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Found 1 result

  1. One of many good explores on a weekend jolly to belgium with raw and a curious george and a non member, lots of cool stuff over there to be fair, we whizzed around here and it still took us about 5 hours, you could easily spend a good 12h day if not more in this place. Gotta love big buckets of rust like this, pipe porn galore, plenty of things to climb and generally just good fun, these sorts of places always remind me of robobcop for some reason, first thing was heading for the blast furnace and to be honest the top of the blast furnace was a bit bloody hairy, the platform had rusted away and there was holes everywhere and raw ripped a bit of handrail off just by grabbing it so didn't hang around on top too long! wandering around we were aware of some metal fairies stripping stuff out and avoiding them most the day until we decided to try getting into the turbine hall, needless to say they didn't speak a word of the queens but they tolerated us moseying around taking pics, sure they would have prefered us not there but at the end of the day none of us should have been in there so everyone ignored each other and carried the funk on. Wasn't too happy with my pics from here generally but think i got at least 1 decent shot of every part of the explore so still ended up pic heavy- i bashed my lens so focusing was a bitch and it's shooting pissed History Steelworks in Ougree and wharf on the river Meuse In 1809 the Fabrique de Fer d'Ougrée[note 1] (English: Iron factory of Ogree) was founded, and in 1834 converted into an integrated works.[1] In 1835 the Société des Charbonnages et Hauts-Fourneaux d'Ougrée (English: Coal and blast furnace company of Ougree) was founded.[1] In 1892 the two companies merged to form the Sociéte anonyme Ougrée, this then merged with the Société des Charbonnages de Marihaye (English: Coal company of Marihaye) in 1900 to form the Sociéte anonym Ougrée-Marihaye.[2] In 1905 it merged with the Sociéte anonyme des Hauts forneaux de Rodange (Rodange, Luxembourg). In 1929 it took over the SA des Charbonnages de Fontaine-l'Évêque (English: Coal company of Fontaine-l'Évêque),[3] and in 1931Alliance Monceau based in Monceau-sur-Sambre.[4] It was one of the primary metal producers in Belgium; by 1914 it operated 8 blast furnaces, and had a steel production capacity of 500,000 tonnes, producing semi and finished products such as bar, plate, beams and rails. German occuptation during the First World War brought much damage to the plant at Ougrée, after the war only two blast furnaces were operational; rebuilding took place between 1919 and 1924.[5] Also between 1905 and 1928 the company operated an industrial rack railway at one of its factories in Ougrée.[6] In 1923 in association with the Société de l'Air Liquide the company founded the Société Belge de l'Azote, based in Ougrée which produced syntheticammonia. The negative effects of the 1930s depression caused the company to require financial assistance; restructuring followed; in 1936 the company's facilities in Hainaut became a separate company Aciéries et Minières de la Sambre (AMS),[note 2][7] and in 1937 the Rodange plant became an independent entity as Minière et Métallurgique de Rodange (MMR)[5] In 1955 the company merged with the Société anonyme John Cockerill to form Cockerill-Ougrée.[8] Like i say pic heavy but massive awesome sites like this need lots of pics i think! Thanks for looking kids, play safe.