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Found 9 results

  1. Bowling harbour is located within the village of Bowling Dunbartonshire (Scotland) It was a site of shipbuilding and repair dating back to the late 1700s. The last of the yards were closed in the 1970s. These photographs are of some of the remains of boats that lie wrecked in the harbour. It also shows the piers that were once part of "Scotts and Son's" shipbuilders. There are various wrecks within the harbour. It has proved to be impossible to work out any details of the ships currently in the harbour. This pier stands next to what would have been the slipway at the yard. More ruins of smaller vessels. No information can be obtained about the boats. I also created a short video at this location...
  2. Bowling World – Belgium Closed in late 2015. It closed due to a decline in custom and proposed development on the site of this bowling alley and dance hall next door.
  3. Not a lot about this place, I believe the bowling part shut down in 2009 and then the crystal maze part shut down in 2010. Oakwood own this place and have no plans for it besides letting it rot away. Whoever is trying to look after this place is attempting to keep people out. Heard about this place from a different site, easy to find, such a pain in the arse to get into as there's a very tight gap to try and squeeze through.. Thee maze is bigger than first thought, only uploaded a few pictures of that.
  4. Initially we headed out today to check the Chambre du Commerce, which however failed hilariously, because we weren't bold enough for an actual break-in attempt by prying a door open until its lock fails, so we looked out for alternatives on the way home. While I had the mill marked down somewhere, I've read just yesterday that a big supermarket chain bought the grounds a while ago and is currently building something there, it turned out that they're messing about on a lot further down the road. The mill is still standing... for now, anyway, given how it looks inside. Bowling Mill by cerealbawx, on Flickr Bowling Mill by cerealbawx, on Flickr Bowling Mill by cerealbawx, on Flickr Bowling Mill by cerealbawx, on Flickr Bowling Mill by cerealbawx, on Flickr Bowling Mill by cerealbawx, on Flickr Bowling Mill by cerealbawx, on Flickr Bowling Mill by cerealbawx, on Flickr
  5. Derpy bowling, no decay, staged sets and just boring to explore, however... to get here we confronted a not so happy rotweiler dog, so i had to take pics else it would be for nothing #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6
  6. This was a great fun place to explore, due to the nature of the place it's easy to turn into a big kid once inside. I visited at night with a couple of 28DL members juicerail and sentinel, we had a proper good giggle throughout and I promptly went back for some daytime shots on the roof the following day. There are two floors of bowling alleys to explore complete with stray bowling balls all over the place, unfortunately there's no skittles to aim at but it's easy enough to pretend. One of the bowling levels is covered in trash from illegal raves and squatters in years gone by but the other one is fairly clean in comparison, both have large bar areas and various adjoining rooms with all sorts of bowling paraphernalia to be found. Upstairs there is a maze-like laser quest level with fluorescent gun toting robots painted all over the walls and from here you can make your way up onto the roof. The roof is about as high as anywhere in Streatham so there's a decent enough view from up there and there's even a higher section at the back of the complex if you can be bothered although the view is less interesting from up there. The loft is accessible from one of the stairwells and was one of the highlights for me. You can walk above pretty much every inch of the old cinema's ceiling via a network of wooden walkways once used for maintenance. It's not the cleanest of places as the pigeons have been in here for a while but it's worth a good look in my opinion. History (ripped from juicerail's report): Streatham MegaBowl was formerly the Gaumont Palace cinema and opened in March 1932. Gaumont was a chain of cinemas which never really made it and was bought by Odeon. In July 1944 it was damaged by a German V1 rocket. In 1961 it closed as a cinema and the interior was reconstructed into bowling alleys over two levels, opening as the largest in Europe in January 1962. As a cinema it was not missed. There were others close by and the interior was described as having acoustic problems and echoes. A Lazer Quest was added at an upper level in later years before the whole place closed in early 2008. Since then there have been talks of redevelopment, but little has been confirmed. Here are my shots: Front of Building Bowling Lanes Credit goes to juicerail for taking this action shot One of the Bar areas Bowling shoe graveyard Application forms Employee Record, £120 for a week's work.... The Safe Daily Express from 1969 Ghostly Doors The Laser Quest level Laser Gun holsters What is 'unauthorised personnel'? The Hidden Room The Loft The Rooftop, both lower and upper levels Credit to Sentinel for taking this one in some pretty dreary weather conditions! You're welcome! Thanks for looking
  7. 1: Once just a mill in Belgium, once bought to be converted to an casino. The buisiness didnt go to well, so the casino closed. Someone decided to turn it into a bowling centre. When the work was done, it was shut again. They never used the bowling, and now its slowly decaying. 2: 3: 4:
  8. Morning all, Only a handful of photos from here. I visited back in November when the place was waterlogged, raining and it was pouring in through the roof. It seems that they have had a clean up lately. After arriving on Eurostar and hitting the first location which was Villa Das, we were only a few miles away and as my two mates had never been to Belgium to do some exploring before, we headed here for half an hour. Some guys turned up midflow and were searching the place with metal detectors for coins. The weather was mostly 30 degrees everyday and was not the best weather for exploring. My original set was here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/timster1973/sets/72157631944056556/ My few photos on the revisit below. Will try and post more locations from most recent trip once I've processed them. Tim Thats all folks!
  9. Hi all, Another one of those spots in Belgium that everybody has to do but the builders have moved in recently and when we visited it was raining and the hole in the roof just made it worse. Very decayed inside and started life as a mill built in 1920, that was once a restaurant, then a disco and finally a bowling alley. The mill was listed and apparently the town forced the owner to renovate. Not a lot left so it was a 15 minute visit to get those few photos. You are limited but I tried to get a few detail shots too as I know I'd never make it back to this one again. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 Thanks for looking in.