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Found 3 results

  1. Biscathorpe Church The Explore I've been slacking a bit with getting my reports and photos sorted out lately but i'm gradually working through them in some sort of OCD-like order in which i done the explores. Visited this little hidden gem with Urbexbandoned What better way to spend a sunday than to drive around the vastness that is Lincolnshire, with a few location names and postcodes scribbled down and just seeing what we might find. We rocked up in our sunday best and parked close to what was once the old vicarage, but now appears to be a little holiday home. The current holiday makers had popped out for the day leaving behind a very barky dog which upset our ninja-ness greatly. Woof, woof, fucking woof. A quick 50 round burst from a GPMG wouldn't have gone amiss. Anyway, a loooong wait in the grounds later, and after 780 external shots of gravestones, flowers and of each other whilst waiting for various people and a groups of kids to feck off from the vicinity we made our tight-squeeze access. Shortly after getting inside we became aware of a noise outside so quickly hid in the tightest spot ever for what seemed like ages whilst trying not to burst out laughing about our predicament. Eventually whoever it was that was rattling the door handle and peering though the windows decided to do one and we were safe to continue with the snaps and make our escape undetected, which is how i like it... The History The village of Biscathorpe is mentioned in the 1086 Domesday Book, as Biscopetorp, and prior to the Norman Invasion it’s Lord was Godric, post the 1066 invasion it was ‘given’ to the Bishop of Durham. There are 25 acres of meadows listed and 2 mills, 6 plough lands, 2 lord’s plough teams and 2.5 men’s plough teams. Hmmm interesting... There’s no mention of a church so presumably the original church dates no earlier than medieval at best, the current building appears to be relatively modern. Coming to the church, it’s dedicated to St Helen and it’s both ornate and plain in equal measure. The tower and spire is quite nice, the carving with adorns the building is also quite impressive but the rendering is not perhaps the most attractive of features... The Pictures 1. 2. 3/4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Urbexbandoned always getting the best angles 10/11. 12. As always, thanks for looking and feedback always appreciated
  2. St Helens is a Grade 2 listed Anglican church just outside the village of Biscathorpe The Church was built in 1847 and restored in 1913 The last mention of the church being active that I can find is the online parish records that mentions the Banns Book that finished in 1969 Seats 60
  3. Lovely little church is this. Built 1847, rebuilt 1850 and restored in 1913. It now sits there a little worse for wear with the adjacent vicarage decaying and broken