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Found 5 results

  1. Big Shout To Ratfink And OliverGT for letting us know and for all the hard work and effort they put in. And for the ever so useful intel! Visited with Space Invader and Obscurity… This was my second of the Clapham Shelters and didn’t spend as much time exploring this one as we did Clapham North as they are obviously of similar design..None the less was just as much fun ,especially those pesky Cameras.No big story to tell explore wise but as Oliver said when them choob trains go past it does put the wind up you somewhat!! Some actual info http://underground-history.co.uk/shelters.php On with some pics from the evening Typical DLS design Some of the many, many bunks and shelving to be found Bit of original signage Right down the bottom so to speak And that was our lot…thanks for looking
  2. Visited with Fortknox0 and Maniac, Lovely explore this, part of the underground, this was an air raid shelter back in the day and now doesnt appear to be used for anything! Brick wall on a staircase leads through to something im sure would be a lot more interesting . Well worth a look, cheers guys. Enjoy. ^^ said brick wall Cheers for looking! Frosty.
  3. After a last minute phone call from troglodyte , and it was off to london for a late night meet . visited with wevsky ,troglodyte and urban ginger a little history... All eight Deep Level shelters built during 1941-1942 under existing London Underground stations remained under the ownership of the British Government for many years after the cessation of hostilities. The initial plan of incorporating them into an express rail route through the centre of London was initially shelved and then abandoned due to the lack of money after the War. Then, in the late 1990s, London Underground was given the opportunity to take control of the shelters with a view to leasing them out. Since then, the deep level shelters have been progressively leased to companies interested in using them to store items such as documents, film, videotapes and other similar archive material. All except Clapham North, which has remained completely empty since its contents were cleared after the War. Transport for London advertised the lease for Clapham North deep level shelter using a local estate agent and the requests came in. Many interesting and unusual requests for use were suggested but had to be rejected for health and safety reasons - the most common being people wanting to construct a night club in the 1,400ft tunnels! Some suggested creating living accommodation there - though precisely who would like to live in an unlit tunnel over 100ft beneath London is unclear to me. It was even rumoured that a large entertainment company had seriously looked into the possibility of converting one of these locations into a theme park ride based on World War 2 air raids! Realistically though, the only practical use for this prime central London real estate space would be for storage. on with the pics on with the pics... thanks for looking
  4. Well on hearing this place was accessible again, I was determind not to miss out this time as last time we went to do this we got news the place had been locked up again just 2 days before we intended to go! So this time at the earliest opportunity available we got ourselves up to London to have a look. I wasn't disappointed, the place is vast and although quite stripped, it's still quite interesting once you start having a nose around some of the side passages. Apologies to those that may be bored with seeing reports from here now after a big influx of them in the last week, but I was pretty pleased with how my photos came out, so thought they were worth posting. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13 14, 15. 16. 17. Thanks for looking Maniac.
  5. Thanks to Troglodyte for the invite...After a days txting and trying to work out how we'd get up there a time was arranged and Myself Urbanginger(cheers for the driving) Space invader met up with Troglodyte and well..a car full..I havnt seen much of the history posted ON this well visited of late site..I found some very interestung facts and info on the deep shelters in london and on this site,so rather than me try and cobble in my own words some of it im putting this link upwhich says it all. http://underground-history.co.uk/claphamn.php The lights where a pain in the arse with exposingsome areas but easier to get around,Id packed up beforewe found the office areas on the way out ,but heres a few pics of the night,thing is as huge and great as the place is one extremely long corridor looks identicle to another so sorry same looking pics all round.. Pics Had to be done... Thanks for looking..the size of this place really is amazing