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Found 5 results

  1. Thanks for inviting me into this site, very nice to meet some fellow urbexers I´ve been urbexing for 5 years, now mostly outside of DK.. I´ve been to UK, Germany, France, Luxemburg and Belgium and seen a lot of amazing sites so far. Im always looking for new great explores and would love to meet up and make some new urbexfriends too x BlackBird
  2. Hi, I just created a profile, and would just say hello. I come from Denmark, and has been featured in oblivionstate on facebook for some years. I Was invited to create a profile, and here I am now trying to navigate the site
  3. DOMUS VISTA Domus Vista During Construction 1968-1969 � borrowed from The Royal Library Domus Vista is a giant, built in 1968-1969, an impressive 102 meters tall, 30 floors and housing 470 apartments. It's the tallest residential building in Denmark, and the second tallest in Scandinavia, only beaten by The Turning Torso in Malmo. In the early 1970s it housed a hotel fully equipped with living rooms, banquet facilities and a restaurant. It did however shut down. The building itself is still in use, a small mall, a library and apartments. The building was designed by Ole Hagen. A meeting between the architect and the fire department. Photo by: J. Zimling. Downloaded from http://danskebilleder.dk Domus Vista during construction. Photo by: Erik Hansen, 1968. Downloaded from http://danskebilleder.dk Let's take a look at how it looks now Going for the top by CuriousGeorgeUrbex, on Flickr Well above the ground by CuriousGeorgeUrbex, on Flickr Inner city by CuriousGeorgeUrbex, on Flickr A nice overview of Copenhagen. The light furthest away is Sweden. You can't put your feet on the ground until you've touched the sky. by CuriousGeorgeUrbex, on Flickr Thanks for looking !
  4. This big house lies hidden in the woods, and has been abandoned for several years. . . A superb locaton with so many items and furnitures - a unique place, hope you'll enjoy these pictures. if you like my pics, please visit & "like" my page, www.facebook.com/The.Abandoned.Denmark
  5. Show's over everyone. Go home! Small cinema, closed for economical reasons. There are however plans for putting it up for use again :0) If you like my photos, please give my facebook-page "a like" ..... cheers!