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Found 4 results

  1. Went on a mini tour the other Saturday with a couple of none members and the first stop was here. It was the main Police training centre for South Wales, not sure when it closed but it seams a while now. I was told some photos were lifted and posted on a local online magazine and security might be tight, so we drove around by the main gate and the security office was locked down and we could not see anyone, we made our way to our parking spot and was soon in. Its a big place and we decided to go down the front and work back to the entry point. We started in what we think was the admin block and then found a freezer room, (I told my mate it was the morgue and he believed me ) from there we made our way around the main building which contains the swimming pool and other good places, we were checking of access as we went. My mate was up ahead and then I could hear him talking to someone, at first I thought it was another explorer but when I walked around the corner it was secco. To be honest, he was a nice guy, made no fuss and just asked what we were doing there and how we got in. He told us that since the article, the security was now in the main building with one there during the day doing hourly walks and two at night doing the same. We asked if we could have a look in the main building but he said he couldn't and took us to the main gate, let us out and it was a long walk back to the car. I took very few photos and to be honest wasn't going to bother to post! there's not may more but the rest can be found here https://www.flickr.com/photos/cunningplan/sets/72157646603570475/ The morgue And that's as far as we got sorry
  2. The Palace Theatre on Union Street, Plymouth was built for the Livermore Brothers in 1898 by the architects Wimperis and Arber as a Music Hall and Variety Theatre, and formed part of a development which also included an Hotel called the Grand Western Hotel. The Theatre opened as the New Palace Theatre on Monday September the 5th 1898 with a variety show. The auditorium consisted of stalls and pit, grand circle, gallery, and eight stage boxes, four on each side of the proscenium, and was built on the cantilever principle with a capacity of some 2,500 people. Sadly the original lavish auditorium and stage house were completely destroyed only three months after the Theatre opened by a serious fire on the 23rd of December 1898. The fire started at night on stage but as the safety curtain had not been lowered for the night the fire spread quickly to the auditorium. The ERA reported it in their 24th of December 1898 edition saying: 'The new Palace Theatre of Varieties at Plymouth was seriously damaged by fire on Friday morning. The flames broke out shortly before midnight, and within an hour and a half, owing to a strong south-east wind, the whole of the stage, scenery, and dressing-rooms from the ground to the roof were demolished. The first signs of fire were discovered between half-past twelve and a quarter to one o'clock. The usual performance had taken place in the evening, and a large audience had been present to witness the programme, which included, among other turns, a naval spectacular scene representing the Battle of Trafalgar. When the house was closed, at the end of the performance, everything seemed safe as usual. Firemen were on duty in the house while the performance was in progress, but no one bad been left in charge. The fire was, therefore, first seen from the outside. glare was perceived by a policeman near the stage entrance. Every effort was directed to prevent the spread of the flames to the auditorium, but unfortunately it was utterly impossible to gain access to the fireproof curtain. From the first the fierceness of the flames cut off access to the stage. If this curtain could have been lowered the area of the fire might have been at once restricted. The effect of the fire was to utterly destroy everything connected with the stage, and to do an immense amount of damage to the auditorium. All the beautiful scheme of decoration, upon which a large amount of money was expended, has been irretrievably ruined. Happily the facade and the grand staircase, which are among the most striking portions of a very fine building, escaped destruction. In the rest of the house the damage was very great. The fire is believed to have been caused by some combustibles used in the Battle of Trafalgar scene. The Theatre reopened on Monday the 22nd of May 1899 and it is remarkable how quickly the building was restored and refurbished The building was converted for Bingo in 1961 and then had a varied life of occasional Theatre use and Bingo for many years until it was once more refurbished in 1978 and reopened as a live Theatre again. In 1982 the new Theatre Royal opened in Plymouth and this was a major blow for the old Palace, sadly the building's short revival to live Theatre was to end the following year and in 1983 the Theatre closed and was converted for nightclub use as the Academy The acadamy was one of the biggest clubs in plymouth until 08/05/06 after a raid at 1.15am which saw up to 140 officers in riot gear storm the main entrance after undercover police suspected that drugs were being sold on the premises the club was then shut down the same night and has been unable to operate since *Police picture is not mine my external one has gone walkabout*
  3. Another solo adventure, also been putting this one off for way too long! Was planning on doing it last year, but a couple of serious fires put me off as the residents call the police instantly the someone in there. But on a return trip me and JFR went for a reccy in the dead of the night, and a returned the following day and braved it! Sadly missed what could have been a fantastic explore before the fires! Bankhead Academy closed in 2009 after it was merged with Marpool Academy to form Bucksburn Academy in a new purpose built facility. The school was hit by 2 major fires, the last of which in June 2012, and is now currently being demolished by the Council. Taking the same approach I did previously I didn't hang around outside taking externals incase I was spotted, so most of the pics are internals. First target was the older part of the building which is largely stripped out sadly! Small boiler room is largely intact strangely! The main staircase As you can tell all plaster has been stripped from the walls, but contractors have left a nice path to walk around. Very long corridor (not Nocton long but long enough) Looking towards the new block, as you can see there is a lot of rubble, as 2 buildings have already been KO'd and out for the count! Old Classroom, really derpy Old Dining Room / Assembly Room I think Gym Hall The next target, the newer block, weirdly shaped like a block of hexagonal cellular network - It was the science and crafts block. Pic I found on the wall. Inside its clear they have been loading up the left over items for recycling / salvage. Pottery Kilns Even found loads of kids pottery! Boring Stairs Jackass would love this! Desh in the classroom Chair shot!! Top floor is now stripped Lets head for the roof! Was a bit to early in the night to get too close to the edge If you got this far, congratulations for putting up with my derp zone!