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Found 9 results

  1. I know, I know, the Tourist Trail. I had a day to myself and fancied a wander of something big. Years ago it was all about the Asylums and this was the first one for me, I only ever went once and I had never made it back until recently. Today it is more like Hellingly as it is peeling paint and spongy floors everywhere, when I went in 2007 the peeling paint had only just begun and it was a little 'cleaner'. Consequently, this makes it much more interesting to photograph. I ventured in before sunrise, had a cup of tea from a thermos whilst the sun came up before I got on with it. Last time I went, this corridor was dry and still had plaster on the ceiling! Two from 2007: One from the tower S8
  2. As a complete beginner who has spent hours glued to the screen looking through posts online, and without asking anyone to reveal locations (as even I know that's a no-no!), I was wondering if anyone has any advice on finding splores? I've been using google maps, aerial photos and the buildings at risk register but nothing much has appeared! Maybe it's time to buy a car and just go for a drive!
  3. This is just a record of a fun night out, with mates, derping about the place, no real report, no histories, just wanted to share the fun. First off, some sort of crap mill, not very interesting really, just had a fire so was being bricked up, Drinkinbud thought we should have a look before it was gone, so we did. It started off rather nice. Quite nice to shoot really. Then it got rude. Then it got bizarre. Drinkinbud posing in the middle. On to the next. If I thought the Mill was crap, bloody hell, this former film studio was worse. Especially after access was such a pain. We pulled into the carpark, right on the access.......ARSE a feckin taxi was parked rigght in front. (Sorry Nelly) So we rang a quick taxi from near there to town........off Mr Taximan went. Up a 6 foot fence into the biggest tangle of overgrowth ever, no issue for us boys but Beckyboo was in her Lara Croft outfit and didn't fare as well. Yup, a room. And a door. Thats enough of that. Then we went to hit a roof, now this is more like it and access is a piece of piss........I found out after throwing myself up the hard way to have a look and spotting the easy way. TYPICAL Hudersfield at night in HDaRgh A crew shot. And Lara herself, wondering what happened since she stopped the Tomb Raider diet.;) Well, there you go, a not so whistle stop tour of our evening out.
  4. I'm sure you're all familiar with the history of this place, so I won't bore you with it. Our trip Explored with _Nyx_ This was a bit of a last minute decision to go here, having planned on doing a mill and what a good decision it turned out to be. Loved the place!!! Initially I was a little bit disappointed, having entered the building and immediately being faced with locked doors to the 'mural corridor' however, we eventually found another access point to finally see it......and boy was it worth it Anyway, this, for me was the highlight of the place, although there were several other excellent bits, namely the Theatre, tower and main hall. I hope I've done the old girl justice, as she deserves to be seen......the 'Moor' the merrier The pics, and there are a few A different view And just a few of the Murals Well i hope you enjoyed the show, that's if you made it this far!
  5. A stunning little Church in the country side of Belgium ...although a little drab on first appearance because of the lack of light and a miserable day outside (doom and gloom)....This little gem turned out to be a winner 1. 2. Visited with Critical Mess, Odbin Ravin and Coughed Up...... 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Thanks for looking .....Mr.Oldskool
  6. Another from the Belgium tour Loved this place, so picturesque !
  7. I've been doing a bit of research today, nice no work and it's snowing and heating on to the max and a hot choc bliss lol, anyway a couple of sites I found to explore if anyone lives nearby. Was just googling news and found these, might be worth a look if anyone in the area. Cheers. Birmingham Hovis factory possibly closing in April/May Angelsey Aluminium Remploy Birmingham
  8. 2 visits to this place, this is a kind of mish mash of both trips, first with UAP and second alone round the back Kitchen bit of stair porn Now, on the way out I bump into a guy who lives on the estate, after chatting about the history of the place his wife pops along and mentions the mausoleum Then proceeds to tell me the route to find it in the forrest ! Not the biggest of finds but certainly wasnt expecting that wwhen I woke up cheers
  9. Why a small bit of? Well basically this place is in the middle of a housing estate, we knew it was going to be risky and we weren't wrong. 15 minutes later and we were being brought out of the place by Kent finest law enforcement officers, there were precisely 6 of them and a police dog unit as well. The irritating thing about the whole affair is if it weren't for some pikey following us into the building who was after niking copper, then we'd probably have not been caught. They saw him entering through the same window we'd just climbed through. Police were OK, stop and search and away we went. I don't know an awful lot about the place, except it's been closed around 2 years, and is set for redevelopment into housing - the building is due to be demolished I believe. I think planning has only recently been approved, so hopefully it'll be there a while longer yet I only got a few pics that are worth posting, as we only got about half way down the first floor corridor before we got caught. Maniac.