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Found 10 results

  1. I have decided not to name this one; it sits in the middle of a large Brand New Housing Estate in a rather affluent part of the UK, not far from London. The reason behind this is because it looks as if its either being converted or used for storage; and tbh I don't think it needs hundreds of people going to it; its situated in the grounds of the Site Office. The Church was part of a huge Convent which I didn't even know existed; and was locally derelict for many, many years, completely unbeknownst to me! It was last used as a church when the complex closed in 2006. Visited with a Non-Explorer friend. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12
  2. Last month @SpiderMonkey and I were given the heads-up on this place and after a quick Google we decided to head down to Worcester at the next available opportunity. We noticed a few people had tried before, only to find active security scuppering their success, so we were slightly apprehensive about what we may have to deal with. It would seem we got lucky with timing and found it relatively relaxed. I had serious wind that day! History St Mary’s Convent School was originally Battenhall Mount, an impressive house built around 1865-9 for William Spriggs, a Quaker and Worcester Clothier, in the Italianate style popularised by Prince Albert. In the 1890s the house was enlarged in a matching style by the architect John Henry Williams of Worcester for the Hon. Alfred Percy Allsopp. Allsopp was a local brewer who owned the Star Hotel and was Mayor of Worcester in 1892, 1894 and 1905. The original house is now incorporated into the South West corner of the property. The building was used as a convalescent home during the First World War. It then became the home of the Sisters of St. Marie Madeleine Postel, a Roman Catholic Teaching Order, in 1933. St. Mary’s was a popular and well-regarded independent nursery and school until its closure in 2014. Italianate styled interior, matching the external appearance... Moving into the music room, which was just as impressive with its large fireplace And this drawing room! Entrance lobby and top of the tower Moving further, we find the later addition of buildings that forms the main concentration of classrooms Yes, we tried it out! Nursery St Mary's School also has a nursery in the same grounds, in a separate building set a little away from the main buildings.
  3. Visited this spot in March with a friend of mine who is not a member of the forum. Rotten to the core this one, dodgy floors that got worse as you went nearer to the section where the roof/ceiling has collapsed taking two floors with it. In this area there is quite big holes in the flooring and parts of the ceiling don't look to great. Parts of the basement where interesting with one section looking like a room had collapsed from the above floor leaving it on a strange angle. Bit of a mad mooch this one, worth a look if you are in the area I'd say. Built around 1800 as a private residence called Kelton with extensive land/gardens and a lodge. Around 1900, the Catholic Church purchased it as a home for "Penitents and Children" and was part of the "Sacred Heart convents", it was also known as the Kelton (House of Providence)". Basically it was a home for "Unmarried Mothers", the children were adopted off and the mothers were effectively in servitude, usually working in laundries. At some time the two hall extensions and chapel were built, another large building was built on the land which may have been a laundry. The convent appears to have closed in the early 1980s. The lodge is now fully restored and is a private residence, most of the land has been built on, there was a developer interested in the convent, planning permission was applied for but he went bust before getting started. FROM 2008 Around £7.5m is to be spent to restore a derelict former convent in South Liverpool into luxury apartments The former Kelton Convent, Woodlands Road, Aigburth, will be converted into 14 apartments and 26 new flats will also be built in two new wings in the grounds to help pay for the restoration of the existing grade II listed buildings. Liverpool councils planning committee heard yesterday that without the new flats the restoration would not be possible as the work will cost £7.5m but the apartments will sell for less than £5m. Five nearby residents wrote to the council to oppose the scheme for a variety of reasons which included protests about the increase in traffic in the area and loss of amenity. Architect Richard Cass told the committee that the building would be restored to its former glory. I guess this is the failed attempt at renovation of the convent. Thanks For Looking
  4. History; The convent is based in York. The convent has been closed since 2013 after being open for more than 140 years! The convent had to close due to it homing 40 nuns back in the 1920's but slowly declining to the final 8 nuns who couldn't manage the convent on their own. The property has been listed as a grade ll building due to it's architectural and historical importance. However the convent is apparently to be sold. Explore; Second explore of the weekend with @AndyK! and @SpiderMonkey in't North. Not a lot of time spent in this place due to security being on too us and creaky floorboards don't help either. However here are a few photo's that i got. Arch. Yellow Corridors. Windows. Bathroom. Doorway. Andy K Selfie. Stairway. White Corridor. Community Room. Doorway to Church. Thanks for looking! JP.
  5. Explored with Rott3nW00d A touch of history; Founded in 1864 by a small group of sisters from Bruge, and built but a Roman Catholic Ecclesiastical architect between 1870 & 1875, this convent is situated in 5 acres of land surrounded by a 20 ft wall. At its peak in the 1940's, St. Josephs Convent housed 40 nuns however the numbers have slowly declined in recent years. In the end, with only 8 nuns remaining, the convent closed as it was becoming too expensive to heat and maintain and the work load involved in keeping the nuns self sufficient became unmanagable. The Explore Left work for a weekend of exploring and set off to York. When we arrived at the location it resembled Piccidilly Circus so we retreated to a local pub for a few ales before returning for a second attempt. After negotiating that b****** 20 ft wall and exploring the over grown grounds we found an unlocked door. RESULT! Once inside we soon realised this place had a very very creepy feel about it. Most old abandoned places have a slight creepiness about them but this place at night is utterly terrifiying. With the old building creaking and the wind blowing doors we crept on noticing that some of the upper floor lights were on. Strange for an abandoned building no? Every room we went in held new surprises, from cupboards filled with every bit and bob imaginable, from sowing equipment to bottles of cologne. Theres was an uneasy amout of knives, scythes and other "weapon material" laying around along with a lot of mutilated baby dolls.. Spent about an hour in all before being rudely interupted by the North Yorkshire Police Force Few more photos from the evening; If you got this far, thanks for reading
  6. Kelton convent. Been keeping my eye on this place for some time now finally got my chance and would you believe it all I have with me is a old digital camera and no torch witch explains the bad flash photography. AROUND £7.5m is to be spent to restore a derelict former convent in South Liverpool into luxury apartments. The former Kelton Convent, will be converted into 14 apartments and 26 new flats will also be built in two new wings in the grounds to help pay for the restoration of the existing grade II listed buildings. Liverpool council’s planning committee heard that without the new flats the restoration would not be possible as the work will cost £7.5m but the apartments will sell for less than £5m. Architect Richard Cass told the committee that the building would be restored to its former glory. Thanks for looking.
  7. The present-day Convent of Notre Dame is situated in Derriford, Plymouth, and the chapel was built in 1971 to the designs of a Mr Lane. It contains a stained glass window Father Charles Norris of Buckfast Abbey, Devon, who sadly died in Torbay Hospital on Wednesday May 12th 2004. Cardio Analytics was formed in 1994 by David Morris, still the managing director, and Jeff Batson, still pharma services director. Mr Morris had been senior chief cardiac clinical scientific officer and cardiology manager at Derriford Hospital, while Mr Batson had been the hospital's chief cardiac clinical scientific officer. Both were joined by Ian Jarvis, a chartered accountant who joined the board as finance director in 1999. The company, then based at Richmond Walk, began by providing cardiac investigation ECG services for GPs, but soon expanded into analysing heart scan data for major pharmaceutical firms and clinical research organisations worldwide. After a 1997 move to the former Old Convent of Notre Dame school, in Derriford, the firm expanded again, this time into clinical trialing. The business expanded and moved to rented space at TSP, in 2001 The Original Convent was completely destroyed during the bombing of the Second World War. *sorry about pics were taken on my phone*
  8. This was my first explore. Unfortunately, I had the camera set on a cloudy day setting, hence the orange photo's. Thanks for looking, hope you enjoyed
  9. My first topic on this forum. A convent. From the outside, impossible to expect the real treasure. But what a surprise when we opened the church doors closed since years... rest of set on http://www.flickr.com/photos/haileiselassie/sets/72157635739969685/, facebook https://www.facebook.com/mcphotographyurbex
  10. First visited this site a year ago with one flew east but after a 4am start really couldn't be arsed to shoot anything in here as it wasnt doing much for my creative juices..So a year on we where in the area and myself,Spaceinvader Obscurity and Storm Popped our heads in to see how much it had decayed..still no access into the chapel but its been trashed even more..think it closed down in 2005/2006 .. On with a few pics Dead bird ..as you do... Not exactly epic but a nice wander for a few hours