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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all, We went and visited a WW2 Shelter last night on the outskirts of London. The place was absolutely incredible and even had left behind remnants. We found it that it had been unsealed again so we decided to set off straight away as we did not want to miss this chance. I hope you enjoy the video! HISTORY: I couldn't find to much however the shelter was built on the grounds of Cane Hill Asylum around the time of WW2. There were also another 3 tunnels built at the same time. Sometime after the war the tunnels were bought by a specialist manufacture of optical devices which included mainly lenses for large telescopes. The Company left the site in the early 70s to then go on and finish trade in 1978. It basically then turned into a tipping site for old car parts until they were sealed up by the local council.
  2. Hi all, I'm new to Oblivion State, but I've been doing Urban Exploring for about 18 months now. Here is my latest explore from late last night. Coulsdon Deep Shelter This was the site of my first proper Urban Explore about 18 months ago. I remember scrabbling through the woods one October night with some friends (that I think were quite convinced I was trying to get them killed) trailing behind me to try and find the way in. Eventually of course we made it in and it was all worth it. I of course had no idea what I was really doing, I don't think any of use really do when we start this rather weird hobby. Neither the less, 18 months later and I'm still hooked (and somewhat poorer with all the camera equipment I've bought). I heard that this the shelter had been sealed up with a massive pile of dirt back in the middle of last year. However a few months later there was a report up in October saying it was back open again. So I made a mental note to go re-visit when I got a chance. History The History has been said many time about this locations, so I won't go into great detail. You can get a very detailed write up anyway if you look this shelter on Google, so I'm not going to try and compete with that. It was constructed in 1941 It was bough by Cox, Hargreaves and Thomson Ltd, a manufacturing company that made Optical Equipment. They operated from the 1950s to the 1960s. However the moisture and cold made the tunnel unusable for manufacturing high precision equipment. It was bought by a motor vehicle repair company but they moved out for the same reasons sometime later. It was sealed up and left for years before being opened up at sometime later. The Visit I tried to find 'the usual' way in, but as reported a massive (Its truly massive, it would take a digger hours to clear it all away) mound of dirt and bricks was piled on top of it. Anyway, we dug about with sticks a bit to try and work out how someone got in previously, but gave up after a short while. We started to head back in defeat before accidentally stumbling across a totally new way in. Compared to 18 months ago, not much has really changed in the shelter. The only new thing is the bright pink speakers and DJ mixer that have been left in there from rave some people must have had in there. There was actually cable going into the entrance from outside, so I am assuming they ran a small generator outside and ran the power inside for the speakers. Pretty clever IMO. Full album here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/grahamr123/albums/72157661916861733
  3. everyones probably seen these many times before but i Popped in here yesterday on the way back from visiting deepdene deep shelter but there's already a new report on that so thought id post up a few pics from my 2nd explore. had been down here before but the mrs wanted too see it so went for a revisit. bit of info: coulsdon deep shelter was built on the grounds of the cane hill asylum around the time of ww2, it was one of four shelters which surrey council had built, After the war Cox, Hargreaves and Thomson, Limited who specialised in the manufacture of optical devices – mainly lenses for huge telescopes purchased the shelter. they left the shelter due to damp issues and corrosion and the shelter was then purchased to be used as a garage but with the same issues happening again left and the shelter was finally sealed up by surrey council. nice little explore but the same as deepdene a fair bit of asbestos laying about. thanks for looking Alan.
  4. Hi guy's went for a solo visit back in December 2013 A nice place to spend some time. History This large public air raid shelter is one of four which were proposed and built by Surrey Council at the beginning of WW2, the others being at Epsom Downs, Ashley Road in Epsom and Kenley. The plan was to build 3 parallel longitudinal tunnels into the chalk hillside with 4 parallel lateral tunnels linking them. The plan was never fully carried out with two of the longitudinal tunnels stopping in a sheer white face of chalk. After the war the shelter was mothballed and lay empty until a firm that made precision lenses for telescopes took them over. The constant temperature was ideal for the processes involved and the long tunnels perfect for testing the focus of the lenses. Sadly the dampness and coldness was not conducive for the electrical sockets and precision machinery so the ever-inventive workers reverse wired a fridge so it would act as a dehumidifier and keep the condensation levels down. Eventually the optical firm moved out and was replaced by a motor vehicle repair workshop. After some time they also moved out and the shelter was mothballed and sealed shut again. If I have made any mistakes, please inform me ass I have a few more past explores to put up. Thanks in advance and as usual I am always open to constructive criticism and advice.
  5. Coulsdon Bunker, AKA Surrey Deep Shelter IV Is a large underground set of 3 parallel tunnels with interconnecting passageways dug into the chalky ground at the foot of the former Cane Hill Hospital (my favourite explore to date). I hadn't been into the bunker since 2008 so when I heard from Tommo that he and a big group were going and would I like to come along, I was straight out onto the motorway to meet up with them! The bunker was used for many different things after its construction as an air raid shelter, it was taken over by a company which manufactured lenses and mirrors for telescopes, and finally ended up as a garage or automotive workshop of some sort - which explains the odd mix of artifacts which are down there. Excuse poor image quality. Mr. B
  6. Saw this pop up and had to go check it out,thanks to Frink for clearing up a few details. The history was covered by Canute And to be honest the site with the full very indepth info where i would have quoted from is the same Canute used ,so rather than repeat a very good history ill use the linky http://www.simoncornwell.com/urbex/projects/chb/history/index.htm Explored with Obscurity Space Invader and Storm...really nice relaxed explore with shit loads to see and was well worth the trip... And also at a later date revisited with Jesus UrbanGinger and Maniac..so guys do tag some pics along if you want On with some pics in no particular order Heres a map for starters Sorry to say this was Re-sealed big time . thanks for looking
  7. from ages back went for a trip worth toast on cheese stealth and pinky fluff u all no the history of this place in we go toilets kitchen veranda nt lower levels my fav picture