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Found 5 results

  1. Set in a picturesque valley in southern Germany lies this abandoned paper mill with it's own power plant. It contains two turbine halls, two boiler houses and much much more. It's about as good as an industrial site can get, it's got everything. Visited with @extreme_ironing, @Andy, @MiaroDigital, Monkey and Christina. Massive thank you to Andy for letting us all sleep in his cave and making us packed lunches! Sorry it's a few months old but I've been a busy boy!! Recent reports suggest it's still pretty much in the same time capsule state now. Amazing place. 1. Turbines dating back as early as the 1920s 2. 3. 4. This turbine hall dates back to 1956 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. The control panel for the more modern of the two boiler houses 20. 21. 22. 23. The older of the two boiler houses 24. 25. 26. 27. Up on tit roof 28. 29. 30. What better than schnitzels and beers to finish off a killer day! Thanks for looking!
  2. Hi all, Some pictures taken at "Cyklonkessel"
  3. Thanks a lot to Andy W for having us at his place over the weekend and to him and Miaro for showing us around. I've always wanted to check this place out and managed to find the location out awhile back, got to visit it as part of a little road trip with The_Raw and Monkey, along with our hosts Andy Winkler and Miaro Digital + friend. (is she on here?). The powerplant sits in an industrial site of sorts in a picturesque German valley, there's an old abandoned paper mill next door which I used to believe was the power station's reason for being, but now I'm assuming this was a stand alone power generation facility. Machinery was dating back to the 30's in places, and it's possibly older than that. There were two turbine halls with very distinct equipment located within each, along with a separate boiler house which I didn't photograph extensively but was quite fun to clamber around, the stairs in that building are probably going to collapse under someone soon.. The paper mill next door I didn't get a single picture of because we were mucking about trying to sneak into the live building next door, ended up exploring some completely unrelated tunnels round the corner. It's mostly cleared out, but if we hadn't been spoiled with so much industrial loveliness in the power plant it would probably have been more interesting. It has been covered elsewhere though. My pics are below, you can click on them for full res. The namesake control panel. This room was located just off from the older of the two turbine halls, full of old admin documents mostly, the roof is collapsed above here. The older of the two turbine halls. And the relatively newer one. A small laboratory. Industrial �$%& The chimney had been sawed off after only so high a climb unfortunately. The_Raw doing his selfie thing... it's not easy to show how precarious this was, we're several stories up and the platform he's on is only held in place by a loose firehose. ;/ I've not done it justice really.. well worth checking out if you're fond of old industry, loved exploring the place. Cheers for looking and thanks again Andy and Miaro.
  4. After the vintage delights of Dr Dents, it was time for the 'main event'!... Another 3 and a half hours drive and I was there, a few hours kip and up with the lark! And what a setting!! Picture postcard German valley cloaked in mist and thick with forest, alive with sounds of the dawn chorus, but I'm not here for the resident nature! So after brisk walk I was soon in and face to face with this... ...CYKLONKESSEL... As always, thanks for looking!!
  5. This amazing place was at the top of my list on a recent trip to Germany with sammydoublewammy, Oldskool and Cloakedup. I have to give a massive thanks to jST who first reported on this last year, i know how long he had searched for this so sharing it was much appreciated mate, and it certainly does not disappoint and was the highlight of the trip for me. The level of decay, the fact it's pretty much untouched by graff/vandalism and any obvious theft means its just about perfect. I'm not going into lots of history, the plant dates back to the 1920/30s and the original turbine hall from then is still pretty much intact...........i'll just let the images tell the story. Cheers for looking