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Found 2 results

  1. Explored with Rott3nW00d A touch of history; Founded in 1864 by a small group of sisters from Bruge, and built but a Roman Catholic Ecclesiastical architect between 1870 & 1875, this convent is situated in 5 acres of land surrounded by a 20 ft wall. At its peak in the 1940's, St. Josephs Convent housed 40 nuns however the numbers have slowly declined in recent years. In the end, with only 8 nuns remaining, the convent closed as it was becoming too expensive to heat and maintain and the work load involved in keeping the nuns self sufficient became unmanagable. The Explore Left work for a weekend of exploring and set off to York. When we arrived at the location it resembled Piccidilly Circus so we retreated to a local pub for a few ales before returning for a second attempt. After negotiating that b****** 20 ft wall and exploring the over grown grounds we found an unlocked door. RESULT! Once inside we soon realised this place had a very very creepy feel about it. Most old abandoned places have a slight creepiness about them but this place at night is utterly terrifiying. With the old building creaking and the wind blowing doors we crept on noticing that some of the upper floor lights were on. Strange for an abandoned building no? Every room we went in held new surprises, from cupboards filled with every bit and bob imaginable, from sowing equipment to bottles of cologne. Theres was an uneasy amout of knives, scythes and other "weapon material" laying around along with a lot of mutilated baby dolls.. Spent about an hour in all before being rudely interupted by the North Yorkshire Police Force Few more photos from the evening; If you got this far, thanks for reading
  2. This factory has seen many users- 24 shed debugging unit for GWR works - Plessey - Yorkshire Imperial Plastics,then Clares Retail,who specialised in making shop equipment like the early till scanners and Ciggy kiosks,not forgetting shopping trolleys..It closed for good early 2007 and was demolished because the business rates/tax was too high to remain empty,and the building has been demolished totally...today in 2013,the site still remains undeveloped.I know its an old explore but always good to see again. Almost gone And that was Clares Retail..the Bridgewater branch kept going after Swindon closed,but for how long,I dont know, Many thanks for looking.