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Found 4 results

  1. This was the first site in a mini tour of some of Italy's fine locations. By the time we arrived it was late and dark. We went inside to see if there was a place we could safely sleep. That found we made our way back to the cars to get our stuff and returned for a pretty decent night's sleep. In terms of history, I don't know much to be honest. It was built at the end of WW2 as a retreat for children, by a relgious order. The location had a lot of potential for not only the wide angle shots, but also some good details Upstairs there were lots of rooms full of beds. Sadly with very strategically placed graffiti, someone had painted "A" or something similar on enough pillars to make it impossible to exclude them. My photoshop skills are too rubbish to be able to do a decent enough job to get rid, so I went for a bit of a wander. As well as the dorms, there were, well I think treatment rooms, kind of like wards? I can't imagine that there were "private" smaller dorms, unless this was for the staff? If so, they were very austere I was very chuffed to find this on the lower ground level We had started our little explore just as the sun was rising, so the light was constantly changing, which made for some interesting shots. I particularly like this one. Communal showers Study time Thanks for viewing
  2. Evening all, First Italy report from me, as you know I don't process quickly so I have quite a lot of backlog to get through plus another trip next week to contend with so its a busy time. So off the flight in the later afternoon and this was our sleeping place / first morning explore. This abandoned place was built at the end of World War II by a religious order and used to house hundreds of children to enjoy their summertime and enjoy the activities and healthy, mountainous environment. This was closed down in the 1970s. It was fairly trashed but some nice photogenic bits which are well known on the Italian side of exploring. Light was a little dark as it was raining first thing but we made the most of it. This place is going to be renovated shortly as two surveyors turned up mid morning looking for a lost laser guide and told us that the place is being developed into apartments. On with the photos Thanks for looking in.
  3. So after we see some recent pictures we decided to visit this one too It was very difficult to get but we made it #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6
  4. I had been eyeing this crane for a while - it has been there for roughly a month or two, and recently I decided - why not have a crack at it?! It is very small as tower cranes go, but this isn't London, so we don't get many down here. This was my first crane and I loved it! After the initial fear had worn off I felt quite relaxed (luckily there was no wind!). Some dodgy moments as I watched the occasional police car drive past down below - or a few random drunks! This was a spur of the moment thing, so I went alone at about midnight. Apologies for some of the pictures, hopefully I can do better if I visit a crane again! At this point I contemplated climbing the further 30 odd feet to where the red light is (any crane buffs know what this part is called?) - after finding the ladder was actually quite stable, unlike the various walkways I ventured up. I felt a lot more exposed up here as I didn't have as much cover, and I was illuminated by the aircraft warning light! And a self portrait to conclude the photographs! Thanks for viewing!