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Found 3 results

  1. Benenden Hospital The Explore A couple of days before the Cliffe Forte meet me and @Urbexbandoned sat and did a bit of research of the area, i got distracted as usual by the internet because I am a man. @Urbexbandoned suggested this little gem and i'm glad she did. @Maniac and @Obscurity had reported on this place a few years ago and we liked the look of the place and wondered if anything was still there worth looking at. That frontage to the main building was attractive in itself, quite an unusual layout and looked more American in architectural design in my eyes. The prospect of corridors with single ward rooms branching off like we'd seen in their reports were unfortunately no more. A lot of these are now converted into hospital offices and the like, complete with human Doctors and shit. We had a walk around the site, then decided to enter the live hospital and walk around to see if anything derpy remained. After a wander around the live bit and a nice hospital poo each, we decided that the only way to get to the corridors was to walk through the live parts, head down, awkward smiles to staff and managed to wing it through to the only remaining abandoned corridor. Rather than finding them set up like small bedrooms like we'd seen in old reports, they appeared to be just patient archive rooms and shit like that. A bit disappointed to be honest so we grabbed a few shots and headed back out past the doctors and nurses again. Had a walk around the grounds and few a few other little buildings and the swimming pool, and these turned out to be a lot more interesting, one of the buildings having rooms packed full of shiny newish looking bed and expensive hospital equipment. Not like the NHS to waste money is it? Right, I've talked enough shite! The History Benenden Hospital was founded in 1907 in Benenden, Kent and became the centre for hospital treatment for members of Trade Unions and Friendly Societies and subsequently large numbers of public sector employees who joined what is now benenden health. The services provided at the hospital have moved with the times. From treatment for tuberculosis - which was its original role - to the management of chest diseases, to the current day where the hospital provides a wide range of consultation, diagnosis and treatment services for most medical and surgical specialties. In recent years the hospital has increasingly had patients who are not members of benenden health. Local National Health Service agencies are increasing their use of the hospital's facilities, as are patients who use private medical insurance or who pay directly for their own hospital care. The hospital provides a range of clinical services which are tailored to meet the needs of individual patients. The hospital has a Modern Matron 'a senior and experienced professional' who has the authority to resolve problems. The Pictures 1. 2/3. 4. 5. 6. Urbexbandoned 7. 8. After having my blood pressure taken by Urbexbandoned the reading unfortunately indicated I was dead 9. 10/11. 12. 13. I hadn't seen a Microfiche reader for a long time before finding this one.. 14. I'm not gonna bullshit you, I couldn't get into this building (not for the want of fucking trying), so this shot was through the window.. 15. Filing cabinet packed full of staff records and this one in particular contained a report on a staff member dismissed for getting a bit too touchy feely with a nurse... 16/17. Shitter/Lit corridor.. 18. Unfortunately no keys in the ignitions 19. Mangled.. Thanks for looking and feedback always appreciated
  2. Benenden Hospital was founded in 1907 as a sanatorium for Post Office employees and developed into the (subscription paying) hospital of the Civil Service & Post Office staff. The name of the organisation is now the Benenden Healthcare Society though the principles of the organiation are as before. Visited with maniac The hospital is still very much live with one part now used as a film location. I had heard of this place back in 2008 but after a few attempts with maniac and frosty we had no luck. Today seemed to be our lucky day. We went to check on the place and managed to find access to the building. There was a lot more in there than expected and a nice surprise at the end! Previously the attached building was a busy place and a hive of activity but seemed rather quiet today so we thought it would be rude not to push our luck a bit. We entered the live section of the hospital to a lovely air conditioned corridor with power and lighting. Leading on we entered the canteen with working flat screen TV’s and vending machines. Not wanting to push our luck we made a quick exit after grabbing some photos… Thanks for looking
  3. This place has been "on the list" for a while, so I'm pleased that myself and Obscurity have finally got round to doing it after 2 failed attempts earlier in the year - it didn't disappoint! There's quite a bit of history to this place, so here goes. (shamelessly stolen from Wikipedia) It's only a small part of this hospital that is empty, the rest is very much live. This part is visually the most stunning thou, with the building forming a crescent with lots of individual rooms overlooking a fantastic bit of Kent countryside, obviously dating from its days as a Sanatorium for the tratment of TB. Most of the rooms are small and stuffed with various hospital items, some of which look pretty new to me! It's pretty clean in there and you could almost think this part was still used, but it really isn't. Cheers to Obscurity for driving, this was the only success of the day as the other places planned were either undergoing conversion , absolutely impossible in daylight or had security with big dogs. Anyway, on with some pics. Apologies for some of these, muggins here forgot his tripod so these were handheld at a higher ISO and have had to be de-noised a bit. It looks like this on the outside And like this on the inside Errm obscurity, this bits looking suspiciously Live Yes, vending machines still on, plasma tele on the wall on, I think this bit might still be used mate! Now we nearly decided to see how far we could push our luck through the live parts, but in the end decided not to. One last parting shot as we left Thanks for Looking, Maniac.