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Found 16 results

  1. I had an awesome time here, it's a huge abandoned factory It's still guarded, but easy to visit .. I've spend a lot of time inside and a local person also told us about the history of the place. His family didn't have any hot water, so when he was a child , his mother used to take him to the factory to give him a bath .
  2. Hi fellas, a country house with many curious things to see, i hope you enjoy :
  3. Come and spend the tail end of the summer exploring, relaxing and having a good time in Kent. OK it is the arse end of England, but we've never had a proper big meet down here . . . . until now! I've been promising people for a long time that I would organise a meet in Kent, so here it is. Date is set as I can't really do many other weekends so apologies to those who can't make it. This will be an exploring meet staying in a nice location in the Kent countryside, we're not going to be stuck in a pub. Bring your own beer, food and something to sleep in. The venue will be announced via PM nearer the time as I have two in mind, both are in areas where there are other things to explore nearby so you can make a day of it and meet up in the evening. You won't necessarily need a tent as both venues have sheltered areas you can sleep in and places you can hang hammocks (you may need pitons thou) One venue has a lake next to it you can kayak in, both have areas we can rig a short pitch for rope techniques. So if you're interested say below and keep the 5th 6th September free! :-) There's no limit on numbers here and members old and new are equally welcome so if you've never attended a meet before, now's your chance to come and meet us all. This is a cross-forum explorers meet so they'll be members from other UE forums and Facebook. There's no limits to numbers really, but keep it to people you trust only. Maniac :-)
  4. Hello there boys and girls, just wanted to say a quick 'ello from the North West, been around for a little while with a few explores now under the hat.........recognise a few on board here Hopefully get to meet a few more Thanks Will Knot
  5. Hi people! I wasn't there for a long time but I promise it was the last time:) Today I wanna share with you some photoes from a factory where big autos were built but now there're only dry plants there. Thanx for attention and good luck!
  6. Designed by German Herr Erich Heidrich for the 1929 Paris Colonial Exposition, later it was re assembled in Yaaaaaarmouth. It is one of only two remaining roller coasters where a 'brakeman' is required to ride with the train, to control its speed as there are no brakes on the track. It is the second tallest. (70 ft ) and fastest (45 mph) wooden roller coaster in the UK. (Score Wikipedia.) If you are thinking of visiting this make sure its dry. It was really slippery in the wet so came back when it was dry. This would be a very easy location to lock down, so please be careful and desecrate. The rest of the set will be on my Facebook and Flickr
  7. Well what can I say! its a miracle im actually doing a report and letting PS have a break Armed with our list of places to see this was second and after the hangmans hunting lodge we as you can imagine were "on one" so to speak! As we drove past we caught a glimpse of her ... with in minutes were parked, bags on back and inside...This place is a must for anyone in the area..the architecture is simply stunning...as you can imagine we took masses of pics so heres a selection of our favourites from both of us..i hope you enjoy her as we did.. That's all for now folks!
  8. first day of our trip for Euro Explore really interesting place Cheers THE BARON
  9. A mate wanted to have a go at Exploring so I needed somewhere easy that I hadn't done before. Quick check on the interwebs and a drive over to Wales was on the cards. Couple of sites combined into one report. The estate of Pool Parc, has been around a long, long time and was originally one of several deer parks where the owners of nearby Ruthin Castle could hunt. In the 1500s the Salesbury family bought the estate and divided it in two, one half remaining with the father William Salesbury, and the other part going to his son and heir Charles. Charles died with no male heir so his line stopped. The original house and the estate then passed into the Bagot family when Charles' daughter married Sir Walter Bagot. In 1862 the original house on the estate was re-built in a mock Tudor, half timbered style. No expense was spared on the interior where elaborate wood panelling graces the rooms and corridors and a magnificent oak staircase, complete with ornamental wood carvings, sweeps majestically down two flights of stairs mirrored left and right, into the grand entrance hall. The staircase is said to have originally come from a former bishop's residence called Clocaenog. Whilst still remaining in the family's ownership the house was not actually lived in by the Bagots throughout much of the 1800s and then in 1928 they lost it all, lock, stock and barrel, on a bet at the races! In order to make the sale of the estate quick and easy the land was split into lots but a Llanwrst timber merchant got the lion's share, subsequently felling and selling much of the timber from the surrounding forest. The house was not sold but was eventually leased to Sir Henry Tate of Tate & Lyle's sugar fame. In the mid 1930's Pool Park was bought by the local health authority with the intention of converting it into a convalescent home for 80 male patients, and then during the war this was increased to 120. A prisoner of war camp was also built in the grounds! In 1949 the house became a mental hospital to take some of the pressure off nearby Denbigh Asylum which was by now creaking at the seams. At this point female patients began to be treated as well. During the late 60s and early 70s mental asylums in the UK were progressively closed and Pool Park was no exception, finally closing it's doors in 1989. After this quick visit, hopped back in the mirthmobile to the big brother. Used to look good, now utterly paggered. Was hard to find anything to shoot anymore. The North Wales Lunatic Asylum was the first psychiatric institution built in Wales; construction began in 1844 and completed in 1848 in the town of Denbigh. It was original called ‘The North Wales Counties of Caernarvonshire, Denbighshire, Flintshire, Merionethshire and Anglesey Asylum'. The U-shaped Tudorbethain style hospital was built due to the spreading word of mistreatment of Welsh people in English asylums; The North Wales Hospital would be a haven for welsh speaking residents to seek treatment without prejudice or a language barrier. Renovations and extensions were made at the hospital from 1867 until 1956, when the hospital reached its maximum capacity at 1,500 patients living inside her walls and 1,000 staff at hand. Physical treatments such as Cardiazol, malarial treatment, insulin shock treatment, and sulphur based drugs were used and developed in the 1920s and 1930s, and 1941-1942 saw the advent of electro convulsive therapy (ECT) and pre-frontal leucotomy (lobotomy) treatments. In 1960, Enoch Powell visited the North Wales Hospital, and later announced the “Hospital Plan†for England and Wales, which proposed that psychiatric care facilities be attached to general hospitals and favored community care over institutional settings. This was the beginning of the end for the North Wales Hospital and others like it; in 1987 a ten year strategy to close the hospital was formed. The North Wales Hospital was closed in sections from 1991 to 2002; most notable was the closure of the main hospital building in 1995. The future of the grade II listed buildings remain uncertain. UK Living presented a ‘Most Haunted Live’ show during Halloween 2008 which drew local criticism at the poor understanding of mental health issues and general slurs on the local town and area. On the 22nd November 2008 the main hall was subject to an arson attack, resulting in the complete demolition of the hall. This halted all further development plans on the site which has now stood derelict since. Cheers
  10. For the first time in a long while I was able to take my break in Manchester and as I was just on top of it I nipped down to Big Humpty and the Medlock Culvert. Big Humpty is a victorian brick culvert and to be honest that's pretty much all there is to it, the culvert section is relatively short but it's worth going through if you're heading to the Medlock culvert. Big Humpty Medlock Culvert
  11. I've not needed to go to Rochdale until now but as I was in the area I decided to pop in to Big Butts. Entering downstream and at the side of the police station was a bit sketchy but it was virtually a walk in It also gave me the perfect chance to test out the GoClone from 7dayshop The mini camera doesn't deal with the dark that well but it wasn't at all phased by taking a dunk in the Roch CRACK!!! Testing out the GoClone
  12. visited with Scattergun and a very fine splore, considering we got boarded in whilst inside (twitchy arse moment) 3rd visit to finally find the craddle room !! eluded me previously anyways on with the pics finally the elusive room cheers for looking
  13. This beast is masssssoooooovvvvvvveeeeee ! first visit to check out access and the cameras.........come back when all dark......then onto a fail quarry and a find on the way to a quarry tighter than a ducks ass with CCTV and motion detectors with Ariel's we found some stone mines (more on other post).....well back same night 8.45 all in darkness hidden by trees and a bloody steel fence !......over fence under camera and were in..... when you see a sign like this you know your in for some serious fun ! We wanted to get higher but as it started to team it down and a drop of the remote to the floor 25-30 feet below us we headed down and off just as the heavens opened.....its on the cards I'm going back.....minus r lass as fence damage has put her off.......hope you like
  14. Sunday saw a trip into this reet nice quarry, we even bumped into the security guard who to be hones didn't give a monkeys as long as we didn't disturb his sleep lol..... this place was really huuuueeeegggggeeeeee !!!!!
  15. Just a few night shots of the Wind Turbines near Barnsley Etc. More Power...
  16. More exploring done in this weekend then i've done in the last few months put together, spent well over 20 hours out over the two days. Visited with Pinkfluff, Zombie, Thurisaz, Frosty, Lyton, Solarpowered, Toast, and Mrs Toast was good to see everyone again, cheers to fluff and zombie for letting us crash, and also a big thanks to Solar yet again for showing us where stuff is Right, on with the pics Shorts Sea Plane / Air Raid Tunnels After leaving Shorts Solar took us on the best detour ever, where we spent a good hour and a half playing on a rope swing Awesome times, nearly getting knocked over by zombie on his return swing haha. On to Cliffe Fort After this Toast and went off and left me, fluff, zombie and solar to go to Grain Tower, solar showed us the way before also buggering off, and I only just managed to persuade everyone else to walk over to it. I'm glad I did Fluff far below End Of Day 1 (can no-one comment until I get Day 2 up?) Shadow