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Found 7 results

  1. Not my usual way to spend 30mins or so, but the place seemed curious when passing, so popping inside finding odd trinkets and going up the stairs, it soon began to feel like it could cave in, inside is all light painted which showed a wall mural, (minus light through doors/ceiling) outside a wonderful RV its up for sale so anyone wanting a splore vehicle this is right up the alley even has on-board camera No other information on this one sadly but not bad for what it is. Thanks for looking
  2. Unsure what I should really name this? An abandoned dairy farm, missing that red dress (which was more pink) and some large amounts of decay in rooms... A lovely afternoon spent walking around, admiring the decay and bits an bobs that laid scattered about, certainly worth your time still and quite frankly seems like locals have given up asking questions why you walk down a lane with a camera an tripod, especially after explaining once before we dont get nice fields in kent like these ones here... Walking around inside with the wind blowing through the whole place was rather cool, doors slamming and the curtains blowing about made for some interesting pictures. Many people know most of this places history after it splashed in papers and its been done a fair amount. IMGP0772 IMGP0642 IMGP0648 IMGP0651 IMGP0655 IMGP0656 IMGP0665 IMGP0668 IMGP0682 IMGP0687 IMGP0690 IMGP0698 IMGP0699 IMGP0703 IMGP0712 IMGP0713 IMGP0716 IMGP0741 IMGP0744 IMGP0748 Cheers for looking everyone!
  3. Been awhile since I posted on here, so thought I would put a few places up I had been to earlier this year and likewise. A rural cottage, once home to a hoarder, lots to see an loads to photograph, could of spent ages in here, but more gems like this awaited us on the trip. Upstairs was packed full of old magazines and trinkets almost so the doors would not open fully! a proper hoarder with an eye for musical instruments... IMGP0786 IMGP0888 IMGP0917 IMGP08444 IMGP0881 IMGP0878 IMGP0873 IMGP0869 IMGP0865 IMGP0846 IMGP0892 IMGP0840 IMGP0837 IMGP0836 IMGP0830 IMGP0822 IMGP0802 Thanks for looking folks, hope you enjoyed her as I did.
  4. Checking a few other places before getting back to Manchester, decided to pay a quick visit to this place, the decay inside is lovely an rather slippery, spent a good hour inside picking out some details I liked most. Surprised I got the shots I did in here, but its quiet around here at 8pm at night, minus a few kids lingering around trying to find a way into the main hospital lol hope you like my shots. Cheers for looking everyone.
  5. I had driven past this farmhouse 12 times last year, on route to other places in Norfolk, past Cambridgeshire alike an not once did I have a real big urge to take a peek, it wasn't until a friend took a few externals an shots through the window, that it finally seemed worthy of my time. So arriving just as the sun shined across the field, I walked towards the old farmhouse an opened the door. This is what greeted me an to be honest I rather enjoyed this derp! 1 3 5 6 9 8 7 10 4 11 12 13 Short and sweet but very surprising to have a lovely piano inside cheers for looking!
  6. Most people know about this place and have seen it pop up almost everywhere this year, I may be hated for this but it just did not do nothing for me this place, I only liked the ceilings mainly, the best part for me was basically being a ninja an walking around trying not to make noise at silly o clock in the morning, I guess once you have seen the pictures of this place online, you've basically been, im sure my photos wont show anything different than anyone else's either but someone might enjoy them I have to also say watching secca sleep and the dogs staring up at me as I stood looking at them from the windows was rather fun, I was expecting them to bark and wake secca up, but alas nothing not even a whimper... shocking. IMGP2706 IMGP2704 IMGP2699 IMGP2696 IMGP2694 IMGP2691 IMGP2685 IMGP2684 IMGP2680 IMGP2678 IMGP2667 IMGP2670 IMGP2664 IMGP2663 IMGP2660 IMGP2657 IMGP2648 IMGP2643 IMGP2653 Thanks for looking as always
  7. So here is a place I did last year, an recently went back to find most of the original items missing anyway best not to dwell on the past an focus on the present. This place was rotten, you could not find a worse place to venture inside, with dry dog Sh!T everywhere, an huge spiders and sacks of babies hanging from ceiling (more spiders) this place even makes my skin feel weird now. When I first stepped foot inside, the smell an rot of the place was very overpowering, but document I must and soon I did not become aware of any of the surroundings an focused on the photos. Id say judging by letters tucked on cabinets it had been abandoned 10/11 years, the last owner was (female) judging by the clothes that was left, an it seemed she lived in one bedroom, bottles of water tucked in cabinets and draws while she remotely hide herself away, did i mention she had possibly 13/14 dogs alive in the house as she sheltered from the outside world? With the woman never leaving the dogs was forced to eat what they could... then each other. (Dog bones present in places). Unsure how even in todays world this could happen, unsure if the woman died here or simply vanished eventually leaving behind every sentimental piece of her past behind, but judging by the place she died here, spoke to the locals the place has been put on the market but with a new road coming in, they want to knock this place down an move the others living nearby. Here is my photos, sorry if there is many, first shots are of a recent visit (B/W) which was not visible or found at start. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 Thanks everyone for sticking with this, hopefully ive documented this place well enough