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Found 26 results

  1. Found this one quite by chance driving around looking for things to see the house is totally secure but some interesting bits in the sheds Seems like the "current" owner was a professional photographer back in the day; no recent records of him When was google maps last done? 2012? it was showing up there as unoccupied
  2. Derp Cars We've all seen them on our travels so i thought i'd start a little themed thread for them. Heres a couple from a few derp-houses that i've snapped from Calcott and Worthen Farmhouse i think. Feel free to add yours too! Now lets see yours!
  3. Not seen this one about, so why not!
  4. So this is my first post on this forum, I found out about these houses on a Abandoned Lincolnshire group on Facebook and thought they were definitely worth a trip, but... the first trip wasn't very successful, the address for these houses took us to two houses on the other side of Withcall that were at one point abandoned but have since been knocked down, so after about half an hour of looking around it became very clear the houses weren't there. After talking to the person who posted them originally and finding out the real location we headed back up to find them. We had to make sure we kept quiet as there is a neighbor attached to the 2nd station house and we weren't sure they'd have appreciated a night time visit from 3 explorers haha. Access to the house is easy, the doors being left open is always convenient. Walking around the houses only took 30 minutes or so , but was still a nice little explore. It's one of them places that besides a few repairs and some serious wallpapering, it looks like the family could just walk back through the front door and pick up their lives where they left off which gave the houses a real creepy vibe. I guess that's all that really needs to be said about these houses. Here's a few pictures: Thanks for reading:)
  5. Hello, another from my long long long list of shitty cottages I have to post up on here tp convert you to the deeply weird realm of cottaging! Found this almost my accident whilst exploring with a couple friends, after walking what felt like miles through small forests, over streams, up and down heather marsh lands and over several feilds to visit some of the shittest derps you could probably imagine, I spotted this on the way down the wild hills. We took a chance as it was on a live farm, found the door open and decided to pop in for 30 mins and grabbed some pics. We all felt a bit uneasy as it was a live farm and decided to get out quickly, just as we were closing the door a car came down the drive way, and we bolted like a mini heard of highland cows stampeding our way down the side of the house and over a few fences to safety. Never been back, but one day I will! Thanks for cuming cottaging with me
  6. How to post a report using Flickr Flickr seems to change every time the wind changes direction so here's a quick guide on how to use it to post a report... Step 1 - Explore and take pictures Step 2 - Upload your chosen pictures to Flickr like this.. Step 3 - Once your images are successfully uploaded to flickr choose a category for the location that you have visited... Step 4 - Then "Start New Topic".. You will then see this screen... Step 5 - Now you are ready to add the image "links", known as "BBcodes", which allow your images to display correctly on forums.. Step 6 - Then click "select" followed by "view on photo page".. Now select "Share" shown below.. Step 7-13 - You will then see this screen... Just repeat those steps for each image until you're happy with your report and click "submit topic"! You can edit your report for 24 hours after posting to correct errors. If you notice a mistake outside of this window contact a moderator and they will happily rectify the problem for you
  7. An abandoned farm somewhere in the Belgian countryside... LOVELY!! ...Chez Bobonne... Thanks for 'avin a gander
  8. After 18 months and 3 failed attempts it finally happened! An incredibly photogenic little Belgian farmhouse... ...Maison Gustav... Thanks for stoppin' by folks...
  9. Yes... Another abandoned house in the depths of Derpville! 'Maison L'Oiseau Bleu' Well, that's the last tours photos done n dusted... More to come though as ive just got back from another! TA FOR LOOKIN IN!!
  10. I'm gonna miss out a couple of locations from me n Oldskools recent 'Euro Derpation' and skip on to this remarkable little house... Absolutely rammed with dusty memories and little trinkets, I could have EASILY spent all day here... 'The Little Green House' Thanks for lookin' in...
  11. Not sure what to say about this one... No idea about the history or really what it was! Family home? Religious order of some sort? One part looked like it could've been used for a shop... Maybe one of our Euro counterparts could throw some light on it...All I know is its BLOODY LOVELY!!! ...Cenobium B... As always... Thanks for taking a look!
  12. Off to Europe again! Belgium, Luxembourg and a bit of France thrown in for good measure... Met up with that Oldskool fella and kicked off the exploratory proceedings with this fantastic church... and a bacon n egg sarnie... ...Raven Church... Thanks for lookin'... More up soon...
  13. Originally I thought this was a random turret! spotted it on the ode GE months ago and was going past so I thought Id check it out. Access was creative and the place was serious derp. It wasnt until after I got back that I stumbled upon some info and turns out its way more interesting the thought previously I might have looked abit more closely to the upper floor had a realised (although I didnt fancy the 9 remaining stairs held up by a pole smaller than a washing line prop!) Any way background info, The remains of the mill, built around the beginning of the nineteenth century, tower strikingly above the surrounding houses. Although the sails are long gone and the upper section has been modified and added to over the years, the mill is still a remarkable sight - and all the more interesting because of its varied history. The tower has a slight taper until the later cylindrical portion is reached; it is roughly five storeys - some fifty feet - high, with a crenellated top, also added later. Mentioned in the Birmingham Gazette, it came up for sale by Edward Rigby in both 1826 and 1828. We know that Thomas Jennings worked it from 1835 to 1841, and in 1841 the Midland Counties Herald shows it being advertised by local builder M. Salt with a shop and cottage. Shortly thereafter, it was purchased by Mr. Moses Eyland, founder of the famous Walsall firm of buckle and spectacle makers Eyland & Sons, Ltd, of Lower Rushall Street (that factory having been converted into apartments in recent years). His son Charles Eyland, Mayor of Walsall 1857 - 58, inherited the property, having left his house in Lichfield Street for Hope Cottage, which stood in its own grounds adjoining the mill. During the Eyland ownership the mill was worked by James Griffiths, who lived in the cottage opposite the malthouse, and it seems to have fallen into disuse between 1864 - 1868. After this Charles Eyland removed the mill machinery, including the two grindstones. Appreciating what a wonderful view could be obtained from the top storey of the tower, Mr. Eyland rebuilt, raised and comfortably furnished the top room, fitting a fireplace and laying a carpet. Often he would go up for a quiet smoke and to contemplate the fine panorama. To aid his viewing he arranged a mirror on the camera obscura principle, so that the four compass directions could be seen in one glass. In 1890 Charles Eyland died, and the mill passed to Charles Newbold Eyland, About 1919 the tower was struck by lightning, knocking down a piece of the parapet. One evening several men arrived claiming they had been asked to repair the roof. Their 'repairing' consisted of stripping the old place of its lead, and away they went with a haul worth many pounds, never to be seen again. Deprived of its protective covering the roof sprang a leak and the inside walls were marked. The general soundness of the brickwork, however, remained a tribute to the workmanship of bricklayers in days gone by. On the death of Charles Newbold Eyland in 1925, the mill was bought by George Skidmore. At the time Mr. Skidmore was famed for his remarkable record in playing cricket for more than sixty years. Mr. Skidmore, who had for many years been interested in astronomy, supervised the rebuilding of the tower, re-pointing the brickwork and raising the parapet by about two feet, adding to the crenellations, so that it could be converted into an astronomical observatory. The floors were relaid with concrete on the oak beams, intending the construction to be more solid than ever, and new stairs were built. George Skidmore then installed a large equatorial refracting telescope, and at the time spoke with pride of its fine lens, its view finder, and its clockwork motor drive whereby it was possible to set the telescope on any star and ensure that it would be followed in its course across the heavens. During the Second World War, Highgate Windmill's commanding position made it the natural choice for use as an observation post by local Air Raid Patrol wardens, and for years it was manned by them every night. By the 1960's the mill had fallen into disrepair, becoming covered in ivy, and it appears to have changed little since then, though it is now much less overgrown. Today the windmill remains privately owned, and although not open to the public, it is a fascinating sight.
  14. Stop off No 4 and one of the sites I was REALLY looking forward to... On a quiet German street, in a quiet German town lies this remarkable old dentists house, with its surgery left pretty much as it was when it saw its last patient... Without a doubt one of my BEST explores yet!! Hope you enjoy... ...Dr Dents... As always, thanks for lookin'
  15. Friday night and plans for mine n NK's 'Wild West' shenanigans go tits up! NK's lurgied up with the flu!! Hmmmm... What to do? AHA!! Nearly kill myself by impalement on pallisade and entanglement in a sea of razor wire? Yeah, just the job!!Bit extreme for an ole derp you might think!! But WHAT A DERP!! ...BULL MANOR... As always... Thanks for lookin!!
  16. Yep... Another quirky abandoned house somewhere within the confines of a small European town... ...Maison Theo... Thanks for lookin in...
  17. 2nd stop on my recent Euro jaunt was this DELIGHTFUL Belgian manor house... Chock full of bits n pieces AND people by the time I had to go! Really is VERY popular at the moment and its easy to see why... ...MANOIR DP... Thanks for looking... Germany up next
  18. Yet another abandoned doctors house full of goodies! Furniture, clothes, books, medical implements and THOSE medicine cabinets!! Wanted this one BADLY! So I was over the moon to finally get it... ...Dr G's Eurology Emporium... More Euro lovelies coming soon... Thanks for looking!!
  19. Day 3 of the N.K.P.S 1100 Belgium Tour and me n the Welly Queen are up with the lark and hotfooting it to the days first location and in keeping with the rest of the tours sites its a walk in!! Which was nice!! We decide to work from the bottom up and find a huge collection of files and plans in the cellar all slowly but steadily decaying! NICE!! Up into the rest of the house and its just as good! Stacks of goodies left behind, pristine rooms that give the impression that the residents have popped down the shops and contrasting ones which give the impression that the house is about to fall down! And to top it all off a collection of stuffed birds!! Cant beat a bit of taxidermy!! Enough waffle... Heres some pics from both of us... ENJOY!! ...VILLA HEIL... ...The Cellars... ...Ground Floor... ...Upstairs... Thanks for lookin' in...
  20. NK spotted this one on the way back from one of her 'Kids!! I'm bored!! Lets go see what we can find!!' afternoon jaunts... Another bostin find from the 'hawkeyed welly wonder'!! Made for a lovely early morning mooch, with the dawn light streaming through the top floor windows and the school clock tick, tock, ticking away in the background! BLISS!!!! Here's my take... Hope you like... Thanks for lookin' in yow lot!!
  21. ...OLD HOGEY... Now we've got that xmas nonsense out of the way, I thought it was time to share the rest of the N.K.P.S 1100 Belgium Tour... After the AWESOME Maison Morphine and with the light quickly fading, we needed something fairly close by finish off day2, Chateau Hogemeyer would be just the job! Unfortunately I'd left the details for it at home! BUGGER!! A quick text back to blighty and we were sorted... Cheers Baron!! Derp could be one way of describing this one, but derp on a GRAND scale!! It would be a very short lived mooch if it wasn't for the collection of old motors round the back. Still, a splendid way to end day 2's shenanigans... Pics from the pair of us as always, ENJOY!! Thanks for lookin in... Day 3 will be up soon...
  22. After 3 days of super sweet Belgian coffee, Coca Cola, pastries, waffles, burgers, and, of course, MILLIONS of roll ups, the 1100 Belgium Tour had taken it's toll on me and NK's teeth making them DESPERATE for a scrape and polish!! Unfortunately, our teeth were in such a HORRENDOUS state, the dentist suffered a nervous breakdown and had to go home for a lie down... Time for a bit of D.I.Y... WELCOME TO ...VILLA CAVITY... And that's it... Myself and NK would like to thank you all for taking the time to check out our Euro adventures, hopefully much, MUCH more to come in 2014!!!
  23. You join me n NK as we draw near to the end of day 1 of 'The N.K.P.S 1100 Belgium Tour', by this point we'd both been awake for about 32 hours but fuelled with copious amounts of coffee and roll ups, we forged ahead to our next destination... By Belgian standards its a bit fooked, by UK standards though its a bit nice!! Heres some pics from the pair of us... ...Villa Doktor... And just enough time in the day to fit another one in!! Bit of a strange one this... Felt a bit 'weird'! But still very photogenic due to all the bits left behind, although some thieving little shite has half inched the skull AND the living room lights!! GRRRR!! ...Maison Islam... And there it is... 1 day down, 2 to go! Oh, and we've got some night visits show ya too!! KEEP 'EM PEELED... N.K.P.S OUT!!
  24. Day 2, site 2 on the 'N.K.P.S 1100 Belgium Tour' and after an unexpected lay in at Motel Das Wahlfart and a quick breakfast of coffee, Belgian pastries and roll ups we arrived at the one at the top of our list, and BOY did it deliver!! An abandoned doctors surgery... Implements and drugs still in situ... Clothes in the wardrobes... Tidy looking motor in the garage... And to top it all off? An urbex badger!! Had a good 3 hours in here and it wasn't enough!! (No pics from NK on this report unfortunately, she's got computer issues!! She'll pop some up once it's sorted) 'Take a seat, the doctor while see you shortly' ...MAISON MORPHINE... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Vorsprung Derp Technic (As they say in Belgium) Thanks for lookin in peeps... Still a couple more sites to report on! So keep 'em peeled!!
  25. Evening Oblivionistas!!! Welcome back to the continued adventures of N.K.P.S. on our recent '1100 Belgium Tour'... After our Antwerp Hell Drive and After Dark Pickled Pig Excursion on day 1, we were a bit knackered, so being as tight as the proverbial drum we decided on a derp establishment to rest our weary swedes... 'WELCOME TO THE MOTEL DAS WAHLFART' (Pictures from both of us as usual) 'Right then bab... Time for Maison Morphine! Hop on I'll give yer a backy... That's it for now peeps... Keep em peeled for the next remedial instalment!!