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Found 4 results

  1. The Congoleum factory in hamilton nj or as its used too look..its rubble now The statues are from the nearby grounds for sculpture.. I wasent the 1st person in to explore parts of it were in ptich dark... ghost of the past i guess this help factory workers dream of better days this area was filled with odd sounds ghostly sounds other buildings were well on their way out last cup This place was very haunted voices everywhere..banging and footsteps.. My name gets called..my departed brothers name is called.....i wonder where those ghost are now the site was massive staium sized but its all gone
  2. I have been meaning to get here for years and over Halloween weekend I finally made it. It didn’t disappoint, the place is awesome packed full of treasures that have been left behind after the 1986 evacuation. We had a two day private tour of the zone and took in various sights over the two days. We had a cracking guide who had no problem in letting us into the buildings even though the official line is that it is prohibited to enter them! I'm not sure how many guides actually stick to those rules and that's fine by me! So, in no particular order here a few pictures of some of the stuff we did see. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12 #13 #14 #15 #16 #17 #18 #19 #20 #21 #22 #23 #24
  3. Not much of a poster any more, but went out with friends and got some shots of Rauceby, Whittingham and St John's Asylums, histories haven't changed since the last reports. A nice reminder that it's not about the most epic or gas masks or fancy dress or hdr or not hdr it's about having fun with friends and taking shots you enjoy while soaking up the history and atmosphere. Well there you go. Pictures and stuff of asylums. Just friends hanging out.
  4. Started off after i found this nice crane not too far from Huddersfield on google as you do !, went saw Hmmmmmm nice old quarry crane, took a few shots until i ere's 'OY get of my land'..... security was having none of it ... well i was on the right side to hit the rail tunnel Standedge so off i popped to the Diggle end.....normal way in was wet...hold on rope on the middle tunnel gate !, walking over no lock ah ! reet better than gettin mucky n wet, open string open gate caveman in shut gate tie string wolla all's good.....walking up to the first opening on my left with steps going down through the small passage up the steps across the wooden floor covering the canal and hey presto just where i wanna be live tracks..... so i was about to set my camera up when the air pressure statred to change and the sound of a train approaching....kneeling down i had the (pardon the pun) biggest blow job of my life pretty noisy too then a back suction as the train goes by.....woot well different.....keep setting up camera then on with the pic i was after next back to middle tunnel and a shot looking deep into 3.14 miles of goodiness just about to take my next shot when i thought i heard a train...hell was i wrong ! turning around i saw what i didn't wanna see......a 4WD coming through the entrance straight for me, mad dash into the side passage (could not get the other way into tunnel 1 as a big mesh was over the passage, trying frantically to de rig tripod in pitch black and noisy 4WD getting closer lighting the tunnel i had come from......now thinking fek !!! caveman's going 2 be in trouble ere.....finally getting tripod down but still attached to the camera and bag on back i turned round to see a second worse nightmare !!!!! bloody canal is now getting lit .......voices now been heard from the canal either checking it or a bloody through trip and they will be looking into where i was kacking it from the 4WD !!!!! i now scurry into the underside of a smaller passage by the steps which removes the water from tunnel 1...only prob now is boat when passing will still see me.....errrrr sod it back out and up steps to live tunnel and try and make a break for it out of the live tunnel.......just on the tracks and then my life flashed through my small brain pulling a funny face like that will bloody do owt !.....another train coming this time from behind me sh!t back into where i just come out seconds after train passes nearest track, peg it again (think by now adrenalin was through the roof) down stairs across heavily lit side tunnel up other steps out into the tunnel with the 4WD look left there at the Cathedral part.....nick keep close to wall n move......move fast !!!...of i go straight down a hole with the right leg crashing onto the floor bust knee but i'm on a high and no camera damage....get up n move you fekkin idiot.....seconds later i'm out black n blue with my camera under my arm, bag on back wearing a caving helmet.....gotta move fast as i could not tal;k my way out of this if anyone comes.....retreat like the plague has landed.....4 mins later im on the bridge looking to the fun hole if you look closely the bars are not covering the entrence showing the gate wide open.....i waited 15 mins but no 4WD all i now can think is they saw me and are checking the tunnel...sod it get outa here its not worth the wait !..... On the way back i come across this very nice horse statue, poss better if i go back on a night me thinks ! so times is knocking on and off to a reet nice mill i've had my eye on for a while not too far and its on the way back to hudds.....fail, shame ! just one picture as no way in, bottom windows now have been bloody bricked up !, I think this mill would hold many goodies... mad dash time to hunt a mine, found the rich water and a day hole back filled at the entrance shame it needs digging out Sluice gate holes......need a handle to get in here bet its back filled with well bad water....hope from the mine near by ! time to get going home...times is really knocking on, going back and now darkness dropping in hit the crane again hope not the security guard...