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Found 13 results

  1. Hi all! Not sure on the history of this place but its been around a while. Not a bad place. Not that exciting but we were passing so thought we would have a mooch! A couple of nice cars.
  2. In 2017, during a holiday to Japan, I visited the Hakone area, south-east of Mt Fuji, via day-trip from Tokyo. One of the stops was Mt Hakone – accessed via cable-car from lake Ashi. Due to timing, we only had a few minutes a the top of Mt Hakone. This was my first encounter with the eerie - Komagatake Ropeway top station. (Above pic is a screenshot from Google Maps street view) In 2019 on another visit to Japan I decided to make a point of visiting this mountain again – to get close look... In 2017, only the ground floor of the station was open to the public, holding only a ticket counter, small gift shop, a photo booth, and some vending machines. The stairwell to the second floor was blocked off, and the sign for the bathrooms was covered up. (Screenshot from Google Maps street view) This enormous concrete block, perched on a cliff edge of Mt Hakone serves as anchor point for the cable car, and looks out over lake Ashi. Its showing the signs of its age. Wikipedia says it opened in 1963. It feels strange that something this run down is still in operation... In 2017 – I desperately wanted to have a look upstairs of the creepy building, but didn't want to risk trying to sneak past the stairs from the lobby... In 2019, the blocked sign was removed from the stairs!, and I guess they opened up the bathrooms on level 2. As soon as we entered the lobby, I decided to dash for it... my wife happily exploring the gift shop downstairs. The blockade on the stairs was now moved to the second floor – with only the bathrooms accessible. With no tourists on this floor yet, I figured – this is it - now or never!, and I jumped over the boom and headed upstairs – careful to listen for any noises from upstairs... My heart was pounding as I snuck further! I had to stop shooting a bit as some tourists just around the corner from me came up the stairs to visit the bathrooms... (noises from camera shutter...) As I went higher, you could see that the walls of the upper floors were never even painted. I wonder if they have ever been in service since 1963! I guess when they build this behemoth, they envisaged a restaurant and maybe visitor centre, maybe accommodation in the upper floors? A wooden trimming on the stair handrail as you approach the top floor. The top floor- A chair against the wall,and some colourful stickers against the glass doors. The only colour in this dreary building. I'm guessing one of the top-station employees comes up here for their lunch break... The top floor is basically empty, except for some communications gear that was probably installed much later. After this I snuck back down. I regret not checking if any of the bathrooms were open. More external shots: I think these are heat-lamps,keeping the motor-controllers from freezing. Besides this top station building, the only other structure visible at the top is Hakonejinja Mototsumiya temple. A blue tile on the ground along the path to Hakone-jinja The temple shows no signs of life... On the way back down: As we were ascending the mountain, from the gondola, you can see some wooden cabins in the forest below... Some of them looked a bit worse off... I decided to go have a look when we came back down... There was a sign board next to the road leading up the the cabins – The Hakone Prince Dog Cottage. It is spring – sakura season. The cabins near the bottom of the mountain were still looking ok – they were probably still being rented out, but there were no signs of any visitors or staff. As you go higher up the mountain, it was clear that some of these cabins have not been in service in years. Completely overgrown, full of moss, algae and weeds. A tree growing out of the front porch suggests the age of disuse. Peering through the mosquito netting, I can see and old CRT TV and VCR There are downed power lines and more trees. Some of the side roads leading to the cabins are completely overgrown. I don't think anyone has walked down there for years. No more Mario-cart for you White blossoms Looks like this one has a fridge, that probably held those two tubs of whatever. Outside After this encounter, my first experience in “urban exploration”, I started noticing, in the town where we stayed (Atami), and along the roads of Yugawara which we drove through, there were plenty of eerie relics- (Screenshot from Google Maps street view) and many run down and abandoned places- I made a point to explore further... A roadside visitor centre / rest stop, found across the road from a toll-gate. No idea how old this is – its definitely not in operation anymore. No name to it in Google maps. I pulled off to the side of the road and walked across the empty parking area. It had a crazy amount of parking space. I don't think it was ever full. There was a small van parked out back, and a guy messing around. No idea how it got in – both entrances were barred. Mt Fuji in the background Remnants of a hotel or possible a rec centre / maybe hot-spring pool- Dated 2006 There is some underground structure as well. Looked too dangerous to explore. The upper structure, attached to the mountain, leads you to go further up Very overgrown up there. I couldn't get over the bridge to go further up. The bridge lead over an artificial waterfall I was making a lot of noise cracking through the bamboo... I ducked down for a bit while a traffic warder appeared. Overgrown pedestrian walkway. There is literally nothing on the other side – just the steep mountain. I wonder how many people have ever crossed that bridge. I think this is the “town office branch” - maybe a local council building. Only half of the building is still in use. The other half is piled full of junk. A walkway over the road- Leading to a school – also abandoned... This school really intrigued me – I thought there might be some good photos to be had. At the point, as I entered into a courtyard area, there was a car with a guy in it. He saw me to I just waved and pretended to be a dumb tourist. I continued to take a few pics, but he came out of his car and followed me for a bit... I pretended to leave. The guy went back to his car – then I doubled-back to check out the gym! Not being able to explore this area further, I left, however, later that day I noticed on Google maps that there is supposed to be a pool at the back of the school! - and also there is a road going up towards the back. Since we'd be travelling back past this area, I decided to give it one more go. At the back of the school is a forest, leading up a mountain. The road stops quite a while away, and you have to make your way through the forest towards the school. Lucky for me, a path was cleared here, leading parallel to the school. I guess to prevent forest fires from reaching the school. First obstacle was this ditch or embankment. About 1.5m deep. Continuing- As I got near the back of the school where the pool was supposed to be, there was a big ravine. I had to go down there, over some embankments and down a further set of retaining walls. Everything was wet and covered in moss. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to climb back up the walls. It was pretty quiet out here. Only me struggling through the bamboos. I reached the pool!! There was a thicket of bamboo growing around it... An abandoned hotel on the shore- When we got back to the small town to return the rental car, I spotted this place walking to the train station- I couple more random shots
  3. Not a bad little mooch this one. Quite a lot of area to cover with most of it being stripped unfortunately but, there is still stuff to see and some nice decay in parts. It seems the building was used to make carpet underlay form 2002 until 2013. I guess its been abandoned since then. Visited with non member Paul. History The Arrol-Johnston Motor Co., which had been in operation since 1896, opened its Dumfries factory at Heathhall in July 1913. The manager, Thomas Charles Pullinger, had been inspired by the Albert Kahn designed factories of Henry Ford in America. Kahn provided the design for the Dumfries factory, and it bears more than a passing resemblance to Ford's Highland Park factory in Detroit. The Heathhall factory was said to be the most advanced light engineering factory of its day in Scotland. The site was purchased by the North British Rubber Company in 1946. It then became Uniroyal Ltd in the 60's, and in 1987 changed yet again to the British subsidiary of the Gates Rubber Company. It has been known as Interfloor since 2002. . Thanks For Looking More pics on my Flicker page - https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157670753473708/with/43157314391/
  4. In the region of Bourgogne in France there was an old man living in a little village with his 5 dogs and his donkey. Once he has been a successful rallye driver and a car developer working in Nizza. He decided to collect the cars he used once and behind his house you could find a huge collection of rarely old racing cars decayed by nature. But that was not enough, he also collected cars around his garage and on a little estate a few hundred meters away from his house. Firstly we went there in 2016 but the old man wasn't there, so we had no chance to take a look at his sporting car collection and also no way to see his garage. Sadly we walked around and by chance we found the other estate few hundred meters away. Once it has been a normal field and now it was a thick forest. Never seen old cars became a part of the nature like this before. We were absolutely enchanted of this place and that's the reason why we called it 'Magic Forest'. We couldn't finish to shoot the cars cause sunset was coming. We decided to come back to this wonderful place to meet the old guy and to see his other collection. But at our next visit his house was demolished. The old decayed cars were laying on an heap and the digger was still running. We met the daughter of the old man there and she told us that he died. She will bring the hole area back to a field and depollute the cars. The really expensive cars she put into a closed hall and maybe sell it. Damn this was a little shock for us. The demolishing of our 'Magic Forest' had already began but fortunately we could see the most of it again for last time. Now everything is gone. Everyone who shooted cars already knows that it's often not easy with the space and the light. Same here... 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27
  5. In 1960 Alfa Romeo grow out of their old factory located in Portello and started with the construction of a new plant located in Arese. This new plant had an Centro Stile (Design centre), Offices, Powerplant, Centro Technico (technical centre), and much more. Unfortunately in 2005 the whole factory closed after the last V6 Busso engine rolled out of the factory which made the once modern factory abandoned. In 2014 the factory was demolished to make place for a mall and parking spots, the only thing that still remain are the old technical centre and the design centre. In the summer of 2017 I was in the area so I decided to go and have a look at what remains of the factory. To my surprise there were still sections open and it had even had some papers and some car parts inside. Thanks for reading and I hoped you liked it!
  6. First vid upload for a while, although I have not stopped exploring. Should be more videos coming up soonish This gothic mansion was once owned by a doctor who released a mental health patient who sadly went on to stab an 11 yr old girl to death. I believe he was pretty much chased out of his home by locals (they may or may not of have had burning torches) Nice place though, there used to be more cars, but sadly there gone now. The car is a 1964 humber super snipe and yes I know I spelt doctor wrong on the vid title god knows why
  7. 1. Rusty car parc 01 by MiaroDigital, on Flickr 2. Rusty car parc 02 by MiaroDigital, on Flickr 3. Rusty car parc 03 by MiaroDigital, on Flickr 4. Rusty car parc 04 by MiaroDigital, on Flickr 5. Rusty car parc 05 by MiaroDigital, on Flickr 6. Rusty car parc 06 by MiaroDigital, on Flickr 7. Rusty car parc 07 by MiaroDigital, on Flickr 8. Rusty car parc 08 by MiaroDigital, on Flickr 9. Rusty car parc 09 by MiaroDigital, on Flickr 10. Rusty car parc 10 by MiaroDigital, on Flickr 11. Rusty car parc 11 by MiaroDigital, on Flickr 12. Rusty car parc 12 by MiaroDigital, on Flickr 13. Rusty car parc 13 by MiaroDigital, on Flickr
  8. We found a house not so far off from where we live, in which we had not seen movement in weeks. Grass was growing wild and nothing changed around the house. Time to explore (on easters day ). First ring the bell to check if not some kind of creep lives here. No one answers. An alarm is mounted on the side of the house so we were not sure to put too much force on doors and windows. There was no chance to get inside easily so we’ll leave this for now, keeping an eye on it. We have good shots from the outside but we’ll keep them for ourselves until we eventually get in. Here’s a preview… 1. DSC_0098 Nonetheless we explored the garden which turned out to be of considerable extent. After we crawled trough a little hole in the hedge. We encountered what appeared to be an old playground and some sheds of a former building company. 2. DSC_0101 3. DSC_0107 4. DSC_0109 5. DSC_0114 6. DSC_0116 7. DSC_0123 8. DSC_0125 9. DSC_0166 Then we saw something we did not really expect there… an old Trabant stands as a beautiful piece of adornment in a decaying shed across the square. 10. DSC_0126 11. DSC_0128 12. DSC_0130 13. DSC_0149 14. DSC_0152 15. DSC_0162
  9. I got a tip from a friend at work about lots of cars in the woods, so I thought I would take a look. Now this place is not normal!! Next to the road is a small compound made up of corrugated iron, random fence panels, doors and bicycles!!!! Behind this compound are loads of cars, which did hold a few hidden gems. Loads of the cars were filled to the brim with stuff, books records tvs and lots of other junk. Sorry but they are all fisheye shots, I didn't feel safe here at all and wasn't going to mess about changing lenses. It was a maze to get through and I struggled to find a route around the site. Then I see a man walk straight through, I have no idea how he went through so easily, or how he never saw me. Sadly he eventually did and wasn't best pleased. Needless to say after his rant I was happy to be leaving by foot and not being dragged into the compound to be his meal for the next week!! I hope you enjoy. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 I would of loved to know what was under this, I couldn't lift it high enough and the wheels gave no clue either. And here is a few processed shots to finish off 9 10 11 12 MG
  10. We found ourselves nearby this place so thought we would pop in for another look. The place has changed considerably since the last time I was here. All the undergrowth around the house has been cut back and cleared. It looks completely different seeing the house stood there, although for whatever reason I didn’t actually get a shot of it. I didn’t go into the house, I only took shots of the cars and some stuff in the barn. The cars have taken a right beating since they became famous; there are only a couple left that actually have windscreens in them. Visited with Andre Govia, D-Kay, Odin's Raven, Happy Shopper & Me Two Some pictures #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7
  11. Hi all... just signed up sp thought I would post a couple of explores from a few weeks ago rather than all my historical ones. This was a little tour I did of Lincolnshire, not sur eof much history on the place other than it was origionaly a brick yard, subsiquently converted to a lumber saw mill and finaly the resting place of some nice old cars. Thanks for looking
  12. Came across this field of cars after a day of failed splores, i was chuffed to bits. There is a history behind it but I cant go into to much detail, but by the sounds of it, it was an obsession that ended a marriage. It was a great mooch, loads and loads of cars, some older than others and none of them would ever pass a MOT again. But for me seeing Stasky and Hutch on the bus, made me a little bit happy!! Splored with Miss.Anthrope Thanks for looking x
  13. Not a lot of story behind this one, just a heap load of classic cars amongst the trees on a plot of land. Some of them have been there so long that the trees have grown through them, many of them have rusted so badly that they have collapsed into themselves in a brown mess of paper like metal