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Found 5 results

  1. Endless Corridors.. I've had a love of photographing corridors and other vanishing-point perspective shots for a long time now, long before I took a greater interest into the UE world, and old hospitals/asylums tend to present the best ones. Here are a few from different places over the years, feel free to post yours below too! RAF Nocton Hospital - Nov 2013 RAF Nocton Hospital - Apr 2014 Outer Walkways Severalls Hospital - March 2014 Frank Whittles Factory - May 2014 Derby Royal Infirmary - May 2014 Severalls Hospital - Dec 2014 CWM Cokeworks - Mar 2015 North Wales Hospital Denbigh - Mar 2015 Selly Oak Hospital - May 2015 Benenden Hospital - Sep 2015 St. Joseph's Seminary - Oct 2015 St. John's Hospital - Oct 2015 RAE Bedford 3x3 - Nov 2015 RAF Upwood - Jan 2016 W Hospital - Apr 2016 Welsh Hospital - June 2016 RAF West Raynham - July 2016 Bletchley Park - May 2017 T.G. Greens Pottery - Jul 2017 Malsis School - Aug 2017 Let's see yours...
  2. Second to my love of stairs is my love of big long straight things. By which I mean corridors. Fnarrrr. Here are some from this year. Over to you.
  3. History A former Catholic seminary and Licensed Hall of Residence of the University of Durham, covers 400 acres in the village of Ushaw Moor in the UK. It was founded in 1808 by scholars from English College, Douai, who had fled France after that college had been closed during the French Revolution. Ushaw College had been affiliated with the University of Durham since 1968. Until 2011, Ushaw was the principal Roman Catholic seminary in the north of England for the training of Catholic priests; finally closing in 2011 due to the shortage of vocations. The buildings and grounds are now occupied and maintained by the Ushaw charitable trust, and Durham University Business School is using the buildings from April 2012. Explore Visited this whilst on my Durham tour, of all the places and I pick Durham, saying that I have infact had some of the nicest explores here. Was a lovely day, a little chilly. Turned up, parked the car outside some other derelict farm house but didn't go in there. Traipsed across some land to get to the Seminary and found our access point, relatively easy. I had been told this place had gone downhill dramatically and they weren't wrong, but still got some OK shots. Didn't manage to get in to the chapel, that was pretty secure.
  4. Easington Colliery Primary School was built in 1911-13 to accommodate the growing number of children in the booming mining town. The school consisted of two identical buildings separated by two yards with a dividing wall. One building was for boys and the other for girls. The lower floor of each building was for infants and the top floor for seniors. The school could accommodate 1,296 children. Built by architects J Morson of Durham in the Baroque style it cost £21,000 to build. The buildings served their purpose until their closure in the late 1990s. Since then the site was acquired by a development company who applied for planning permission to build 39 homes. English Heritage opposed the plan and achieved listed building status, resulting in the buildings standing empty and falling into decay ever since. Visited with Proj3ct M4yh3m, Kriegaffe9 and Cowboy55. 1. Sunlight floods into a decaying classroom 2. Through a classroom door 3. Decaying Classroom 4. Light fills the classroom 5. Blackboards and chalk remain 6. School-work on a desk 7. Chalk and a dictionary 8. The teachers chair 9. A trolley in the hall 10. One of the sports/assembly halls 11. Another view of one of the halls 12. Decaying corridor 13. Huge windows in corridor 14. Chair in a corridor 15. Light shines on chair 16. Box house 17. "Let's Explore" Books on a desk 18. Chairs in a classroom 19. Another classroom 20. Wide view of classroom 21. Classroom from the back 22. Through classroom door 23. Classroom almost ready for the next lesson 24. Sinks in a bathroom 25. Old cloakroom area 26. Cloakroom with sink and drinking fountain 27. Tall rooms with high ceilings and big windows 28. Another tall classroom 29. Decay at top of stairs Thanks for looking. View all my reports at www.bcd-urbex.com
  5. NK spotted this one on the way back from one of her 'Kids!! I'm bored!! Lets go see what we can find!!' afternoon jaunts... Another bostin find from the 'hawkeyed welly wonder'!! Made for a lovely early morning mooch, with the dawn light streaming through the top floor windows and the school clock tick, tock, ticking away in the background! BLISS!!!! Here's my take... Hope you like... Thanks for lookin' in yow lot!!