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Found 7 results

  1. I visited this place back in March this year but was unable to get, so all I did was a video of the outside.. https://youtu.be/zHgUYWhIeCk But as I was going past the place on route to another I thought Id give it another try, bingo I was in, nature has certainly taken over now. and its been well and truly plundered https://youtu.be/HIWBL1nx5pU
  2. A long overdue revisit to this lovely farmhouse in the Welsh countryside. Getting in was a tad more difficult this time due to Mr Farmer chucking great piles of cow s**t round any access points and doing a 'Rayner' and letting his prize Hereford bull roam the site! Luckily though, he was more interested in his 'harem' than he was with me... ...RED DRESS MANOR... by A couple more UK derps to post up and then its back to Europe! Ta for lookin'
  3. We jumped back onto the M25 and made our way back around towards Kent. This house was the main attraction of the day for me and it didn't disappoint, I've wanted to go here for ages and I loved the place. We parked the cars and as it was a very long walk we just grabbed what was needed. ME! when we got there had forgotten my tripod so the ISO went up and they were take hand held, not a problem in the house but some of the side building were quite dark. This was a old stables and after talking to the fella from next door (Who was quite irate when he first saw us, but settled down when we started talking about the place) it seams like the lady of the house died and the fella had to be put in a home. The house now belongs to the government who wants to knock it down (With next door ) and in the fellas words "Build footballers mansions" It would be a shame as the place is so stunning. Full set here https://www.flickr.com/photos/cunningplan/sets/72157645135726390/ Hope you like as much as I did
  4. I know this site has been done to death but I wanted to visit it before it got publicised and thankfully I did. Visited one wet weekend in October just before it was splashed all over the Daily Mail website with location and all given. I just hope it doesn’t go all down hill from now and gets destroyed like Potters Manor…. It was my first UK explore since earlier this year as I turned more to Europe now. A relatively quick visit but the place still has some good parts to see. I won’t bore you with details as history has been well documented here and now the Daily Mail, so here is my take on this place. Pictures:
  5. Cosy Manor of the Red Dress, September 2013. Looks like this place has had a lot of attention as late, but it was a location i been wanting to go see for a age now and as me and Mrs LP had some time on are hands we decided to go pay her a visit and so glad we did, the place has been pretty much covered , this is my take hope you enjoy ? Thanks so much for taking the time to look
  6. They, whoever 'they' are, say nothing ventured nothing gained. So given that the location is near my birthplace and the old stamping ground, off I went. The adrenaline was proper pumping - I was of course on my tod, and not sure quite what to expect. Would the 'occupier' be in residence? But I thought - this is an experience I had to make the most of, something not many folk would have a chance to do. I think the house is what I expected. There was a melancholy feel which wasn't helped by evidence of ransacking. Sometimes achingly sad. But I could also occasionally sense it had been a happy place once. I know nothing of the history apart from it was built around 1725 in the early Georgian style. There's been quite a few alterations since and of course it's been left to rot for half a century. There are a lot more questions than answers. Here is my collection, some familiar to you but hopefully some not so... On leaving I found myself facing a large beast which had horns and an udder (huh???) with a youngster so I thought it better to wait till there was a better moment to leg it across the yard!
  7. Afternoon all, Did this place in 2012 and did enjoy the place. I know some of you know it as red dress manor. We did the usual and got in there before sunrise so went for a wander around and then sat in the dark for hour. On with some photos. Already seen some crackers on here so will shaare something a little different. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 - need to rework this one #9 #10 #11 #12 Thanks for looking in.