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Found 4 results

  1. Explored with @plod and a 28DL member. There wasn't much to the first few rooms we explored apart from tonnes of christmas trees & graffiti so I wasn't too sure about the place upon first impressions, but the main factory bit was quite interesting and very colourful. Some of the machinery and tiles were still there which I was surprised about given how far gone the place is now. Some of the smaller buildings had also been badly burned, I fell halfway through one of the floors but managed to save myself on a plank of wood I couldn't actually find any history of this place sadly, apart from the obvious stuff. 1
  2. Dudley rail tunnel was opened in 1850 to allow the Oxford-Worcester-Wolverhampton Line between Stourbridge and Wolverhampton to pass for several hundred yards beneath Dudley. The tunnel was regularly used by passenger trains until 1964, when the town's station closed along with the remaining passenger stations on the line, although goods trains were still allowed to use the line. It finally closed to all trains on 19 March 1993, when the section of railway between Walsall and Brierley Hill was closed after 143 years in use. A cable laying train passed through the tunnel on 2 July 1993 - nearly four months after the line was officially closed. Explored with @plod and a 28DL member. Plod
  3. evening all hope everyone's cool, i'm bloody knackered so won't be writing an encyclopedia on this place! The explore Had a day of localish exploring around brum and finished the day up natwest tower, bloody nice day exploring, didnt get time to see the tunnels we wanted to but don't think they're going anywhere soon, bumped into a group at the first location and then bumped into the same lot as we turned up they were leaving this place, good thing really as we were going in blind and they sorted us out some access which was nice. quite liked this little mooch, gym ropes are always a winner in my eyes! been meaning to get up here for about a year but just been driving further afield instead of checking out whats on the doorstep, then i saw a few people had been in over recent months and decided would be a good time to give it a go. friend of mine was an extra in a film being filmed here quite recently, which was quite funny, he knows what i do and told me all about his abandoned hospital experience, think its some zombie film or something-as you'd probably expect. anyway im shattered so heres some coffee and waster history from wiki Victorian origins Situated in Tipton Road, Dudley the buildings were originally constructed as almshouses in 1849 by the Earl of Dudley to accommodate workers who had become blind in the limestone pits. The armshouses were hardly used and after being altered by the Earl were given to the town as a hospital. In 1871 they were taken over by local chainmaker Joseph Guest. The 20th century hospital In 1908, Tipton pawnbroker Hugh Lewis left his entire estate of £80,000 to the hospital. Most of the hospital was rebuilt between 1929 and 1939, on the far side not visible from Tipton Road, though part of these new buildings were visible from Birmingham New Road which opened in 1927 and allowed for a second vehicular access point (which was closed in the 1990s).[5] A new pre-fabricated timber/plaster board annex was added in the 1960s, and survived until the hospital's closure.[6] The hospital's accident and emergency department closed in the spring of 1984 and was relocated to the new Russells Hall Hospital. Around this time, fears were rife in the local area that Dudley Guest Hospital was on the verge of closure, but the opening of a new hydrotherapy pool and physiotherapy department in 1986 appeared to silence these fears. However, National Health Service officials announced in July 1990 that they were considering closing the hospital (along with nearby Burton Road Hospital, which ultimately closed in December 1993) and expanding Russells Hall to accommodate replacement facilities, but the hospital survived another 17 years. The former nurse's home at the hospital was demolished in 1996.[7] New buildings[edit] A new horseshoe-shaped extension was opened in 2003, but the old buildings - including the out-patients department - remained in use until October 2007.[8] Most of the buildings are due to be retained owing to their historic importance, though some of the less significant structures are set to be demolished to make way for a housing development - these include the wards at the rear of the site which were built in the 1930s, as well as the hydrotherapy pool and physiotherapy department. The administration building, former out-patients unit and hospital lodge are set to be retained to form residential properties.[9] In 2008, it was used to film Ghosthunting with... and stars from I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! ghosthunted in parts of the hospital, just six months after it closed picywics thanks for looking kids, i'm crawling into bed
  4. History From Wikipedia: 'Dudley Guest Hospital is a hospital located in Dudley, West Midlands, England. It is situated in Tipton Road, and the buildings were originally constructed in 1849 by the Earl of Dudley to accommodate miners blinded in the numerous local coal mines. The miners rejected the Earl's charity, and the buildings remained empty until 1871, when they were taken over by local chainmaker Joseph Guest and turned into a hospital. The hospital's accident and emergency department closed in 1983 and was relocated to Russells Hall Hospital. A new horseshoe-shaped extension was opened in 2003, but the old buildings - including the out-patients department - remained in use until October 2007. Most of the buildings are due to be retained owing to their historic importance, though some of the less significant structures are set to be demolished, and it has been speculated for some time that houses will be built there, although nothing definite has yet been confirmed'. Visit After a quick shopping trip so i didnt have to go exploring in my office clothes again! me and LoocyLoo headed off to pick up RedHunter and a non member! Access was easier than we thought as no report has been posted since 2009! Would reccormend wearing a respirator mask the place was DIRT! So we turned up and went to climb over the fence! what was there! Horses! F*cking Horses! blocking the entry onto the site! so alternative routes were found after 20 Minutes in the Hospital we triggered an alarm and found where the sensors were located (maybe you should stay off the ground floor)... After hiding from security walking round the outside we cracked on! Sorry for boring you all, heres the pictures!