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Found 5 results

  1. So this place cropped up in my FB news feed a while back and I wanted in. I have never asked anyone details on how to find anywhere. I have asked for advice or tips but never locations. I have always sat and researched myself. This was probably one of the hardest, which is why it became so frustrating. Either I was stupid or having a real blonde moment. Turns out, I was just thick! The first place that came up when researching little did I know was actually it, nah I thought, can't be that easy! I was still adamant I wasn't gonna ask anyone. I got to the point I was chatting to one of my mates who had been recently and he provided me with everything I needed to know. Then when I looked it up online I could have kicked myself because I had seen it allready Anyway, as you can imagine I was pretty excited about this one, having wanted to see it for about 4 months and actually having the opportunity to drive to it this was it. I was driving the journey and all the time thinking shit, I hate dogs. Especially barky ones. That was my only concern, I knew I was getting in here. There was to be no fail. So parked the car up walked a little way down to it and went in exactly how I was told to, found access which was really easy and that was it, I was in! Walking round the corner in to a corridor where there were plants growing off the skirting board and a bath in the middle I kinda loved it allready. Spent quite a lot of time wandering round and got what I wanted in terms of pics. Saw the main house, the accommodation block, the swimming pool and the other little block with the clock in. The clock read 6.10 all the time we were here and by the time we left it was actually working. I have a video of it ticking but uploading pics is a mission so there aint no chance of a video It had lots of decay, the sort I love. Lots of wood too Very pretty and I can imagine in it's day it was was more stunning than I had seen. Anyway, it was a great day and I am so glad that I finally got to see this place. Pics aren't great but I'm happy! Enjoy I would have liked to have seen it without all that shit around it... Loved this room.. wood! I loved everything about this room, it was a little odd. I think we have all gathered now I do like a pool selfie haha! They obviously liked animals Thanks for looking!
  2. NK spotted this one on the way back from one of her 'Kids!! I'm bored!! Lets go see what we can find!!' afternoon jaunts... Another bostin find from the 'hawkeyed welly wonder'!! Made for a lovely early morning mooch, with the dawn light streaming through the top floor windows and the school clock tick, tock, ticking away in the background! BLISS!!!! Here's my take... Hope you like... Thanks for lookin' in yow lot!!
  3. The Victoria Tower was designed by Jesse Hartley and completed in 1848. It was known as the Dockers' Clock. Its six clock faces allowed sailors to make sure their timepieces were correctly set as they headed off to sea, and a bell in the tower warned of fog or high tides. It is constructed of granite and is a Grade II Listed building. thanks..
  4. After spotting this the other day and seeing Canonguy's report i had to have a quick mooch around this place and get a hotel done under my belt . The hotel burned down a few years back and has been left to graffiti artists and vandals and probably the homeless, some more info here : http://www.whtimes.co.uk/news/clock_hotel_in_welwyn_on_fire_1_723965 there where still a fair amount of beds left and random bits of furniture but other then that fairly gutted. Anyway onto the pics ! [ a bit pic heavy sorry] Saddly room service had ceased =[ i could of gone for a cuppa and sadly Henry had been removed, a sad day for hovers everywhere =[ mmmmm yum... Nice bit o' stair =] hello! from the clock tower, had to scramble over the roof was very loose underfoot in the room of "big phil" and remembered to do a pano shot at last ^^ Rest can be seen here : http://www.flickr.com/photos/urdex/sets/72157632987006265/with/8556099490/
  5. i have always driven passed this place since i was a kid and it was always busy and i remember my dad taking me in here when he had a meeting with JCB and the bloke from JCB gave me a digger keyring i know a bit of information about this place but i think this news article says it a bit better from WHtimes" http://www.whtimes.co.uk/news/owners_shocked_by_welwyn_clock_arson_1_731939 *(if there's any spelling/grammar mistakes sorry about that but is my dyslexic )* full set :http://www.flickr.com/photos/samcain/sets/72157631518241982/ anyone have any idea what this is about in nearly every plug socket there was a pluf with the wire cut off the other side of the board thin air as the kitchen/dining room was below it and that was the first thing to go up in smoke view from the clock tower back over the roof of the hotel every good hotel has one love a mini bar retro was part for the kitchen that pile of rubble represents the part of the kitchen and dining room the managers office love chairs in abandoned buildings do you even lift bro? nice set of stairs got to love a Mag Lite there bright and tough so there vital part for my kit we counted 40+ ps1/2 controllers among the rubble "BIG PHIL" has been running round with his paintball gun we saw this a thought it was just a empty one but on further inspection it looked like the remains of a cat/small dog another view from the clock tower looks like someone has been smoking the "high grade"