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Found 6 results

  1. My name is Suiz, i just recently moved from the Pensacola area into Huntsville. Trying to look for any other explorers in the area that wanna link up.
  2. Hello all from a longtime, somewhat rusty forum user. Having moved to the Leicester area 18 months or so ago, the exploring itch has well and truly returned. I needz derp. Although there isn't a shortage of it in my area, I do have a shortage of explorers that I know. For someone that doesn't favor solo explores, this is a slight stumbling block. So, whos about and up for wander?
  3. Well we were very disappointed with this mine due to not having our 4gas meter..... all i will say is if you go in FFS take a meter 30 yards in we could not breath hardly and that was just walking, the mine had NO air flow at all..... time for the pics first the beach with the fossils within the mine next time we go it will be with a meter and i hope better air..... if you go in please be careful ....death awaits !...
  4. Day out smootching around for mines and yup !.....found this..... Hmmmmm scatter gun comes to mind.....lock stock "n" two smoking barrels.........you know what I mean ?... Don't think they want us to come in !. Stairs to no where ! Time to hit the cellar... Well !
  5. Further to my visit to Spur Redoubt and Long Curtain (viewtopic.php?f=8&t=504) I then walked further along the seafront to The Point and came across The Round Tower From what I could find out this Tower and its neigbour the Square Tower dates back to the 15th Centry and where both built as a result of hostilities with France. The towers formed part of a more improved defence against the French. Yet again these sites where open to the public. But there where parts of the buildings that where closed of and made me think what could have been behind closed doors. Poked my camera through the window of the closed area and saw this stair case. I wonder where that goes (apart from down ) The veiw back from the Point towards the Square Tower, (Closed when I was there due to a wedding) Yet again not quite an explore but still enjoyable
  6. Had some time to kill this morning so I decided to go for a walk around the MOD training area at Reinden Woods. Part of the East Kent Dry training area acquired by the MOD in 1938 for training leading up to WW2. This place is littered with open brick bunker type things I found at least 10 good ones and loads that had been demolished. I also found 4 of these brick base with concrete roof bunkers, with a door at each end. There is also a large building with no windows apart from the two front slots, maybe it was some kind of power plant as it has two chimneys at one end. There is a steel door each end, unfortunately padlocked. Front: Rear / chimney: The bogs and a funny little hut in a clearing. I think there is a lot more to be found in there, a woman who scared the crap out of me by asking what I was taking photos of while I was engrossed, said that there was at least 1 large underground tunnel that her dog found about 10 years ago but could not remember where it was apart from it was on the north side of the woods and the entrance was 3 or 4 ft tall and on a hill side. She said she was in there 10 mins looking for her dog there was a single long tunnel with at least 8 rooms off of it