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Found 2 results

  1. While doing some research I came across this great looking building with recent images. I noticed lights on in the images, maybe a permission visit or the power has just been left on. I didnt check too much into it I added it to the list and carried on my research in the area. We arrived around midday in what was quite a busy area, it didn't look promising. We wandered around the buuilding to see if there was any possible access. There were people inside. I tried the fromt door with no answer, while trying to communicate with a lady through a closed window I was calld by others in my group. "Its open there is an art exhibition on." We popped in for a quick look and decided it was worth a few shots. We asked about taking photos, it was fine other than one exhibit. Well we didn't want the exhibits in our shots anyway! Founded in 1971 by Edward Rushton, after his sight was impaired when contracting ophthalmia. This was the first school of its kind in Great Britain and only the second in the world after one in Paris. The original building was in built in an neo-classical design and later there was an extension which is more of an art deco style. I know its a bit different but I hope you enjoy. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. I hope you enjoyed you can find a few more shots here The Old Blind School
  2. Taken a bit of time but now up to date with my latest explores, this one was in two parts, Sunday and last night. Over the years I have past this place hundreds of times and after seeing it redundant have stopped by but never been able to get in. Then Sunday I had a text asking if I wanted to have a look as he had been given a entry point. It don't take me long to decide which answer it was going to be, lucky I was already home from the track I work but my mate only had limited time (Hence the two visits) We got there and his information was correct but a little on the tight side but we (We met a extra 2 went last night) in but did not think there was so much left and soon ran out of time. There was a notice on the gate Sunday with a different newer one there last night, both said the place will be demolished on or after the 20th Oct 2014 and they had failed to get anyone to be able to buy the place they had plenty of offers but they were unable to come up with the money. Over the two visits I took 140 odd photos and these can be found here https://www.flickr.com/photos/cunningplan/sets/72157646299605246/ A few from last night Sadly it will not be long for this stunning building