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Found 3 results

  1. So I took a weekend trip with Justin , Ben , Matt , and Kris to the Maginot Line. and must say a very big thank you to Ben and justin for all the driving. The tunnels where cold and dark, damp and dirty and it was great ,when I came out on top the sun was out and I spotted a cow seemingly reenacting the Blitzkrieg from the bushes , I also managed to sit on top of an ants nest therefor getting covered in a load of the big red fuckers that had quite a nippy little bite lol. I got to say I had a great time and I would be happy to do it again. Here's some history The Maginot Line was named after the French Minister of War André Maginot, must say I never met the dude but I can only imagine like the rest of the population he took great pleasure in eating small harmless innocent amphibians. The Maginot is a line of concrete fortifications that the frog botherers built at the borders of Switzerland , Germany and Luxembourg during the 1930s. The Line did not extend all the way north because they run out of frogs and garlic, any person with the brain capacty greater than a thimble would know this fact would make the fortifications utterly useless but for what ever reason at the time this did not seem to register with the frog eaters but they soon worked out their mistake when in 1940 the Third Reich did indeed conquer the the vast allotment that is France by stomping right on through the gap. not only did this surprise the gastropod consumers it also made them realise they needed help from the UK and lets be honest here we helped them out big time but not that you would know that today as we found out when we bumped into a small group of french in one of the tunnels, they turned their noses up at us right away, it could have been because they realised none of us where from the Pulmonata group of gastropods and therefore totally inedible but I had the feeling it was more to do with the fact that they still remember the war and they are still pissed that they all owe us big time ! So whats the moral of this story I hear you ask ? Don't ask the French to build anything other than wooden wine racks and strings of onions and never ever go to France dressed as a snail or frog. So lets get on with the picture show The beast trying to flank me from the cover of the bushes it did not take long for backup to arrive hope you like the report as much as I liked the trip
  2. Atlantic wall. Discovered these whilst driving west of Calais whilst waiting for my ferry back to the UK No idea what this used to be - there are a few of these in the landscape & most have been taken over by the local farmers. Open bunker 01 by Infraredd, on Flickr Open bunker 02 by Infraredd, on Flickr Open bunker 03 inside by Infraredd, on Flickr This is also part of the same defensive structure db 1 by Infraredd, on Flickr db 3 by Infraredd, on Flickr db 4 by Infraredd, on Flickr db 6 by Infraredd, on Flickr db 7 by Infraredd, on Flickr db 8 by Infraredd, on Flickr db 10 by Infraredd, on Flickr db 11 by Infraredd, on Flickr db 12 by Infraredd, on Flickr This is what a similar bunker looks like restored and museumefied Batterie 01 by Infraredd, on Flickr Batterie 02 by Infraredd, on Flickr Batterie 03 by Infraredd, on Flickr Batterie 05 Armoury by Infraredd, on Flickr Batterie 09 Rail gun by Infraredd, on Flickr Thanks for looking.
  3. ........just a few pics of Lydden Bunkers/Ammo Stores (24/10/10) cheers unfairytale 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 thankz for looking