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Found 32 results

  1. I couldn't find out very much about this castle. It was built in 1821, I don't know when it has been abandoned. In 1841, the proprietress financed various improvements in the village, like the extension of roads. Exploring the castle was partially quite tricky. Large parts of the floors, ceilings and roofs had already collapsed. A lot of the few remaining floors had holes, most of the stairs were soaked and unstable due to rainwater and moisture. For this reason, only a few areas of the buildung were still reasonably safe accessible. In the end, in this advanced state of decay, the castle is beyond saving, I think. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
  2. Have any of you missed a site: somewhere that was torn down, redeveloped or closed off just before you had the chance to visit and look around? I had a very quick look at this quarry but it was demolished just before I had planned to go back and climb stuff! Full report is here http://www.lifeoutthere.co.uk/2018/04/18/the-quarry-that-got-away/ What was your "one that got away"?
  3. Info few friends and i went here and pics are awesome and deserve to be seen.Secca was there a lot and avoiding was fun. But up until leaving all was fine then spotted by little red van but lucky us we where already out. Amazing place and way better than camelot lol. Pics by dave bear on his awesome cam :-). This place deserves the better quality pics lol. History. Loudoun Castle was a theme park set around the ruins of the 19th century Loudoun Castle near Galston, in the Loudoun area of Ayrshire, Scotland, United Kingdom. The park opened in 1995, and closed at the end of the 2010 season. The park's mascot was Rory the Lion. The park was opened in 1995 by a company based in London and has since been through the hands of travelling showman Raymond Codona to its current owner, Henk Bembom's Parkware Ltd. Bembom took over the park in 2002 and invested £5m during his first year there, followed by an additional £2m in the second.[1] Bembom continued to bring new rides and attractions to the park each year, including another £2m worth of investment in 2007.[2] In winter 2006, Parkware moved all their operations and ride stock to Loudoun from their previous storage buildings in Margate. On 15 July 2007, 18-year-old ride operator Mark Blackwood died after falling 80 feet (24 m) from a roller coaster he was pushing, which had got stuck. He was taken to Crosshouse Hospital in Kilmarnock for treatment but died there on Monday 16 July 2007.[3] After a two-week trial, the jury found the park owners not guilty of failing to provide proper training and supervision at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court on Saturday 10 October 2009.[4] In September 2010 it was announced that the park had closed, Bembom stating that it was "no longer economically viable." There are no clear indications as to the future use of the site, whether the current owners intend to sell the business on as a 'going concern' or if they intend to use the site for other purposes.[5] As of February 2011 a number of rides were for sale, including Twist 'n' Shout, Goldrush, Barnstomer, Wacky Worm, Crows Nest and Jammy Dodgems. Enjoy all .. PIC HEAVY Due to nature of place and the amount of stuff to photograph. Fantastic place hope you enjoyed looking. It does not look like this now lol most of the rides have gone.
  4. Hey guys. Today i will show you a castle with a not so nice past. It was build around 1550 and was used by the nazis a a holiday home. It was used by a person which stands close to Adolf Hitler. After a difficult entry we see a place which was neraly out of vandalism. It was a really nice location. Enjoy the pictures
  5. Thank you for watching my photos! If you want to see more of my work please visit and like my page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Colourbex/834327016579594?sk=timeline
  6. Want to see more? Visit and like my fb page colourbex to stay updated https://www.facebook.com/pages/Colourbex/834327016579594?fref=ts
  7. Please be aware most of what you will see below has now been demolished Explored with -Raz- & a non member. As always a bit of background; Castle Market is a former indoor market in Sheffield city centre, England. The building lies in the north east of the present city centre, by the River Don, and is built on top of the remains of Sheffield Castle, which can still be seen via guided tours. The market closed in 2013 when the Moor Market opened on The Moor, further south in Sheffield city centre. The oldest part of the building is the Fish and Vegetable Market, constructed in the inter-war period. The remainder of the building was constructed by J. L. Womersley and Andrew Darbyshire between 1960 and 1965. It has two main floors, both of which included small shops and stalls, and each accessible from street level. Other stores faced on to the surrounding streets, while a gallery found a storey above the main part of the market contained several more shops, and access to an office building surmounting the structure. The gallery is linked by bridges across Exchange Street to further above-ground shopping areas. The Explore; On a very busy street so after a while of waiting around and a lot of cigs we took the first break in traffic and people and hopped in. Having been there a few weeks earlier we were shocked to see the whole centeral section of the market had been pulled down leaving the place with a very uneasy windy feel to it. We go lost pretty quickly as everything looked different but soon found ourselves on the stairs en route to the roof. Photos galore; While up there we were joined by a metal fairy (comes at night and robs you blind) who was hammering away below us, leaving us trapped on the roof. He eventually found us and he was friendly enough for a drug nut on the tag stealing copper in the dead of night... We exchanged a few words and then made a hasty retreat as we were not enjoying the thought of being tied to his theiving if we were caught. Photos from previous visit; If you got this far, thank for reading
  8. Unfortunately completely gutted and therefore of photographic point of view a bit monotonous. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
  9. So, after discovering a thread I convinced my camera club that Loudon would be worth a wee visit. We set off this evening to explore and take some photos. Remarkably easy to get in, despite the big gate - it was just a matter of walking around the outside of the gate and then up to driveway to the castle. That's it really - you have complete access to the site. To be honest it appears to be far from abandoned - in fact it is very well looked after. The grass is mown and everything appears to be largely undamaged. Many of the rides have been taken down and removed but there was still a fair bit to see. Well worth a visit if you are in the area.
  10. Gwrych Castle The Explore Arrived here after an unfortunate fail at our primary location. Frustrating that after arriving there at 1am we had gained access at 3 separate points only to find they had internally sealed the room leaving you having to climb back out again, on this occasion through some testicle crunching gaps. But oh well, i’m really happy i went to this castle for a quick mooch with Session9. A great day all in all but with only a 50% success rate but i suppose thats how it goes sometimes, you can’t win them all, believe me we tried! Was nice to smash in a Ginsters and Monster whilst taking in the view of the beautiful North Welsh coast. What it would've looked like in the day.. The History Local history claims that the first castle at Gwrych was built by the Normans in the 12th century. The later castle at Gwrych was begun in 1819. The castle is a Grade 1 listed building set in a wooded hillside over looking the Irish Sea. It was the first Gothic folly to be built in Europe by a wealthy industrialist Lloyd Hesketh. Bamford Hesketh, his son, inherited the title of Gwrych in his early 20s and used his vast fortune to build the 4,000-acre Gwrych Castle Estate. The castle once had a total of 128 rooms including the outbuildings, including twenty-eight bedrooms, an outer hall, an inner hall, two smoke rooms, a dining room, a drawing room, a billiards room, an oak study, and a range of accommodations for servants. There are nineteen embattled towers and the whole facade is over 2000 yards. Many feel the castle's outstanding feature was the castle's 52-step marble staircase. Shame to see it left to ruin nowadays. The Pictures 1. External Pano 2. 3. 4,5. 6. 7. Views from the top.. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. A couple of GoPro stills to end with.. 13. As always thanks for looking
  11. Built in the 18th century on the foundations of a medieval castle. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
  12. Built in the 18th century, most recently used as a retirement home. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30
  13. Location #1 of the ‘Who’s hand was that Tour’ - Chateau De Singes aka Castle of Monkeys History Not a lot of history on Chateau De Singes I’m afraid other than it was built in the 17th century and the last time it was occupied was in the middle of the 1970’s. My Visit After a long journey which started at midnight in the UK we finally arrived at the first location in France at 09:30. We was just about to enter the chateau when we spotted a car parked in the tree line right outside the building. One of the group took a quick look inside to see who or if anyone was inside, within seconds we knew there was and who it was, it was a local photographer with a model doing a photoshoot. We announced we was in the building, said hello and started to get the gear ready and within minutes we was all happily taking photos. This place is really nice and airy, I say that because the building is basically one big rectangle with windows and doors on both sides which allows the light to stream in. The floors, walls & ceilings are mostly light colours which bounces the light around and gives this place a calm feeling. Signs of damage are there and a little graffiti but not much. Considering this chateau has been empty for this long it really is in good condition, well, better than i was expecting anyway. Lets get on with the photos… Now we all knew that the main feature in this chateau is the staircase so a few of the group headed off to photograph it straight away and I decided to head to a different area as to not get in the way. The first photo I took was of a bath tub placed in front of a window. Seems a little weird why it would be here but it makes for a good picture. Just to the right of where the bath is located was a room with a nice size fireplace. Placed on top of the fireplace is a horse riding helmet which made sense to me later when I found the stables as we was leaving. After taking the above images I decided to go and see if I could get a shot of the stairs. My luck was in as the lads was just finishing up so after a couple of minutes wait I was snapping away. After grabbing some images of the stairs I headed to the left hand side of the building, this side is not in as good a condition as the other but none the less it has some interesting decor. You are probably thinking well is that it! The answer is yes. Upstairs there was nothing of major interest or décor so I focused my time on the ground floor. More images available on flickr The images above are just a small selection of the images I have edited. I will be adding lots more photos of Chateau De Singes on my Flickr page which can be found here, https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157647857118382/ Final thoughts This small French chateau was a great way to start out the tour. I found this place to be very calming and a nice relaxed & safe explore. I highly recommend visiting this one if you are planning a trip. To read more location reports of the places we visited on the tour please use the following link http://www.alanduggan-photography.co.uk/urbex-france-belgium-tour-september-2014/ Thanks for reading, Dugie
  14. This is like the holy grail for all us Kent guys, I've been waitinga very long 4 years to get in here, Have lost count of the amount of times I had "dropped by" on the off chance of some one having made it possible but always to no avail, Id also eyed a particular possibility up a fair few times but had been Incorrectly informed that it was fruitless, Turned out it wasn't and some one else had the very same idea!!!!, Goes to show always go with your hunches! Right so on with some Pictures, PIC HEAVY ! A beautiful bit of original Graff, there's tons of it in here! Ill apologize for the sheer weight of Images, But I took hundreds and felt compelled to share!
  15. "The park was opened in 1995 by a company based in London and has since been through the hands of travelling showman Raymond Codona to its current owner, Henk Bembom’s Parkware Ltd. Bembom took over the park in 2002 and invested £5m during his first year there, followed by an additional £2m in the second. Bembom continued to bring new rides and attractions to the park each year, including another £2m worth of investment in 2007. In winter 2006, Parkware moved all their operations and ride stock to Loudoun from their previous storage buildings in Margate. On 15 July 2007, 18-year-old ride operator Mark Blackwood died after falling 80 feet (24 m) from a roller coaster he was pushing, which had gotten stuck. He was taken to Crosshouse Hospital in Kilmarnock for treatment but died there on Monday 16 July 2007. After a two-week trial, the jury found the park owners not guilty of failing to provide proper training and supervision at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court on Saturday 10 October 2009. In September 2010 it was announced that the park had closed’ - From Wikipedia Part of a short road trip with Bubblehead around Scotland. This was our first stop, we arrived and decided not to take the obvious route in due to cars inside the park, instead we opted for the more 'discrete' scramble blindly through an overgrown woods and emerged in the center of the park. We manged to snap most of the bigger rides and had a good wonder about before an old chap came and politely asked us to leave the property. Thanks for looking
  16. firstly I make no apology for the size of this thread or the order of the pics, its been a 3 day battle of processing Visited with Project Mayhem, Lowri and non member Diane Well, what a crazy 30+ hours this turned out to be. Left central englandshire at 4pm, only to realise that 1 member didnt have their passport !! so a quick detour to wales (guess who) and we were back on track, straight into an accident on the motorway, so after 90 mins of traveling approx 100 meters we were off again.................. I had built in about 2-3 hours buffer "just incase"...... this would be close. Uneventful drive to the chunnel, until we heard of "problems" at the chunnel........ wtf !!! the curse was hanging over us !! 5 hours delay !! we wouldnt make it !! wtf !!! Drive in and ask random bloke trying to sort out all the cars, and he said "just head to the trains, we`ve given up trying to sort an order out" 45 mins later we are on a train, 2 hours drive over the other side and a cheeky 2hours sleep in a service station. Alarms go off and we are off again, met our contact and the rest is history...............
  17. Babies Castle, Hawkhurst, We decided to get out n about on a bit of a mini road trip, Chose this as the destination, took a while to get there and wanted to visit another well known site within the area for those of you that probably know it but unfortunately Its since been sold and the builders were in, This is the only fruit of our day !, So on with a bit of history Construction began on a new two-storey red brick building in the spring of 1886, and on 9th August it was formerly opened by Her Royal Highness, The Princess Mary Adelaide, Duchess of Teck, accompanied by her daughter princess Victoria who was later to become Queen Mary, the wife of King George V. In May 1959 a local Townswomen's Guild expressed 'considerable surprise' at the large number of 'coloured infants' at the Babies Castle. They warned that unless they could be assured that no white child was being refused admission as a consequence their support of Dr. Barnardo's would cease but they were reassured and the matter blew over. Clearly they had never bothered to read Thomas Barnardo's aims, known as "The Nine Nos"... 1. No destitute child refused 2. No Race Barrier 3. No Creed Clause 4. No Physical Disability 5. No Age Limit 6. No Money Promise 7. No Voting 8. No Waiting 9. No Red Tape (A lot of this Bullshit in modern day UK) Will in the famous kitchen And some of the Sumptuous Rooms, The Height of luxury in their day ! Quick, Our Way Out ! If you love Pealing Paint & Natural Decay, Then this is definitely the place for you ! All in all a fun day out with truly great company ! Thanks for viewing my Pics
  18. castle carr, I live near here and saw some pics posted about it and decided i wanted to go have a look myself, i really enjoyed it i cant believe this is so close to my house and i never knew it existed! we mainly wanted to go to explore the tunnels leading to it! the castle is pretty rubbish now the farmer who owns the land has some quails or something up there a big metal container and a load of blue barrels. even the water garden is full of blue barrels! don't get why he would just leave it there to wreck and ruin and not let anybody in to look at it! found a few shotgun cartridges scattered around but luckily no sign of him on the day. The water garden is awesome and i recommend to everybody to go see for yourself if you haven't already. we like to get in the way of each others shots :/ and the castle... just annoyed me did this its like his own private tip! ungrateful ........... Thanks for looking. if you do go there's lots of warnings from others about the farmer, a few people i spoke to about this place used to go as kids to mess about also and they say hes a nasty one.
  19. Ive been dying to get in here for ages, Ive heard so much about the place, seen so many pictures and read so much history, I thought Id never get the opportunity so when I heard that EH were doing tours I though Id dip into my pocket and "Go See", History more than covered by Fortknox and Frosty in their bloody marvelous report ,http://www.oblivionstate.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=1925&p=13950&hilit=Dumpy#p13950 , my pics dont do it justice I hate using flash specially when Im surround by 24 other people, so here goes Thanks for viewing Guys
  20. One I`ve done 3 times in 2012 so heres a compilation This is the place where I popped my urbex cherry I`m partial to HDR and I`ve noticed going back over my early stuff its a bit neon so apols, I`ve toned the saturation down a bit these days Cheers
  21. I battled with myself about whether to post this report or not. It's like a opening a packet of Revels and coming across the coffee one, it looks great on the outside, very nice, but inside Urrrgh!!! _____________________________ The History The Babies Castle was officially opened on 9th August 1886 this institution was for the reception of babies. In 1908 Babies Castle became a mixed home for children under eight years of age. It was particularly used for babies and young children who, owing to their physical condition, were not suited for boarding out. 1905 Babies Castle closed, in 1965 and was re-named, appropriately enough, 'Hawkhurst Castle', after the nearby village of the same name and operated as a private nursing home for the elderly. In 2006 planning Consent was granted for Babies Castle for conversion to provide a total of 11 residential units Thanks for sticking with it!!!
  22. DUMPY (deep underground military position yellow)is the 3rd section of tunnels at Dover castle constructed beneath annex and casemate in 1942. When the war ended they were kept in use until being abandoned in the mid 50s and left unmaintained until being taken over by the home office in the early 60s and turned into a regional seat of government, where most of Kent would have been controlled if a nuclear strike on London prevented central government from functioning as normal . Its believed that DUMPY was the largest of the 12 RSGs and was protected by the official secrets act until it was finally decommissioned in 1984 and handed over to English Heritage. Finnally............... First started looking at this with frosty and obscurity about 2 years ago and after putting in the work and figuring out our plan of attack we never got round to going back to finish the job. Then a couple of months ago when we found out English Heritage planned on giving tours to EH members starting Wednesday, and not willing to let all our hard work go to waste, we quickly hatched a plan to get in and get it done. After a quick test of our route in with Chewbacca we grabbed afew sneaky shots then decided to head back after abit more planning. Unfortunately Obscurity and Chewbacca couldn’t make it, so it was down to me and frosty to crack it......... interestingly, there are a few rooms, corridors, tunnels, and a staircase that are not drawn on ANY of the plans....even the official EH ones!! Took afew videos and over 100 pics, so heres just afew ........ cheers for looking
  23. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. See the rest here - http://www.flickr.com/photos/walkerphotography/sets/72157627109815314/with/5899424950/
  24. Well I came across this little beauty through a mutual friend. Considering I have live in this count for the past 7 years I never even knew this castle existed!! Well it may as well not to be honest because it is well hidden amongst the forrestry with a few farms not so far from it. Didnt take that long to find it re4ally but you have to walk up ONE Hell of a hill, and its a bomper!! But well worth it. Ruperra Castle was built in 1626 by Sir Thomas Morgan, who was knighted by King James 1st. It was a typical Jacobean courtier’s house, an example of the ‘Great Rebuilding’ of the 16th and 17th Centuries. King Charles 1st stayed there in 1645 raising support after the Battle of Naseby After being destroyed by fire in 1785 the castle was rebuilt and the original gables replaced by battlements. In 1941 the Castle was once again destroyed by fire when British troops were billeted there. After the War the estate was sold as a farm. The castle has stood, a ‘romantic ruin’ overgrown with vegetation and deteriorating for over 50 years. The owner bought the castle and had plans to turn it into a housing estate but was refused planning permission and it is now a grade 11 listing building. Got some pics for you hope you enjoy Here's the entrance, if you look in amongst the trees you can just about see the castle Inside the courtyard Recent tread marks in the snow??? Hmmmm I wonder if it will start????? There she is...The little beauty Thanks for looking
  25. Right a trip out for a lookat some of dovers good stuff ended up with this result..The lowest area of dover castle tunnels apart from the alleged Foundation level which to be honest no one seems sure of existance,there is withing the esplanades a passage very well locked that may prove or disprove this "rumour"...any how ..visited with Fortknox0 and frosty and a big thanks to all involved in the trip..right athol,trevenian caves and guilford tunnel..Very good explore loved it infact!!Right spent several hours in and around the tunnels .This is what i managed to get! On with the pics Right thats me quite enjoyable night..a late one but wellworth it...