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Found 4 results

  1. So this place cropped up in my FB news feed a while back and I wanted in. I have never asked anyone details on how to find anywhere. I have asked for advice or tips but never locations. I have always sat and researched myself. This was probably one of the hardest, which is why it became so frustrating. Either I was stupid or having a real blonde moment. Turns out, I was just thick! The first place that came up when researching little did I know was actually it, nah I thought, can't be that easy! I was still adamant I wasn't gonna ask anyone. I got to the point I was chatting to one of my mates who had been recently and he provided me with everything I needed to know. Then when I looked it up online I could have kicked myself because I had seen it allready Anyway, as you can imagine I was pretty excited about this one, having wanted to see it for about 4 months and actually having the opportunity to drive to it this was it. I was driving the journey and all the time thinking shit, I hate dogs. Especially barky ones. That was my only concern, I knew I was getting in here. There was to be no fail. So parked the car up walked a little way down to it and went in exactly how I was told to, found access which was really easy and that was it, I was in! Walking round the corner in to a corridor where there were plants growing off the skirting board and a bath in the middle I kinda loved it allready. Spent quite a lot of time wandering round and got what I wanted in terms of pics. Saw the main house, the accommodation block, the swimming pool and the other little block with the clock in. The clock read 6.10 all the time we were here and by the time we left it was actually working. I have a video of it ticking but uploading pics is a mission so there aint no chance of a video It had lots of decay, the sort I love. Lots of wood too Very pretty and I can imagine in it's day it was was more stunning than I had seen. Anyway, it was a great day and I am so glad that I finally got to see this place. Pics aren't great but I'm happy! Enjoy I would have liked to have seen it without all that shit around it... Loved this room.. wood! I loved everything about this room, it was a little odd. I think we have all gathered now I do like a pool selfie haha! They obviously liked animals Thanks for looking!
  2. Bellboys College.. what an amazing site! This is my first post on here, i'm not 100% happy with the pictures and wouldn't mind a run back there soon, but these are a few of my favorites.. hope you enjoy History.. A very large private girls school, in a secluded area of Sussex, England. It had been affiliated with a ballet school which lasted from the 1980's until it's closer in 2004. Restoration work began in 2001, which only really resulted in a make shift roof and some horrible PVC windows in the top floor. Decay has definitely set in, with water damage becoming more and more apparent. Floors were beginning to become treacherous, and we had been warned by other explorers a staircase was on it's last legs.. Shout out to SlimJim for the ride, and Chopper for the location, had a sound day with these 2! I know it's been done to death lately, but here's my take on Bellboys.. Thanks for looking guys!
  3. I must have visited this place 3 or 4 times in the past few years but have always chickened out at the last minute, mainly due to the resident dog. However after the urbex bus had visited I got an extra boost of confidence and went for it. All in all a pretty relaxed early morning explore. I find it hard to believe that in such a well to do area of the south east a use cannot be found for this place. Plans found in the sports hall seem to suggest the impending construction of an housing estate, albeit an well to do housing estate. The boarding school for girls was opened c 1930. Its numbers grew and other large houses were acquired to house the girls. In the 1980's the Legat Ballet School joined the establishment and in the early 1990's the college was amalgamated with a School from Seaford. In 1997 it had a further changes and is at present known as Bellboys. I really struggled with the light in this place and have fiddled a fair bit with the piccies. https://youtu.be/opIDwc1DJ2E Thanks for looking
  4. I've been feeling blue the last few days and the best remedy, of course, is to get out and go exploring. So that's exactly what I did! I have spent so much time exploring up north recently I kind of forgot how the south holds its own gems, of which this is definitely one. This very large private girls school in the middle of an affluent area of southern England closed around 2004 after passing through various hands and being known by various names in its life, including an affiliation with a ballet school which lasted from the 1980s until the closure date. Work was due to begin on a conversion around 2011 but only seems to have got as far as replacing the upstairs windows with modern nasty PVC units. In it's current condition a few of the floors are in a treacherous state, most notably the hall floor which has had severe water ingress and is, to put it lightly, rotten as a pear. While we were there, water was coming in in a constant stream which really is not good. The decay throughout is stunning, but equally saddening seeing how much of the ornate coving and plasterwork has been destroyed by water. It's a huge site which includes the main house/college, a large stable block with added accomodation blocks, indoor swimming pool, science block and large sports hall, we spent hours here wandering around the buildings and I could have spent hours more, I loved the place. It's like Lillesden but on steroids and taken to the nth degree (but sadly no huge mirror). But if you are a fan of fireplaces, you're in for a treat.... I went nuts with the camera and took loads of photos, so there might be quite a few in this post... Moving out of the main house now... Yes it was in there..... Thanks for looking, more here! https://www.flickr.com/photos/mookie427/sets/72157650527175186/