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Found 4 results

  1. The History Largely from wiki: Millmoor was was the home ground of Rotherham County F.C. between 1907 and 1925 and then their successors Rotherham United F.C. until 2008. The team and ground were once owned by C.F. Booth, whose huge Clarence Metalworks and scrapyard overlooks the site. When Ken Booth sold the club in 2004 he kept the freehold to the stadium and leased it back to the club in return for £200,000 a year rent and preferential advertising options and ticket allocations. In 2008 the relationship between the two parties broke down and Rotherham United left Millmoor for the Don Valley Stadium, before moving into their present ground, the New York Stadium, in 2012. The Explore All in all a pretty relaxed mooch. The scrapyard next door is huge and noisy but everybody is too busy to be paying much attention to the stadium. All of the internal areas of the ground are heavily stripped but in good condition, with the custody suite and cells being particularly interesting. The stands are in fairly good condition and the pitch itself appears to be maintained with Wiki suggesting it's seen periodic use for youth football. Being the genius that I am I left everything but a 35mm prime lens at home and arrived about 40 minutes before sunset so apologies for the slightly odd perspectives. The Photos I. II. III. IV. V. VI. VII. VIII. IX. X. XI. If you're anywhere vaguely near Sheffield and want to link up then drop me a line. Cheers, Thirteen.
  2. Careful kids don't crash the server rushing to check this report out, and don't go burning the location by all rushing out to have a pop for yourselves-as much as you wil probably want to once you see the amount of epic in this place. right i know we've all been waiting to catch a glimpse inside this place for a long time, one of the holy grails of exploring, yeah people have done the mail rail, yeah people have done burlington rar rar-old news , ladies and gentlemen i present to you.... hereford football ground, can i get hell yeahh!! Anyway enough of that, its a derpy football ground i drive past this place all the time and worked over the road building a few bits in the big new crap shopping complex. Basically they owed the powers that be about 50k in rent and legal fees for the ground, hence the reason for shutting down, this alongside the fact the ground had been condemned over health and safety issues, Not 100% sure but word round the campfire with the hereford lads at work is someone had themselves a mischief in the ground and sued the club, more campfire rumours are the guy that bought up the club is a property developer itching to get the green light to flatten the place, would make sense as it's an eyesore and its also over the road from the city's nice shiny new shopping complete, much like my local worcester ground it's only a matter of time really. sure you've all been in a football ground before but i hadn't until i went here so lorra pics for a derpy lower league ground. well you're gonna do it aren't ya take it sleazy kids, thanks for looking
  3. History Kettering football club played here at this ground between 1897 and 2011 before closing its gates for the last time to move in with Rushden & Diamonds I don't think the club has ever been the same since moving out of here. In 2012 they were forced to move out of Rushden and to Corby because they couldn't afford the rates and for the 2013/14 season they are playing their games in Burton Latimer. I reckon they should come back here to Rockingham Road, cut the grass and re-boot the club completely. I believe they have plans to build flats on this site eventually. 114 years of football will be gone forever, but until then; this decayed beauty stands before us. The Explore Visited solo after work on one hot Friday evening. Nice little mooch without the need to worry about usual hazards such as loose flooring or pigeon crap, this time having been replaced with hawthorns and barb wire instead. Access is a bit awkward and you are often very exposed by people nearby including houses that look directly over the pitch itself, so be discreet if you are planning a visit. I find the best attraction of Kettering football club is the pitch itself, found a couple of old footballs still lying around amongst the matted grass and wondered how many stars had kicked them around as I smiled and had kick about of my own. Most places are accessible including the stands, bars, locker rooms, equipment cupboards, VIP areas, commentary box and kitchen. There is a nice feel of football nostalgia aswell. As I left I did so with an accidental clatter which raised the alarm for nearby onlookers, explained that I was an explorer, following it up with “Now, mind your own business†Haha. Pictures Thank you all for reading my report, I hoped you liked. The Lone Shadow
  4. 2013: Totally derp'd up now. 2010: Didn't really know this was derelict till recently! Not amazing, but a good hours mooch. No access to anything notable, all buildings locked. I beleive this site was opened in 1987, being the home stadium of the at the time; 90 year old football team. Its laid derelict since 2006, though I do beleive the clubhouse was in use till recently. More to see at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/landie_man/sets/72157624863596628/