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Found 4 results

  1. This was a first, and maybe my first mistake, but I should blame myself for what happened as Metal Fairies had been in previously but were caught. But once you name a place it kind of seemed to go downhill , but it could have been just coincidental timing. I was the first person to explore this place when the power was still on, been back a few times, and the change is unreal. Since then the owner hasn't given two flying hoots about this place and everything is gone and the place has virtually been completely stripped for copper and anything of value. This was a 72 bedroom hotel and all the bedrooms were still intact - you could've stripped back the covers n had a sleep. No photos of the bedrom scause the were just like a bad travel-lodge All empty The biggest clue The kitchen was so fresh. slightly smelly fridges The Reception and Office Once of four Dining Rooms Thanks for Looking!!
  2. This is an edited version of a blog post I made here. A week or two ago, I noticed that someone had managed to get inside a primary school I've been passively keeping an eye on whenever I'm in the area. For some reason, I've never tried particularly hard to get into buildings that are local to me, instead concentrating my efforts on places that take a lot of time to reach. I'm going to work on that, I know of several places nearby that I haven't visited. The school closed in 2008 on its 130th anniversary, during a round of Council spending cuts. It was one of several schools to close in the city, as the Council only received funding for the 22,000 pupils, not its 30,000 spaces. Apparently everyone was given a souvenir mug and dvd, and on the last day each child was given the opportunity to ring the school bell. After taking a fresh, but brief, look at the school myself - on a freezing, snowy day - and failing to see any obvious ways in, I got in touch with the explorer, who turned out to be Stussy, and kindly told me how he'd managed it. Early on Sunday morning, I set off from my girlfriend's house. I'd somehow forgotten to bring the appropriate clothes, so I went out into the 0-degree dawn (colder, factoring the strong wind-chill) without even a jacket, gloves or hat. Holding a metal tripod in those temperatures is painful. Arriving at the school, I quickly made my way inside. All the ground floor doors and windows have been boarded up, so most of the corresponding rooms are pitch black or close to it. Lots of light painting incoming! The first place I stopped was the large hall. I knew it would probably be the brightest part of the building, so it seemed an appropriate place to start. A gym hall, it looks like it may have doubled as a dining hall, mainly because the room I assume to be the dining room/kitchen isn't nearly big enough for the roughly 110 children plus the 30 from nursery that the school taught. The Dining Room(?) itself has a lovely old high, blue ceiling, in contrast to the rest of the building's artificial lowered ceilings. A nice detail in here is how the tables differ in size, presumably because the children's age range is 3 to 12 years (the school also had a nursery). Moving towards the nursery itself, someone had started a fire in a nearby room. It's blackened the walls and ceiling, but thankfully hasn't spread. I can only assume that whoever started the fire put it out themselves, there was no reason for it to go out on its own. Maybe someone was living in here for a while and trying to keep warm? Speaking of keeping warm, I was seriously regretting not bringing a jacket and hat, the building is very cold. The nursery is wonderfully intact. Hardly anything has been taken away, with countless schoolbooks and toys on display. Cupboards full of teaching materials, old VHS tapes (many of which I saw when I was at school), puzzles, building blocks, and arts & crafts things the children had made. Some of the details around the school - such as the 'Medical Room Upstairs' lettering - look like they could be original Victorian. The staircase features beautiful old banisters. The Medical Room itself is the most empty in the entire building. Hopefully everything from there was properly removed when the school closed, and hasn't been stolen since. Following a nice stepped corridor up to the other half of the building, the main corridor of the school is a mess. Looks like people - presumably either pikeys looking to get at the floors, or kids - have thrown most things light enough to carry over the balconies upstairs. There's stuff piled down the entire length of the corridor. I found a nice old camera in amongst all this. Most of the classrooms themselves are practically empty apart from a few tables and chairs. One exception is a classroom I can't quite identify, which (bizarrely) is almost completely untouched. Why this room was spared I don't know. Upstairs, the story is mostly the same as below. Empty classrooms. Only a few tables and chairs remaining. The staff room has quite a few books and things left behind, I guess they weren't worth picking up? The cloakrooms have some nice old Victorian features. Interestingly, the different cloak rooms (boys and girls?) have completely different coat racks. One set clearly newer than the other. Quite the contrast with the toilets, which almost look like Brutalist architecture. Lots of exposed concrete. Last stop, the basement. It was quite extensive, but I didn't want to spend a lot of time down there as I hadn't brought a mask. The air was very very bad, and there's a lot of asbestos in there. Overall a lovely old building, it's very sad it was closed after such a long time. Full set available here.
  3. Another solo adventure, also been putting this one off for way too long! Was planning on doing it last year, but a couple of serious fires put me off as the residents call the police instantly the someone in there. But on a return trip me and JFR went for a reccy in the dead of the night, and a returned the following day and braved it! Sadly missed what could have been a fantastic explore before the fires! Bankhead Academy closed in 2009 after it was merged with Marpool Academy to form Bucksburn Academy in a new purpose built facility. The school was hit by 2 major fires, the last of which in June 2012, and is now currently being demolished by the Council. Taking the same approach I did previously I didn't hang around outside taking externals incase I was spotted, so most of the pics are internals. First target was the older part of the building which is largely stripped out sadly! Small boiler room is largely intact strangely! The main staircase As you can tell all plaster has been stripped from the walls, but contractors have left a nice path to walk around. Very long corridor (not Nocton long but long enough) Looking towards the new block, as you can see there is a lot of rubble, as 2 buildings have already been KO'd and out for the count! Old Classroom, really derpy Old Dining Room / Assembly Room I think Gym Hall The next target, the newer block, weirdly shaped like a block of hexagonal cellular network - It was the science and crafts block. Pic I found on the wall. Inside its clear they have been loading up the left over items for recycling / salvage. Pottery Kilns Even found loads of kids pottery! Boring Stairs Jackass would love this! Desh in the classroom Chair shot!! Top floor is now stripped Lets head for the roof! Was a bit to early in the night to get too close to the edge If you got this far, congratulations for putting up with my derp zone!
  4. Had this on my hit list for a while seen as it on my doorstep, but sadly left it too late and lots have taken away to the new headquarters! I need to be more on the ball! This factory has been manufacturing specialist coatings in Aberdeen since 1910. Intially associated with the Scottish Shipbuilding, ship repair and fishing industries, it gained its reputation for quality products and services. The main factory in Aberdeen closed on the 25th February due to the increasing demand for its products. The factory and business remains one of the biggest paint manufacturer's in Britain and moved to its New HQ down by the Aberdeen Harbour. This was a late night explore due to its locality being overlooked about at least 200 flats Thanks for looking!