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Found 6 results

  1. Must have just missed the last visitor; no longer a pink nightie never mind red dress!! it pisses me off that needy individuals have to leave a tag "oooooo look at me ive left my mark" just get in have a mooch take your pix and fuck off out; its not big its not clever to steal items or cause damage that just causes bigger problems for other explorers
  2. I visited this place back in March this year but was unable to get, so all I did was a video of the outside.. https://youtu.be/zHgUYWhIeCk But as I was going past the place on route to another I thought Id give it another try, bingo I was in, nature has certainly taken over now. and its been well and truly plundered https://youtu.be/HIWBL1nx5pU
  3. Calcott Hall The Explore Well, I'm a little behind on posting reports, 13 months behind to be exact. Mojo issues mixed with a busy year but generally can't be arsed with the whole thing. Normally this is where I'd write about the explore and what happened etc but I really can't remember much as it was last April and I've slept approximately 387 times since then. I had a quick squiz at @Urbexbandoned's report to jog my memory, to pinch the history, and to view all the items that I myself failed to photograph due to walking around with my eyes closed as normal. Easy derp to have a wander around and I think we had spent the previous few days sleeping in the car near, and inside of, a large hospital down south in Cardiff, then worked our way up to Shropshire and back to Lincoln on a lengthy road trip of derpy delights.. History This was once a Dairy Farm, built in 1725 as a Georgian Farmhouse. It's most recent resident was Ellen Jones who died in the 70's. I believe that some of her family also lived there as there are lots of bits of paperwork for a Francis Jones & a gentleman with the same surname. This farmhouse has more or less a written / photographic story of the residents who once lived there. Cupboards littered with bread and cake making supplies and ingredients showed the life of a typical farmhouse wife. Exterior buildings litter the farmhouse, some still being used today with the farmland scattered with cattle. Set in a beautiful little countryside, I cant help but think this really would have been beautiful in it's day. The Pictures 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7/8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. Little bonus car in the garage in the grounds.. 16. As always thanks for looking and feedback always appreciated
  4. The Visit After a fantastic explore earlier in the day we were not expecting a great deal here but were pleasantly surprised by this places charm and character.. all kind of bits and bobs about telling a story of the people that once lived there. I believe its known as Red Dress Manor but seen as there is no red dress anymore I'm calling it "Blind Cat Manor" from now on in honour of the lovely blind and deaf (I think) cat that we said hello to on the way out The History Struggling to find detailed history unfortunately. Calcott Hall was grade II listed in 1953 and was home to a dairy farm built in 1725 And here is the poor little cat that seemed to be blind and deaf
  5. Morning, afternoon or good evening girls and boys, hope everyone is feeling funky fresh and enjoying the bank holiday, just a little report on the, now missing a red dress manor, previously known as, you guessed it, red dress manor aka calcot hall aka calculator hall, naah only pokin i made the last one up though i definitely think calculator hall would have been a loads better name for it. Visited this place twice, wouldnt recommend driving any kind of distance to see it mind, definitely one of the derpiest derps in derp town, first time i was checking something else out in the area so stopped in for an hour or so, second time i popped in was on the way up to snowdonia for a kayaking/exploring weekend, was the same weekend i did vanity house (which has a report floating around somewhere) and a failed cloud house. Not really all too much new to say about the place that hasn't been said, watch yourself in the front rooms where the floors are falling in would be the first and foremost! I think it was landie man pointed out the same as what i found, the place has had plenty of traffic, been through lots of set up shots etc, much like i pointed out on my vanity house report, fine setting up shots and getting a nice photo, guilty of it myself occasionally, chucked a couple of bits from off the floor on the dresser in this set, if somewhere is as trashed as this place i don't see any harm in tidying up a bit! Places like this and vanity house, you still get to see interesting bits and bobs and get a vague insight into the lives that lived in that house but you just don't get that same 'frozen in time' feeling from the place you know. Decay wise as i said downstairs front rooms the floors are buggered, not a lot to see in them but if you insist on going in them make sure you're on a joist. Got some good ol' peeley paint in the kitchen, peeley wallpaper in tuther rooms and plenty of water damage upstairs due to the gaping holes in the roof, one of the 1st floor bedroom floors is pretty buggered on the front of the house so again watch your ass. Windows are all smashed in on the front and as a result the plant from the little shop of horrors appears to be living in one of the bedrooms upstairs-ickle bugger nearly had my bloody porkie pie out! feed me seymore!! right enough of all that frevolity, take a look for yourselves what it looks like at the minute, well- at the minute being a couple of months ago! - apologies for the awful quality pics, this was one of the first times out with my new nikon and i didn't smash it into raw so they are all crappy jpegs im afraid, except 3 i took on the return visit. Red was never really my colour but boy do i look hot in those heels!! #dresstokill #nomakeup #girlsjustwannahavefun thanks for taking a goosey gander kids. apologies again for the crap quality control Stray off the path.
  6. So after a lot of umming and arring about where to go, SouthSide and I decided to head deep into Mid Wales and see if this was still doable. It was very well documented over the last three or four years, things had been unfortunately pillaged and its looking worse for wear, but saying that it was worth an hour or so explore, lots of nice picture opportunities and a lot of clearly set up shots. We were a little disappointed at first but it proved to be quite photogenic on the lower floors. This building had quite an unwelcoming feel which eventually went and we felt at home. Not something I've felt that often tbh. The place goes under various guises, Red Dress Manor, Calcott Hall etc. The Red Dress has sadly gone missing from the house nestled in the Welsh Valleys. The four bedroomed hall was built in 1725 and it is well documented that the original previous dweller died in the 1970s and the house has been empty since, however there is Bills from 1998 on the kitchen table, expiry dates from 2002 in the Halls Pantry, and the vehicles parked on the land were taxed up until 2007. It would be nice to think it had been left as it was when she died in 1972, but the amount of decay here does not add up with such a long abandonment time. The building was placed on the Listed Buildings at Risk register in 2012. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12 #13 Thanks for Looking More At: https://www.flickr.com/photos/landie_man/sets/72157650982479107/