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Found 4 results

  1. My Visit - This one was quite fun, although there is not many items left to see, its a great walk under Liverpool, with some nice stone and brickwork to see. We arrived quite early, and had absolutely no trouble finding and getting into the tunnel, the rest is best seen in pictures!
  2. Explored with Raz Now we've all seen this from time to time on old reports but nothing has really been documented for quite some time, and the reason for this is the building is well, fucked. However, dont judge a derp by its exterior, venture inside and see what we found!! Short History; Built in 1948 & officially opened in 1949, Lord Line served the trawling industry until 1975 when the dock closed. Many attempts were made to restore and give this building a new life but all failed. Now day by day this handsome building is losing its grandeur. Left to decay, rot and fall into pieces, it seems unlikely the building will survive. The Explore; One sunny day April myself and Raz decided to break my new car in with a tour of the best derps Humberside had to offer, and derps they were!! After a stop at the most disgusting place i've ever been, namely Rank Hovis, called Rank because it was RANK. We headed to an industrial platground with a huge tower and had some fun climbing about and laughing (tastelessly) at a nearby mill called ISIS Mill. On our way back we stopped off for the ritual McDonalds and saw this old wreck in the distance. With a few hours of day light to kill we headed on over and met a group of 3 12(ish) year olds who were running around the incredibly dangerous site. Anyway in we went and found that instead of the boring square room shithole we were expecting, we found that every room was a different shape and the staircase, knackered as it was, was still really pleasing to look at Not a spectacular location but well worth a mooch if your nearby If you got this far, thanks for looking
  3. I had finished my work for the day and the route home was diverted due to the M62 being shut so I decided that as I was in the area and hadn't seen a report from the docks for quite a while that I would pay the utility tunnel a visit A little History; Moving the large steel plate covering the entrance I was greeted with a smell of stale water, I dropped down and immediately sank into knee deep mud, the wellies just didn't cut it this is wader territory but it was to late to worry about that now the tunnel ran off in both directions so I set off in to the mud Sadly 90% of my pictures blurred from my tripod slowly sinking into the mud so I guess a return visit will be on the cards
  4. Histroy A commercial port in Cornwall has cease trading and axe nearly 200 jobs as part of cuts carried out by a china clay company. The cuts at Par Docks are part of plans announced earlier in the week by Imerys to make 800 workers redundant. The docks will stop being used for ships exporting clay, and two-thirds of the site's clay dryers will close. Imerys said it regretted the cuts, but said they were necessary to protect the future of its business. Massive blow The company blamed high energy prices, a weak dollar and strong overseas competition for significant business losses. The move is a massive blow for the area, which was originally built to provide housing for clay workers at the docks. China clay is piped to the harbour near St Austell in slurry form and then dried at the docks' dryers before being exported by boat, road or rail. The dryers for paper-coating clay will close by the end of 2007, but the dryers for performance minerals and ceramics clay will be unaffected. County and borough councillor, Joan Vincent, said the closure would badly affect the area, especially after a large amount had recently been spent there to help the china clay industry. She said: "The county council has spent a vast amount of money to alter Skew Bridge to get lorries under there." She said that money had now been wasted.