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Found 12 results

  1. What does everyone here use? Mainly I use Nikon D80 - 18-135mm lens Soon to be Nikon D2X
  2. Urban Reflections... Flipped upside down for the last two.. Your turn...
  3. I'm looking to buy a head camera to film my explores, preferably between £20-£50. I don't know much about cameras so I'm not sure what to look for really. can anyone recommend anything?
  4. This is a quick review of my Black Rapid Sport Slim (as pictured below on the left) on the website (www.blackrapid.com) they say: my list of the main pros and cons pros: - Is very comfy and spreads the weight of the camera nicely across the body - camera can be taken of quickly via the Connectr (its called a Connectr its not a typo ) - the Connectr has a screw lock gate to stop the camera coming lose - so many different models (even for people who like the camera hanging on the left side of there body) cons - its connects to the camera via the tripod mount so isnt that easy to change from strap to tripod but they make a Fastenr-T1 which works with most tripods (www.blackrapid.com/products/fastenr-t1) - if you have to run the camera will swing and it is quite annoying this is a video comparing some the models that black rapid make: here are 2 of the better youtube videos of reviewing it (there are loads out there): 1- 2- *(sorry if there are any spelling mistakes, im dyslexic )*
  5. The History Guyzance mill was constructed in the early 19th century and was a water powered corn mill. It is grade 2 listed and there has been a mill on the site since 1336. It is a three storey stone structure on a rectangular plan of 34 feet by 20 feet. The Visit I was in the area for a 2 night road trip/break and this was one of the sites I had earmarked to go check out. The mill is structurally pretty sound and in fair shape. There is next to nothing left in there but three milling stones do remain. The Photos. Well these shots were taken with my newest acquisition - the diminutive Pentax Q. A camera who's sensor is smaller than a gnats left testicle... I think, phone cameras aside, this has the smallest sensor of any camera. Given this image quality should be pretty poor on paper/in theory. I also didn't help myself by not taking a tripod into the mill with me so was shooting hand held at very high ISO (which should guarantee noisy images) and hand held - which should result in not very sharp images as I do not have a very steady hand. Well without further ado here are the piccies. - 1 - - 2 - - 3 - - 4 - - 5 - - 6 - - 7 - - 8 - - 9 - - 10 - - thanks for looking _
  6. Hi guys, I have an EOS 1D mkII N which ha been working fine with my little Canon Ultrasonic 28-80 lens and also with a Tamron Aspherical 28-200. Today I received a Sigma 28-200, not sure what model lens it is, but it does have SAF written on it. The Sigma will only work on P (Auto) mode, if I try to use it on any other mode then the shutter locks and I get"Err 01" in the LCD The lens works fine on an old EOS1000F N film camera on all modes Any ideas???
  7. hello all finaly got my insurance money through today from my camera being nicked ive got 600 ish to spend what do people recomend. i did have a eos 50d which i loved was wonderin if anyone had any reccomendations for anything better
  8. I'm not starting this thread for any particular reason other then to boast bout my new baby! Heh, ok ok, i will ask a couple of questions just to make it worthwhile. Right, so I've just forked out £900 for a nearly new Nikon D2xs (that S means its the most recent up to date version an its slightly better then the normal one) I'm keeping my D80 for explores etc because I need the D2 for work. Right then, question time. I still have £300, and i need some lenses. I need a lens that goes up to 300mm for work, and i really want a wide angle and a fish eye lens for general pissing around. I already have a 18-135mm lens plus a few old Nikon Slr lenses that will also work. So what are peoples advice, what lenses to go for?
  9. Ok, Im a complete amateur, but On a quick google search, The aperture only goes up to 5, it doesnt have the option of detatchable lenses, and the shutter speed only goes up to 8 secs. That means 8 secs would be your longest possible exposure, so light painting wouldnt be great unless you was bloody quick! The fact it doesnt have detatchable lenses means your a bit stuck at what you can do with your photos, but also means you have eliminated the problem of dust getting in the lens. For the price it aint too bad, because if you want a top end cam your looking at quite a bit, and if its for your birthday I dont want to suggest a 800 quid cam because ill have Oldie on my back haha. But at least you will have something easy to learn on, I started off with a Olympus E10, which doesnt have detatchable lenses, and I think the maximum shutter speed was something like 8 or 16 secs.
  10. D40 would be a nice choice, if you look on ebay for the D50 or D70 they could also be within your price range if you buy second hand. I would say the D40x would be a great choice, although somewhat more pricey, you might even be able to find a D80 second hand for that price if you look hard enough
  11. ello ive managed to scrape together around 700 and am looking for a new camera i currently use a eos 400d wich i love but i find its time to expand tos something more advanced. any tips on good cameras or care to give me a review of the camera you use? cheers for any help
  12. Right, since I'm getting made redundant from my current job as an architectural technitian, I am starting a company in Architectural photography... So. I currently have a nikon D80, which I feel is great for UE etc, but not if im going proffessional, so I need a new camera, also I need a new computer for processing the photos (also its an excuse to get a new computer) I currently have 1.5k, but this will go to 2k once I have sold my computer and possibly my current cam... I have already chosen the imac 20" or the 24" depending on how cheap I can get it, which leaves me about 1.2k for the camera, 1k if i dont sell my d80 I have lenses so it will only be a body only, im not fussed if its new or second hand. My current thoughts - Nikon D90 - Nikon D2x (second hand) - Nikon D200 / 300 depending on price What do you lot think?