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Found 10 results

  1. A strange place, fake as f*** , but awesome to see and wander around
  2. lil place in my backyard... i've been coming to this spot for over a decade. tragically i've only picked up a camera a few years back. it's nice to be able to visit a location many times in the continuation of self improvement and documenting the destruction of a location. heres a few shots from over the past year: pano from last summer. i ran here one day as the sun set. i wanted to catch the lighting. belly of the boiler. behind the controls. another scrapper hard at work i see. test shop. looking down the next year would be sad times as kids from all over began to populate this place. i used to be able to walk around for weeks without running into a soul, and now there could be 30 kids here. in a short period of time shity taggers would desicrate the temple. angering the gods. even the snow doesnt cover that grime. she sure is a beauty tho. i've been to quite a few generating stations and none compare it felt like a train station grande hall. standing in the freezing cold taking a pic of snow falling (or ceiling) so ladylike everyones favorite hallway which was in a movie for 3 seconds. (relax-its photoshopped.....or is it???) until next time . . .
  3. The pair of ex-Gurkha security guards rounded the corner of the building and spotted our party within milliseconds. "Intruders! Code Red, boss! CODE RED!" The voice shouting into the walkie-talkie had an amusing mixture of professional urgency and childish excitement. We had entered the vast fenced grounds of the abandoned military hospital with the utmost stealth, hugging tree-lines and sending scouts ahead to check for patrols. That was hours ago though and we had explored every nook and cranny of the large main hospital block. Now we had grown cocky and strolled around the grounds showing little concern for the possibility of being caught. And caught we were. Sure, we could have ran and given the guards a little exercise but, honestly, the route in was a bit of a pain in the arse and we were perfectly happy to be walked to the front gates and let out. So, we wandered the site looking for access to some of the smaller buildings, knowing there were guards wandering around and seeing how long we could get away with it before inevitably being seen. When we were eventually seen, the hapless guards seemed to think themselves inside some Andy McNabb novel. You could almost see in their eyes the replaying of Die Hard movies and hours playing Splinter Cell. As we carefully and politely explained we were simply amateur photographers who like old buildings, they looked visibly disappointed. We were not the expertly-captured explosive-planting terrorist cell that they had clearly pictured us as when they saw a group wearing black, carrying rucksacks and strange equipment (or cameras and tripods, once they got a closer look). But, maybe the 'photographer' story was a clever rouse on our part? "We'll need to see some IDs. I'll also need to see the contents of your bags. Do you have any weapons or sharp objects?" "Sorry mate, haven’t got any ID on me.", I replied. I sometimes wonder what sort of terrorist or hard-core criminal would wander around with a valid ID. Surely that sort of stuff would be covered in Al-Qaida 101, no? Anyway, as we reached the front gates, a big white van sped towards us and screeched to an abrupt halt. It had dogs in the back and a large burly gentleman in the driver’s seat. He seemed to be running the show and is presumably the recipient of the slightly overenthusiastic "CODE RED!" radioed in earlier. He got out of the vehicle and adopted his most intimidating face and pose as he prepared to deal with this supposed high-level threat. He looked us over, assessing what immediate action was required to contain and deal with the threat. He looked around and past us searching for something to warrant the guard’s excitement. He looked us over again and looked back at the guards, his expression dropping with the disapproval of a man who does not appreciate having his time wasted. "You have to be f**king kidding me!" We were questioned with a few trivialities and explained that we were just some friends who like to take pictures of old buildings and what a lovely old hospital it is and we really are terribly sorry if we caused any problems. The 'dumb tourist' - works a treat when dealing with security. Give them just enough apology and subservience without giving away anything you don't need to. "Yeah, just got in about twenty minutes ago. No, of course we have not been inside the buildings - they look a bit dangerous." "We got under the front gates, using that big gap at the bottom." another member of our party offered as he scanned the area around us. After agreeing to demonstrate how we would have got in (God knows why that was necessary but it was quite amusing) we saw the head guard stare intensely at one of the two who caught us. The under-gate entry point was a little bit of creative story-telling since we clearly didn't want to give the real hard-won entry route away - That would just spoil it for others who came after. But, it turns out that the "RED ALERT!" guard was also the one who would have been stationed at the guard hut...right at the gate when we were supposed to be making our way in. We had accidentally created a version of the truth whereby we (all 6 of us) go right past the single point that hapless guard was supposed to be watching. I expect he got a bit of a wrist slap after all of that but I only have so much sympathy after all of his dickish bag-search nonsense. By this point the guard told his boss they were going to take our names and perform bag searches in an apparent attempt to regain some credibility - he just ignored him, opening the gates for us to leave. So, yeah, old derelict army hospital, nice rooms, lots of history etc. etc. The getting caught was by far the most entertaining part of the visit so that’s what I wanted to write about this time, for the rest see the photos! Thanks MrD
  4. Well this wasn't exactly the walk in I expected, it looks like the fencing has all been recently renewed and the ground floor windows and doors all have metal grills and plates over them, I have no idea why because there is nothing of any value left inside and the scrap value of the metal protecting the site is probably worth more than the land and buildings The grill gave a diffused glow to the light
  5. After looking around CMH we decided to have a look around some old barracks. After nearly getting seen making our way in, we headed towards one of the hangars. The place is fairly large and there is a lot of open ground which I believe was used in the filming of 'World War Z'. Overall awesome day, without getting caught
  6. So me and a friend set out looking for Cambridge Military Hospital. We got the the area then satnav died. But not to worry, we could see it nearby. Lots of boarded windows. That must be it! Doesn't look very hospitally we kept thinking, assuming all the stuff I'd seen online was in the many locked up buildings.....No. We were in the wrong friggin place! Not to worry, there's always next time. So here is Aldershot Garrison. Thanks for looking, hope you enjoyed!!
  7. Family holiday, got a day to myself with the camera This place was huge and I know I only covered 40% ish, the site covers a few miles and in 35 degree heat I felt I had done enough in 3 hours, but maybe a return next year to cover the other bits. I honestly stripped this down from 70+ plus shots There was almost a higher ranking living area once passed the main gate the only real graffiti I saw old statue knocked down Outdoor bath for higher ranking personal Another checkpoint ? A very hot and long road to the rest of the base random buildings entrance to an underground area more underground entrances pitch black led to this directly beneath this Then I found the long tunnel !!! which became this, gotta say, I`m not a fan of underground and this was maybe 200m long with a few off shoots to the cliff sides up top I found this then the long walk back to the car Cheers THE BARON
  8. My first ever explore at the tender age of 16 with a Halina Elektra 35mm. This camp was demolished in 1975 and me and my mate took these whilst trying to keep away from the warden..it is a small album,but back in the day,the cost of photography was high so we only shot minimal! My Grandfather used to drive a single decker bus from Swindon to Marlborough during WW2 and in his break in Marlborough,he would visit many of the public houses and often drove his bus back to Swindon quite inebriated and one night,he drove back through this camp forgetting he had a double decker and not his usual single deck bus..at one point there was a crash and he discovered he had hit some power cables that were too low for his bus .... So that was Chiseldon Camp..I grew up playing round here from 1968 to 1975..even found Sub machine guns in one loftspace plus gas masks,which I still have. Thanks for looking
  9. I had half an hour free and decided that as I was passing I'd nip in The site is now used for Airsoft on weekends
  10. Another joint effort, way back in 1978.Many thanx Paul for all your effort in restoring these pics.This camp was used to train up the 17th Airbourne Division,then in feb 1944 the 5th Armoured Division arrived too.Used to bring my air gun up here and practice till the real Army came in 1977 and used the place for Northern Ireland training.Sadly,our playground was cleared in 1980,but the rifle butts remained for a few years after..oh for a revisit to these places with the kit we own now eh... Rifle Butts The Butts That was Ogbourne Camp folks...get a time machine,and the place is all still there!! Thanks for looking