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Found 5 results

  1. Beziers is a small town in the south of France, after failing at various derelict buildings in the town centre I set my sights upon this stadium out of town (which isn't derelict by the way). My aim was to find a way up onto the roof simply for the hell of it. I scoped it out during the day and was just about to go for it when the lawnmower man drove out onto the pitch in his tractor. Probably for the best as it turns out there may have been some spectators watching me from a restaurant window on the other side. I returned early one morning and went for it straight away, just catching the end of the sunrise as I reached the top. Once I'd taken a few pictures and watched the sun coming up for a bit I spotted a car patrolling beneath me around the structure so I got myself out of view and made my descent quickly to avoid being caught. It didn't matter, I'd succeeded in what I set out to do, bending a few rules and taking some snaps from a different vantage point, all good fun! Stade de la Mediterranee is a multi-purpose stadium in Beziers, France. The stadium is able to hold 18,555 (16110 seated) people and was built in 1989. It is currently used mostly for rugby union matches and is the home stadium of AS Beziers Herault. The stadium is also used to host Rugby League Internationals. On December 4, 1994, France hosted Australia in Beziers. In Mal Meninga's last match, 8,000 people saw the Kangaroos run out 74-0 winners. More recently, Stade de la Mediterranee has been used as the home ground for the France based Moroccan national team. Cheers for looking
  2. I visited Beziers in the south of France last week. It was almost as if they were expecting me, every building I explored last time was sealed and I couldn't get into any others, of which there are many. So, I headed out of town to an industrial area my brother suggested and it didn't take me long to find this little drainage tunnel. It begins outdoors and is just a case of hopping down and walking in. I thought it would just come out underneath the other side of the road but it went on for a few hundred metres before continuing outdoors. There was also a bit with a lower roof that branched off and seemed to go a lot further but as I only had my trainers with me it was a bit trickier to navigate without getting wet feet. I never thought drains would be my thing but I quite enjoyed it down there really and found it pretty relaxing. Also the photography aspect was an enjoyable challenge and I taught myself a few things. On my way out there was a confused looking Frenchman who kept saying 'Pourquoi?' to me as I left which was pretty amusing. Feel free to point out the correct terminology regarding this type of tunnel as I haven't got a clue! Anyway, here's some of my pics. I can't imagine any drains in the UK with an entrance like this Self timer, leg it, act natural and hope for the best The following day I went back and had a look down this tunnel instead which involved a lot of stooping It seemed to go on forever this one so will head back down there next time for sure Thanks for looking
  3. This was a cool little place to explore, very random and strange but intriguing at the same time. I happened upon it by complete accident after failing to access the cinema next door but didn't have a clue what it was. All I could see was a huge mural of a bull inside and knowing that Beziers has a history of bullfighting I wondered if it might be some kind of old bullfighting arena. After squeezing through some gaps I didn't expect to fit through I was in. The main room had bull horns painted everywhere with symbols from an alphabet I wasn't familiar with, and at each end of the room there was a large painting of a bull. All the signs pointed towards something bullfighting related but I wasn't sure what. There wasn't a great deal else to see in here so I ventured around the corner into the darkness and found a burnt out car, car manuals strewn around....and a creepy looking pushchair amongst other things, very random! I took a few shots of everything and left completely baffled by the mystery of the place. I wasn't able to find much history on the place except that there was once a mechanic's garage in here which closed down many years ago. The original name above the door (Espace Pauvre Jacques) didn't come up with any answers and neither did the word ' Bordealis' written over the top. However, according to local sources the building's bullfighting connection was actually to do with the 'Feria' bullfighting festival where it was used as a party venue. "Based on Spain’s 'Corrida', this festival takes place in the middle of August and lasts for four days. A holiday atmosphere invades the town as young men full of bravado take on the bulls and the town gets down to some serious partying with street festivals and music throughout the four day long event." So, not the most amazing of explores but something a little different from the norm at least Thanks for looking
  4. My brother pointed this place out to me during my stay in Beziers a couple of weeks ago, it was some kind of clinic rather than a public hospital as far as I'm aware. I was a little bit unprepared for exploring in the dark so had to make do with my phone as a torch. As soon as I'd managed to pull myself in I caught sight of a really worried looking face staring straight at me which nearly gave me a heart attack, I froze and stared back wondering whether to retreat or not.....after about 20 seconds of awkardness I raised a hand and waved, at that point I realised it was my own reflection in a mirror across the room I struggled to find much information about the place except that it was opened in 1997 and closed just six years later in 2003, it has been abandoned ever since. The building is five storeys high with a fairly basic layout of rooms, corridors and nurse's stations on each floor. Each level is made up of individual rooms rather than wards with nice en suite bathrooms so I guess it was a private clinic of some sort. The majority of the place was stripped bare but there were a few clues left behind including a room full of old radiology equipment. On reaching the fourth floor it became apparent that part of the top floor had collapsed through the ceiling, the floor was too unstable up there to go much further so I watched the sun setting over Beziers through a window and made my way back down. I forgot to get an exterior shot on my arrival so had to make do with a rubbish one from my phone as my camera had died.... Exterior The Foyer Medical Fluids fridge 'Regeneration' equipment, not sure what that is to be honest... The kitchen Glimpse of the outdoor stairs... Stairs to the first floor.... Corridor on the 1st floor... Typical stripped bedroom with hospital-like curtain rail... Smashed up bathroom with weird poster... Typical Nurse's Station Bits and pieces found in another station... The Radiology room, controlled zone... One of the smaller bedrooms Bathroom, these were mostly intact on the higher floors although I managed to restrain myself from visiting... Corridor on the 4th floor Window view The Roof Sunset Thanks for looking
  5. I spent a week visiting my brother in a town called Béziers in the south of France and decided to see if there were any spots to explore. My research didn't come up with much so I just showed up hoping I might spot something worthwhile. It turns out one in every four buildings in Béziers is abandoned so it didn't take me long to find some stuff. Here is some history about the place.... This beautiful old house in the centre of Béziers was originally a hotel called Hotel Chappaz. It was Joseph Chappaz, a wine merchant who specialized in vermouths such as Noilly-Prat who had the building built in 1868 for his wife Augustine. He commissioned Jean Antoine Injalbert (1845-1933), a famous sculpter from Béziers to execute the statues on the front of the building. The building is now much neglected but Injalbert's sculptures are still intact and are arguably some of his best work, hopefully the Béziers authorities will make sure that Injalbert's work survives. I am told it has since belonged to a wealthy family and was last lived in by the mother who passed away five or six years ago. Her son tried to sell the property but to no avail, it was due for demolition last year although there is now a possibility of it being restored and used as lawyer's offices for the court house due to be built next door. There is evidence of squatters having lived inside at some point but not for quite some time. Although it is pretty much stripped and in poor condition it still retains some stunning features, the ground floor is almost entirely made from marble and the ornate sculptures by Injalbert are amazing. Access was a bit of a nightmare but I managed it on my third attempt, then five minutes later I heard a certain something being dragged away by a street cleaner which sent my exit strategy out the window (no pun intended). Due to this I was a bit concerned that someone may be alerted to my presence so I didn't hang around too long inside. Still, I managed to find an easier way out than I'd originally planned so it worked out quite nicely in the end Full flickr set here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157642237352965/ Thanks for looking