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Found 4 results

  1. The hospital was closed less than three years ago. The facility has functioned, among others orthopedics and traumatology, rheumatology, pulmonology and surgery. The total area of the facility is about 2.38 ha. As of today, little souvenirs remain in the middle. The only thing left was the lamps in the operating rooms and some glass equipment somewhere in the attic. Despite everything, the hospital has an amazing atmosphere ... until you want to walk the long corridors. The hospital is not haunted, it has no ghosts ... it is guarded ... motion detectors, cameras and a dog make the entrance into the wild border with a miracle. Thanks to this the building is in very good condition .... (Sorry, translator)
  2. I like to start of the year with a derelict hospital And this place has been on the list a long long time, so very pleased to see this. The site has been closed a while, and suffered vandalism. The original wooden boarding has been supplemented with metal sheeting. Bit of a tough one to crack, as there are now security and PIRs. With these measures, the building is in fair condition, and in a photographic state of decay. Group explore with KM Punk, Lost Explorer, Yorrick and a non member. Thanks to Darbians for tips on this place. The hospital in Melton Mowbray started life as Hill House and was built pre 1760. In 1840 it was renamedWyndham Lodge and rebuilt in Wartnaby stone in 1874. In 1920 Col Richard Dalgleish purchased Wyndham lodge as a gift to the town. In honour of those who had fallen during the great war it became known as Melton & District War Memorial Hospital. The hospital closed in 2005. There are currently plans to convert the Grade II listed building to retirement homes. Not happy with my external photos – sorry but I’m going through a learning curve with my new lens. Thanks for looking
  3. This was a fun explore. It was one I and a few mates had been keeping a close eye on whenever we were in the area. Since it's closure in 2011 I had visited 5 or 6 times to find no access, so when I got word from AdamX and a few others that there was a way in, it was exciting times. I went about 2 days after we got wind of the access with Zedstar, rolled up to have some fun and bang, just as luck would have it, 2 blokes working on unblocking the drains in the premises. So we went of and explored else where. Later that day, we popped back, but true to word these contractors were milking out the job in hand. So that was that then.. A few weeks later we were in the area again and tried our luck, mid week and with the rush-hour (well for this area) we waltzed in and had a good few hours exploring. The PIR had been triggered (as it had for everybody else) but be decided to just carry on taking photos. It was while we were looking about, we noticed things like the locks had been taken out of the cell doors and other small things like that, so the contractors are working there, but just guess we got lucky that day. HISTORY This court was one of a lot of the smaller ones dotted around the country that were closed, and with the added bonus of this one having a police station attached too. This is what was placed in one local paper about it all... Announcing the axing of 93 magistrates and 49 county courts, Justice Minister ****** ***** said: “We are closing the worst courts in the estate so we can concentrate our limited resources on the best ones. “It is unacceptable that dozens of buildings never intended to be, and not fit to be, modern court buildings are still in use.” Courts taking the extra workload would get £22m worth of modernisation and improvements So here we are,3 years later and we now have a even more stretched justice system, and it is getting more messed up. Through to the police station
  4. This closed in march of this year, they are having a open day a official visit, if anyone interested in the area. http://www.npowermediacentre.com/Press-Releases/Fawley-Power-Station-Community-Event-1249.aspx