kind of held a special sort of fascination for me as I spent many a happy weekend with my Grandmother who lived just up the road from here when I was a child and then much later on in my early teens racing motorcycles up and down the field at the rear of this place being chased by its occupants and wow could they run. Strange thing is I could still here my granfmothers voice in the back of my mind saying "make sure you stay away from the hospital" whilst I was exploring it, anyway enough of my reminiscing on with some pics. Front view Spooky rear view The Cellar with all its heating equipment, I also noticed what looked like a coal shute in the rear wall Shame their talents cant be put to better use Action man gets everywhere, whatever happend to mine Lol ! Thought this looked interesting, an old key cupboard ? Traffic cones are like supermarket trolleys, they get everywhere Rear View from one of the now missing windows Top floor Hope the pics are ok, Im a very amatuer photographer, these were taken on a Samsung DMC TZ5 Thanks for taking the time to look at my pics
  21. Ok so not really urbex, more of a tourist attraction from my holiday. But it has quite an interesting story. Sorry the photo's arn't great, had to point and shoot as the only access is by boat. And thought it may be worthwhile sticking up. So heres the history and the "story" of its demise. A Coastal trading vessel, or Coaster, the Panagiotis was built in 1937 in Glasgow by Scotts Bowling, Yard 341, for the J. & A. Gardner and Co. Ltd. shipping company[1], and fitted with engines made by British Auxiliaries Ltd. At her launch, she measured 163 feet in length and 26 feet in width. She had a draft of just over 11 feet, and a gross register tonnage of 452. As a Coaster, her primary use was in the transportation of trade cargo through local, shallow waters. Her eventual use in the smuggling of goods may have led to her downfall in the early 1980s. History The Panagiotis has changed hands and names since her construction. 1937 - Originally named the MV Saint Bedan, she was launched on Thursday, 14 January 1937 from Glasgow. 1964 - She was sold to Greek owners, M. Gigilinis and S. Kakassinas of Thessaloniki (her port of registry), who renamed her Meropi. 1966 - She was renamed Charis. 1975 - She was sold by N.S. Kalfas to P. Lisikatos of Piraeus and renamed Panagiotis. 1980 - She ran aground in October, on the island of Zakynthos, and was abandoned. Sinking The most commonly accepted story regarding the wreck of the Panagiotis maintains that it spent the later part of its life as a smuggler ship. In 1980 (during a time of record population lows on the island of Zakynthos), Panagiotis was making its way from Turkey with a freight of contraband cigarettes (for the Italian Mafia, as some versions of the story assert). The crew was suspected by authorities, and so the Panagiotis was pursued by the Greek Navy. Encountering stormy weather, the ship ran aground in a shallow cove to the north of Porto Vromi, where the crew abandoned ship to evade the pursuing Navy. To this day, the wreck remains at the site which is now called "Navagio" for the Greek "shipwreck." On with the pictures... And i even got a chair shot! Hope you enjoyed, my first report in a long time. Once again sorry for the quality of the pictures.
  22. Right the evening was arranged by Obscurity and myslef Frosty Mr Fro joined him for a wander round southforelands ,the original plan being to visit both shelters both plotting rooms and the 4 magazines,as it happens we did the first set and decided to go elsewhere!headed onto oil mills west where i didnt take my camera as ive allready posted a report!Thx to mr fro for the helping hand up that ruddy wall!Next we had a wander round the path over looking the port for some night shots then decided to go to the Archcliffe galleries,the cells next door can still be done but even tighter squeeze that the galleries so we called it quites there.. Now excuse lack of technical info on the sites but Tbh there isnt much i can tell you guys that you dont allready know!! Right heres the pics someones been making themselves feel at home down here On to the shelter Few Of the plotting room.. Must say out of all the deep shelters ive visited this one as with the 2nd shelter ive been told are pretty small in comparison! On to Archcliffe Galleries Right sorry bout the write not being that factual ,but its a well reported couple of sites im just happy to have got round them!!
  23. Right to be honest i havnt done any research on this place due to the fact i was convinced i wasnt going to be able to get up to the entrance ..well without a ladder which we didnt have,so i apologise for lack of info as i just wanted to get in get report up and go bed! Right myself nite walker and unclebulgaria after one failed attempt each and a lot of chin scratching manned up and got up the very old rope in the rain without slipping and injuring ourselves on the very wet chalk..didnt take a huge amount of pictures as it really isnt that big a place..Entry i do know was via an old machine gun post!! On with the pics A great little explore and quite chuffed we got up there,and more imortantly got back down with out any injury as its a lot harder getting down for some reason..the pigeons scared the crap out of all of us and the baby ones nearly got squashed,any history of the place feel free to point out , i would like to hear it!!
  24. Right first of me and unclebulgaria went out to have a look see if noahs ark was accessible,which it was due to vandals stripping the building and basically wrenching open every door they could..the dividing wall from the barwicks to noah's ark road section had been smashed down ..well brickwork and the door with strudy lock gone..we worked our way right up to the noah's ark road entrance heard cars and a womans voice then the crackle of a police walki talkie..assuming they where inside and just ahead of us we stealthily turned backtowards our entrance expecting a police escort home..but as it happens nothing there..so after that we headed dopwn to winchelsea,westmount &priory hill chalk quarry which i believe was dug out for the chalk to be used on the dover harbour work..the tunnels had a lot of storage inside the big double doors which where wide open and the main tunnel up was tricky to clamber over till we got to a left turn..and going further forward was pretty much blocked now not knowing the layout of said tunnels that well not sure where that lead too..but we ventured round and got to the Fiveways Junction..where 2 sections had been blocked up with breeze blocks and thank you to whoever removed enuff for us to keep going..my lighting was a cree lenser which dissapointingly didnt have the promised flood to spot lense ..well it did it just didnt work that well so excuse the lighting ,should have taken me maglite..right on with noahs ark as many pics as we got before we quickly went back away from the voice of the police lady with the radio !! Right on with some pics..not my best but s**t happens Right like i said only took pics on the way up then got cut short due to the sounds of the fuzz upp ahead Now some from thewinchelsea etc tunnels.. Thanks for looking shame my lenser cree with the spot too flood Failed doing the spot but fun was had..also found an old private shelter in ramsgate on a building site where the caffyns garage used to be but small mainly backfilled so didnt even get the camera out!!
  25. These tunnels, in the former Winchelsea Quarry, were used during WW2 as air raid shelters. They were constructed in the form of four parallel corridors with two intersecting passages. There were four original entrances in the quarry and two more which spur off from a junction at the opposite end of the tunnel. The quarry entrances are now used as workshops by the company which owns the tunnels and the other two entrances have been sealed. One was located behind the Westmount building and the other was located in another chalk pit in Tower Hamlets, where the houses of 'The Abbots' road are now located. According to ARP records of the time, the shelter was designed to accommodate just over 1,000 people. Some wartime photos still remain of people sheltering in these tunnels as well as many dated etchings on the chalk walls