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Found 3 results

  1. Very short explore, as the building was almost completely empty. I ended up with just a few close-ups/details... Used to be a building from the local Antwerp newspaper. It looked like they actually used to press/print the papers there as well, long time ago. Now all remained was a large, very empty machine hall and some offices and remains of the archive. I think the building has shortly been occupied by a local Bank, after the newspaper left. (Based on the 'Bank Antwerp' stickers, all over the place..) Not much more to tell, so on with the picas... 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
  2. (it will be my first ... so lets make it with quality) The archive and forgotten library It was a cold winter day. Because of the short day I decided to meet with my friends and explore some local industrial zone. We were vising it since few weeks already. Building after building. Because the place was guarded (it still is) we were not in the hurry. Sometimes entering different buildings took us some time because the entrance was not that obvious. Once in we had a lot of time to document what we will find. Little that we know what awaited us that day particular day. In some way we were not expecting anything interesting. We already knew that most of the buildings are just pure industrial/production halls. That day we decided to enter one inconspicuous three floored building. Since it was quite close to the guards office we didn’t wanted to risk. With all caution we tried to find some entrance to that building. Nothing. With all the desperation we tried the windows. At some point one window at the height of 2 meters gave in (we didn’t brake it, it just opened). We entered the building. Usually when you are inside you are safe from the guards but since we didn’t know what expect we were still careful. First we found a view that was just expected. Raw, industrial. A corridor that opened to a small hall and some workshops. Since the building was three floored we wanted to see what is upstairs. We found a staircase and started to climb the stairs. From old stained by dust windows we could see guards patrolling the area. Soo lucky we were inside. After we reached the top floor we noticed that the place looks like there was no one since a long time. Dust, no foot prints, a grating door closed by a rusty padlock. Since it was the top floor we could see that the water was leaking through the ceiling. Now we noticed that not just the padlock is rusty but the grating itself also. With just a bit of force it gave in … giving us just enough space to enter. Another corridor and then … room after room we noticed where we are. First what I have noticed was a reading room. Desks and chairs not moved since long time. No footprints. Just next to it a library. Books wet with water dripping through the ceiling. I could notice that someone tried to save those books by covering the bookshelves with some kind of foil. The efforts went in vein. Books covered with fungi, wet, decaying. Moving on to another rooms we noticed that its not just the library and the reading room here. First empty rooms filled with decaying documents Someone tried to stock them up, maybe to move them away/save them. In the end they just started to rot. Moving on we discovered what were those documents and where did they came from. The library and reading room were attached to project rooms. Once fantastic now … At the end of the corridor we found an archive. A place where all those documents were stored in the most proper way. There were two type of archive rooms. One old archive with old wooden furniture. Containing different plans and graphs, projects of the things produced in the industrial zone. There was also more modern part of the archive. This time more steel/aluminum In the end we were vising this single location for almost 2 months. Every Sunday or Saturday checking all the details, gathering photographic material. Unfortunately such places can’t be a secret forever. Since the moment other local explorers found it location it started to decay even faster. More (best photos selected) from this location can be found here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157650551638208/with/16993743615/ … and if you want you can also check my fb … https://www.facebook.com/HDReverywhere
  3. Well this is the last place I'll be posting up from my trip north - I did visit one other placebut was pretty rubbish so may not even keep the pics never mind do a report. This was a permission visit to the country's biggest breakers of combine harvesters.The guys there were so friendly and charming and just left me to it. They are apparentlydoing very well indeed being very busy. Anyhoo here's the pics. -1--2- -3---4--5--6--7--8--9--10--11--12--13--14--15--16--17-