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Found 7 results

  1. This courthouse is more then 14o years old. It has been empty for some years now and has a lot of treasures to offer. The courthouse is just huge. Many aisles, stairwells, offices and 14 boardrooms. In the entire building is still a lot of equipment available, the heaters are still running and the electricity is not turned off. In the basement, the light is burning in some rooms, files are still lying around and all the electric clocks in the house are still running.
  2. The purpose-built County Court in Burton Upon Trent opened in 1862 featuring a three storey Italianate stone facade. Inside the courthouse features a double height courtroom with high-level arched windows around every wall, flooding the room with light. The original ornate balustrade survives in the entrance hall, but most of the building has been modernised over the years. The building closed in March 2013 and has been disused ever since. Visited with @SpiderMonkey
  3. One of the last locations on the Jupilerrrrr tour with Baron and Mega Magpie Masa von Derpminge. The night before the explore, we agreed to hit this place early doors, myself and Baron spotted a small pub and decided to refresh ourselves with a light ginger ale, Mega Magpie Masa was tired and stayed back in the apartment. That night, we met the cunt santa claus, drank copious amounts of chilled honey vodka and innumerable blonde beers, oh and a few jagers added to the mix. The bar was meant to close at 11pm I think, at 2am we found ourselves opening the door on a taxi to go to a nightclub, I realised how mad we would be if we missed the courthouse, and pulled Baron back to the apartment. Early doors, we stumbled around and found ourselves outside the courthouse, me being an idiot, didn't look round before trying to dive under a herras fence, only to be shouted at by the German Police car driving up the road, quickly pulling myself up, the police pull up beside me, ask what i am doing, in my best scottish accent (gibberish) exclaimed "fell over officer, too much vodka!" They looked at me, probably couldn't be hooped dealing with a drunk scotsman and off we toddled round the back of the site and through another fence. Thanks for looking!
  4. 1. As is often the case with some of these European locations I have been unable to source a great deal of information about this abandoned Courthouse in Germany. What we do know is that the building opened in 1910 and was the home to the Internal Affairs Agency and the District Court. The building closed in 2009 when the Courts were transferred into a new modern building. Developers currently have control of the site and much of the inside had been stripped back to block work or demolished. The grand entrance hall with its maze of staircases are one of the few remaining original features and these were reason enough to add this place to our list of locations for the trip. Visited the abandoned Courthouse with Lowri, Matt and Andy de Kay. This was our second attempt at this place after we tried only a few months before… The place is a bit of a concrete maze inside but fortunately it didn’t take too much figuring out before we managed to locate the main attraction, the dominating staircases just inside the main entrance.. The building is clearly being worked on by contractors and having arrived at the spot pretty early before daylight, we had assumed we might struggle for lighting… We were quite pleasantly surprised when we discovered that the whole entrance hall had been careful lit with strip lights presumably by contractors. Rather than randomly placed the lights were pretty evenly spaced and symmetrical which meant we had some pretty nice light for shooting in the early hours until we had a bit more natural light to compliment it. Although limited to only 2 rooms the detail in the architecture was something else at this place and I could have quite happily shot here for hours, we were however on a little bit of a schedule so after a couple of hours we were on our way to the next location. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Higher res copies of the above photos and a few more from this place on my website if you are interested: Stairporn Courthouse
  5. Various Visits with -Raz- and a selection of non members Bit of History; Built in 1806/7, this building was origninally the town hall for sheffield. It was extending in1833 and again in 1866 this time with the addition of the clock tower. In the 1890's the town hall was converted into the Crown court house as it was now too small for the growing population of sheffield to be a viable town hall. The courts used to be linked to the near by police station however these tunnels have now been bricked up. In the 1990's the courts moved to the new premisis and the last attendance was on the 27th of October 1995 leaving the old court house to rot. The building is now Grade 2 listed and is considered one of the most at risk buildings by the victorian society. Explores; Always a good one dispite the close proximity to the police station and high streets of lower sheffield, and the addition of the noisiest, most awkward entrance known to man, this is usually a quiet explore where you can really get a feel for the place. Every time i have been we have been joined by other explorers such as TrevBish. On one particular explore we arrived a little early so we slept in the courts for a few hours waiting for the place to get light! Never ever turn down a selfie oppurtunity! Apologies for the HDR in this one, i did go through a stage where everything was ruined by it If you got this far, thanks for reading
  6. A large justice building undergoing renovations. There is only one room worth seeing here, but what a room it is!! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Thanks for looking you can find the full set here
  7. Visited solo. I'm really, really not used to solo exploring. I have a penchant for crumbling at the slightest hint of danger (security mostly), but I really didn't want to waste the little time I had to explore! So after a morning bimbling round scrapyards, I end up here. This one's probably the hottest new site I've seen on the UK exploring scene since Berkyn in terms of traffic, and rightfully so. Beautifully ornate throughout, plenty of unaltered features from when it was built, and with a perfect level of decay; I found it pretty amazing to see a lot the place still powered up like the day it left yet other areas the floors have collapsed! But who's paying the electricity bill I wonder? The owner hasn't exactly made themselves known! Closed since 1997, I bring you the Sheffield Courthouse, a brilliant timewarp of the Victorian era. Because I was on my own I was bound to be a little worried, but it has to be said that whilst getting in isn't difficult, it's bloody noisy and embarrassing! I dithered for a bit outside until someone came up to me from nearby: Him- "Do you want to go in there and take pictures?" Me - "Yeah, just come over here from Manchester." Him- "OK, go for it. I've seen about 5 people come out this morning!" Nevertheless, after nearly falling and making a hell of a noise I was in. Brilliant. I took time to familiarise myself with my surroundings (given it's in the city centre you can hear clear voices, making it difficult to discern whether anyone is inside or not). It took a while to realise there was no-one inside the building with me, although looking around there were clear signs of people using it as a hideout, not to mention hearing plenty of voices there was more than one time where I bolted to another part of the place thinking there was someone just loitering round the corner! This meant that I covered every key part, but at the same time I could've done a better job capturing certain parts instead of running from one place to another. The biggest disappointment of the day, however, came in the form of the clocktower. I love clocktowers. But alas, this was not to be; anyone who's explored with me knows I have a phobia of flapping pigeons. In the mighty duel battle of being able to see the clocktower without having a mouthful of feathers and clothes covered in shit, the pigeon won! Using utterly ridiculous methods I attempted to lure the pigeon out of the clocktower and get him to leave, but this was to no avail; the pigeon ended up flying further up the clocktower. Bollocks! Whilst inspecting the bowels of the court, I found something pretty amazing! This passage, though long since bricked up led into the cellar of the pub next door, supposedly forming a wide ranging and intricate range of underground tunnels which were used as a clandestine way of getting round the city. Mindblowing! And to conclude, the ubiquitous cells, unaltered since they were built. On a final note, I wouldn't quite call it an all-time favourite, but seeing stuff like this pop up on the exploring network is really positive; for all the talk about the exploring scene in the UK being as sparsely decorated as a cherry tree in winter, places like this breathe new life into it. It'll be interesting to see what will happen with the place in a few years time though, with it's poor condition and lack of attention from the owner. Love as always, Ps. Every time I try to do a selfie looking like a hard arse I fail miserably, so I smiled instead lol :gay