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Found 5 results

  1. I was unsure if I was to post this one or not as it is a bit trashed, but thought I would as it is full of nice bits and bobs and has stood the test of time, so I Visited here with my mate after we had been checking out a few old Gun placements along the coast and decided to pop in and have a look. He said the elements have started to destroy it all since the start of the year. You could see just how bad the rot was and that it wont be long till it is gone. Such a shame really as it has some interesting little bits and bobs scattered all around. As for the history of the place I could not see anything on-line about it, but it would be apparent that it was a Holiday cottage, and has not been in use for a long long time. From the Chalet From the old train Carriage. The car park looks rather cool as well.
  2. Luckily this place has been saved..unlucky for us urbex folk..it’s undergoing full renovation now.. Some minor HDR on these pics..so if that offends please don’t look… I’ve lived round these parts most of my life..I’ve walked past this place so many times and never realised that it was abandoned..guess I should have gone to Specsavers ! It was built by a very prominent Dover man around the beginning of the 1900’s and designed by a leading architect of that day who went onto design the Garrick Club in London. As you can see there are some heavy Art Deco influences in the detailing. The views are one of the best on this part of the coast and it still amazes me why anyone would let this house fall into such a bad state of repair. Not sure how many of you have found a full size snooker table whilst out exploring..this really blew me away..the snooker table was made by one of the UK’s leading makers, their snooker tables graced the rooms of many a fine country house! My favourite place was the green bathroom..almost intact after all this time. Solid cast iron as well that bath..I’m not kidding ! During the 1960’s / 1970’s is was some form of nursing home..all they did was stick gas fires in front of all the beautiful fireplaces and boxed in the detailing.. The sun room was also stunning with its patterned glass roof and commanded amazing views over the English Channel. The House on the hill.. Game of snooker anyone.. Bath time.. The Sun room..the view and roof were very cool! Wicked curtains...wicked view.. Not sure what this is...the wife informs me that it is some sort of washing machine..way beyond me.. Nature on the attack External view of the sun room.. The safe was empty... Nature on the inside.. What was left of the kitchen.. entrance to the sun room.. The sun room ceiling.. The view from the terrace Cast iron fire detail A classic gas fire.. I'm told this is a cooker ? This safe was hidden behind a wooden panel Nature trying to get in.. Nothing like a good knob ! A little bit of stained glass. Thanks for looking, got hundreds more pics of this place...don't want to bore you all..in a way I'm glad it is one place that is being saved !
  3. This is a derelict part of a live hospital site on the west coast of Scotland. The whole site has been due to close for ages, but its successor hasn't been built yet. The floor is very rotten in places. The first time I visited it, there was a burst mains water pipe, and live electricity in close proximity. Closed since 1991. The ground floor is very pleasing, with lots of tat. Insta-death.
  4. Sitting below the coast guard station in Langdon, Dover, is a tunnel used duing WW2. This has been maintained well and is still accessed by the coast guard station and they have even installed a small gym. Not huge but interesting and nice to see.