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Found 3 results

  1. Amy's Winehouse - visited december 2014 Especially for you, my UK-friends: Amy's Winehouse! No report about the queen of soul though, rather about the queen of French industrial decay. Once upon a time these winehouses were used to preserve wine before consumption. It has a pretty rare and unique architecture, looks a bit like a prison, to keep wine instead of people. This was our third attempt, driving all the way down to shoot this one. First time we didn't get in, second time we even got caught before we made it to the building itself. So this time: a lot of euforia when we finally made the inside. We had to wait a little hour before sunrise, and saw the building slowly awaken Still pretty dark inthere, and a bit fuzzy of all the birdshit, we took out our tripots and camera's. Such a beauty!!! I love this place a lot... too bad it's so hard, tricky and dangerous to get inside. Such a pitty there ain't no possible entry anymore for the moment. On the other hand, when the opportunity arises again, I would love to do a revisit! Cheers 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
  2. Dark School of Music - May 2015 Besides transport and industry, I have a huge public building-fetish... in particular theaters, prisons and schools We heard this Dark School of Music was a tricky one, but this one had to be on our sensors, so we planned to do this one before sunrise. Way too excited on the evening before our visit, we couldn't help it to drive by on our way to the hotel nearby. You know, just to scout the neighbourhood, check the entry, stop the craving a bit... It was raining Niagara falls, not the weather you expect in Italy, so we drove up the car to the little parking lot in front of the school, just to turn the car and fake like we had made a wrong direction. Only 30 seconds, and already a neighbour came outside, standing on his porch in his bathrobe, staring with that "I am watching you fuckers, you are not welcome here"-look. In a bathrobe, almost standing in heavy rain... yes sir, this is an act of dedication, this clearly was not the best way to go, or to park our car. So like usual we played out our "GPS-trickcard": The one on the wheel plays pretentiously with the GPS, while the rest of us looks around how we could access the place. After 2 or 3 minutes, we took off to the hotel. Checking Google earth in our room, we found another place to park the car and get around the few houses next to the school. Better safe than sorry. So D-day started with a surprise, it all looked pretty easy on Google earth, but damn, I wish the next upgrade has altitude lines! Up and down hill, trees, stones and even a small river: fucking Bear Grylls style offroad-path :-) In heavy rain we reached the school from his other side, one last climb and we got in, soaked but unseen. This school is huge and in more or less , a few kids seem to have been playing around making tripwires with thin wool wires and placing empty bottles everywhere under windows, behind corners, on stairs. Some spaces were nice, other were kind of messy. Highlights were the music class, the auditorium and the big chapel. Oh, and about the DARK adjective in the name... it is an understatement, especially in bad weather. Besides the chapels, I had to shoot everything in BULB-mode! Cheers 1. Music Class 2. Auditorium stage view 3. Auditorium public view 4. Big Chapel 5. Little Chapel
  3. Terracotta Army - Visited may 23th 2015 5:30, Oh sh*t this was early, again, and on the last day of our first italian tour... So off course we had a few gins and beers the other night, more than usual for celebrating the last night together with the four of us. Everything went a bit slower, but hey, the last day... we still had enough energy to pop some beauties before taking the bird back to belgium. The 6th day, The 6th time to get up at fucking half 6 o'clock Oh yeah, the numbers were good to start off, visiting an army, of sinks! Like planned we had to visit this one early, so we booked a B&B closeby. We scouted the entry the day before, so we were pretty prepared to do this one quick, quiet and unseen. When we got in, first a bit panic... because in the first part we came, everything was smashed on the floor. At the next corner on our left side, the army welcomed us! BTW... Going early paid off, when we got back on the streets, there was starting a lot of activity, so the early visit was worth the headache! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.