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Found 3 results

  1. Such a beautiful abandoned villa in Italy. I couldn't believe my eyes when I entered this huge hallway with a stunning ceiling and painted walls. There is also a chapel, but we had to be very quiet, I didn't take a look, cause it was very noisy. Probably you have seen this one before, but I couldn't choose wich one to show you #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12
  2. 4am and my alarms screaming " its splore time " whooooop!! its the only time i ever manage to fall out of bed smiling we were both like excited school kids on this one and she did not dissapoint us...however the entry was one unlike we have never come across before... never before have i ever had to strip off and squeeze backwards through a gap our bags only just fit through, to be confronted by ice cold water you then have to plunge into up to your waist and try to negotiate floating chairs and beer crates in order to avoid hypothermia and reach dry land! it just gets better!! the place is simply beautiful and although work has started she had so many lovely features left...A true little gem this one...Splored as always with my partner in crime PS.. top one tink! on with the pics...PS will follow with him...Theatre Royal............... QUICK YOUR ON...GET BACK IN!!!
  3. More of a visit on a weekend away than an explore. (Mrs PowerSurge wouldn’t let me take my kit along ) I’ve stayed in Portsmouth and Southsea before but never really walked though the area. I have a keen interest in Military sites and loved visiting Drop Redoubt near Dover, Kent. I was amazed when I found this site just behind where I was staying. Spur Redoubt dates back to 1680 where as the Long Curtain (The Grass Embankment) is a little bit younger dating back to 1730. This particular area has strong connections to Lord Nelson and is recorded as been the route that he would have taken to board his ship HMS Victory prior to going to the Battle of Trafalgar. These sites are open to the general public; I found them very interesting and full of history. Here are my pics from the visit Spur Redoubt The view of the Spur from Long Curtain Long Curtian Walkway On The Long Curtain