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Found 5 results

  1. As this will be the last new thread on my third American trip, here is a mixed bag of all the locations I explored which ended up yielding not enough photos for a separate thread all heaped together in one tidy mess. Union Carbide This was a revisit for me, I had first explored this place last year but the people I were with had never been, and after the ridiculously tight access into St. Mary's Manor we needed something easy. As we ventured inside, the heavens opened and rain started pouring down, and not long after that the noise of the rain was broken by shouts and smashing sounds as some local shits turned up, which we took as our cue to leave. Union Carbide was the company responsible for the Bhopal disaster, and their old facility in Niagara Falls is one of, if not the most polluted location I have ever explored. Wildroot Hair Tonic Factory After we left Union Carbide we had a few more fails, and in the dying light of the afternoon headed to what should have been an easy in/out explore. Wildroot was a company that manufactured hair tonics and their factory in Buffalo has been derelict for decades and is nothing more than a ruined shell. The explore was quick, as it's in a pretty shady neighbourhood but it was coming out when it all went pear shaped. We walked back to our car parked by the train tracks nearby and noticed a CSX Police SUV doing a u-turn infront of our car (CSX being the main American railway company). We knew as soon as we saw it we were going to get pulled over when we drove off and sure enough, the SUV followed us. We pulled over and to cut a long story with a few nailbiting moments short, we all very narrowly avoided getting arrested. Had the police officer not been almost at the end of his shift, and had he phoned to get the real Buffalo PD down to search us and the car, we would have all been in some deep proverbial doo-doo and I would have been spending a night in the cells. As it was, he let us off with a warning although he was trying to pin stuff on us and get us to admit to things. American police are not the cuddly friendly neighbourhood bobbies seen in the UK, believe me... Hollow House While waiting for some of my companions to get their crap together, me and one of my new found American friends went for a little adventure by ourselves to this old restaurant/apartment building on the edge of town. Not a huge amount to see but it was quite interesting seeing a house totally demolished internally right back to the wooden skeleton. The ground floor housed a restaurant and upstairs was a two floor apartment. Hobart Stone Dealers Almost opposite the Hollow House is an old quarry used as a dump site for a local stone dealers, with a couple of old vehicles and a whole load of the sorts of stone used in lots of American graveyards as headstones around the place. Trestle Bridge Bit of a cheeky one this, as it's a live railway, but I've always wanted to shoot a bridge. DL&W Roundhouse Lastly, a revisit to a place I first saw in the snow back in March. The only surviving railway roundhouse in New York State. I only took a couple of photos as I wasn't really there to shoot the place, I was there to shoot a model. Thanks for looking
  2. I am finally at the end of my American adventure photos, I posted up the larger sites separately and as a bonus, here is a bumper pack of the places I explored where I either didn't get enough photos to warrant a thread of their own, or weren't worthy of their own thread for whatever other reason. I hope you have enjoyed the photos from my second trip over the ocean, I have big big things planned for later in the year when I return. Curtiss Malting Co. This building has had so many different names over the years it was hard to find the most recent occupier but it appeared to have been at least in part a maltings at some point in it's life and according to what info I can find it's a very unusual layout for one. Not all the site is abandoned but the stuff that is was an OK wander. More here DL&W Roundhouse My first railway roundhouse, it's been empty a long, long time. This explore served a dual purpose, as I went with my friend who was looking for a site for a future modelling shoot. It sits next to a live railway yard so there was a fair amount of sneaking involved. More here Shopping Plaza A chance explore whilst on a walk through the city a mate lives in, well it'd be rude to refuse when two doors have had the padlocks busted off them right? All taken handheld so they suck a bit. More here Letchworth Village Letchworth Village was an epileptic colony in upstate New York, infamous for it's mistreatment of child patients and a place steeped in a dark history of deaths. It has been bashed, trashed, stripped and burnt of almost everything and we visited after the asylum, a flying visit as the sun went down which involved running through one building just to get a photo of the trashed, graffitied mortuary. Gompers School Gompers School is a historic school located in a rough area of Baltimore, Maryland. Sadly prior to closure the classrooms were modernised with the addition of horrible suspended ceilings which totally ruined them for me, and sadly the entire roof of the auditorium collapsed at some point after closure - which whilst it makes for interesting photos means I am still yet to see a proper school auditorium like I so desperately want to. While we were inside there was a crash on the intersection outside the school which also meant we had to climb out onto the street in full view of the police sorting out the crash, luckily they didn't care... More here Spring Garden School This place is such an iconic abandonment even people who don't know it's name recognise it as 'that derelict school in Philadelphia'. After a frustrating afternoon of fails on my last full day in America it was nice to see one last place with the group of friends I had made earlier in the trip during my time in New Jersey, even if it as trashed as they come the roof still took my breath away. More here Thanks for looking!
  3. This old college was a religious secondary school built in a religious “commune†solely by volunteer labour missionaries in the 1950’s who worked for the church. The school has a huge American influence as you can tell by the pictures, it is huge! The amount of things left behind is also astonishing, what a waste! The school was closed when church leaders accepted that mainstream schools offered “quality education†and the school has started to be demolished to either be converted to farmland or some other future usage. Our explore here began by cautiously entering a construction zone, in the past we had been greeted by angry residents who live on the commune and we were chased into a wet marsh behind the school, so this time we did our best to avoid that situation. After finding access presumably created by vandals, we were greeted by a huge American style school including full size swimming pool, gym and theatre, all without any signs of vandalism and the only graffiti being that of previous students to the school, making it the best abandoned school we have seen so far in New Zealand. For rest of pictures: http://urbexcentral.com/2014/10/09/a-religious-college/ Thanks for looking, Urbexcentral - New Zealand Urban Exploring.
  4. This is a little mini-report more than anything After I was done around DC I headed off northwards to Baltimore to meet up with a contact I'd made on an American forum for the night. I arrived that evening and instead of us sitting around twiddling our thumbs he suggested we go out for a quick explore, now I don't normally like exploring in the dark but who was I to say no... It's fair to say this location isn't in the best part of Baltimore, indeed it's a wonder we didn't get shot or stabbed just for walking down the street! It was, as expected, very dark inside the factory and it is literally right on the street level with the pavement so very easy to attract attention to oneself but we got away with it. I tried to find history on the American Ice Co. but can't find too much, I'm led to believe they went hand-in-hand with the cold storage warehouses all over America. This one has seen better days but for a little mooch before I got into the really meaty locations it was fun. Thanks for looking
  5. Quite long but an interesting watch....highlights some of the same issues the community over here has massive debates over quite nicely. http://vimeo.com/90432789