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Found 13 results

  1. Recent video of the beautiful example of what was the workhouse and Infirmary. On our first visit the seclusion rooms where visible now reduced to rubble.
  2. Been visiting this place for many years apart from the old Workhouse buildings which have almost disappeared, today we visited the chapel. Here are a few pics Added an update of the workhouse conditions too.
  3. Just a few pics from here, this was a great day out.
  4. This one is a little trashed, but it still has some great character left behind. There is old buildings and new buildings, with character in both. And there is a padded cell in a basement but I did not have a torch with me. The chapel is great, it was used a creche for children. The windows are protected. The future of this building is unknown, fights between councils and land owners... 1,2,3,4,5,6,7
  5. Apparently there is a padded cell in a basement here but not much remains! It was a nice relaxed explore, even when seccas came in! A lovely little chapel. The hospital is quite modern in parts but if you keep to the west side it retains some old character.
  6. I've been wanting to visit this place for a while, so we decided to stop by and have a look around, it does look worse than I thought it would be, it's absolutely trashed now. Lots of work has been going on and everything has been stripped bare. From what I was told, one of the rooms that has been locked for years has finally been opened, pics follow: You can see more on the Kent Underground and Abandoned Places page.
  7. Was not going to do a report on this as to be honest it's rather small ,but its always been locked down tight when ive visited the remains of the asylum so when it came to my attention that it was indeed doable with a hour or so to kill before myself and UrbanGinger went elsewhere would be rude not to pop in.. Very brief snippet of info from what used to be the former workhouse/hospital which the chapel served The former workhouse later became Eastry Hospital, a centre for the care of those with learning disabilities. The hospital has now closed and the site is being redeveloped; the infirmary block has been demolished along with most of the entrance block. The Grade II listed "Old Buildings" remain, along with the chapel Just a few pics of what it looks like today as like i say it is rather small 1970's pic from inside Nothing epic by far ,but it is local so why not!
  8. This is one pretty local to me and after an afternoon out with Wevsky and Justin we had been talking about how trashed the place had become. Recent photos show rooms full of graffiti and loads of the interesting bits now gone or smashed up. A recent report on the Hospital by 2wid showed off the ‘best’ bits. We decided a return trip was in order to try and capture the place a little better to my old report when I had just got my camera. I am quite satisfied with the photos from the day. It was a nice easy stroll to kill the remainder of the afternoon and a good chance to take some time capturing the feel of the place before it gets any worse. There is already a load of history scattered around the internet so ill crack on with the photos... [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14]
  9. This was a bit of a last minute explore - I decided I should take my scooter on its first Urbex mission Visited alone nice and early in the morning so no bother from any locals. I can't find much History for this place, but I know it started out as a Workhouse and stayed that way for more than a century, then in the 1940's it became a Mental Hospital. Also heard of it being a children's hospital before closure. Most of the buildings are now demolished, but some have been marked as historically important, so need to be refurbished. There are signs everywhere saying the buildings are a part of a conservation project and they will be refurbished. But they are in a bad way. Anyway, hopefully someone can put me straight on the history... Pictures: SPOT THE BUILDER... Thanks for looking!
  10. Right first off visited with a great bunch of guys..way too many too name but here goes..myself..unclebulgaria,fortknox,frosty,obscurity,night walker,phil and sorry mate forgot your name I had a little help with some of the light painting and a bit of camera assistance from frosty,cheers mate! Right this place was in operation until 1914 when the locals got very worried due to lack of thought of how it was mined that their properties would fall into the mines!After this it was used as a folly for local village events..during ww2 the home guard used the longer section as a rifle range and then after the war it was opened up as a tourist attraction briefly..and at some point rumour has it it was used for religious ceremonies, entrance is on private property and must have permission for any sort of visit! this pic i cant take any credit for..dr knox took this.. right thats my evening summed up with pitures great visit thx to everyone involved!
  11. Hi all this was my first explore on my second visit to this place, It kind of held a special sort of fascination for me as I spent many a happy weekend with my Grandmother who lived just up the road from here when I was a child and then much later on in my early teens racing motorcycles up and down the field at the rear of this place being chased by its occupants and wow could they run. Strange thing is I could still here my granfmothers voice in the back of my mind saying "make sure you stay away from the hospital" whilst I was exploring it, anyway enough of my reminiscing on with some pics. Front view Spooky rear view The Cellar with all its heating equipment, I also noticed what looked like a coal shute in the rear wall Shame their talents cant be put to better use Action man gets everywhere, whatever happend to mine Lol ! Thought this looked interesting, an old key cupboard ? Traffic cones are like supermarket trolleys, they get everywhere Rear View from one of the now missing windows Top floor Hope the pics are ok, Im a very amatuer photographer, these were taken on a Samsung DMC TZ5 Thanks for taking the time to look at my pics
  12. Right quick write up as its late and im knackered.This isnt where we started off intending to do,but due to a no go situation we went here ,old kids hospital been derelict a long time but it was better than nothing..AND i trod on a floor board with a rusty nail i may well lose my foot..nah i hope not heres a few pics of what we did. This i got me tripod outr and light painted I like this shot ferk knows why but i do They do like to spray paint this was what was left of a poor bat Thanks for looking ..we tried the chruch next door boarded up but way on top
  13. Visited with Desertion Photography and Jesus, a nice little place, but unfortunately it had been trashed far more then Desertion's last visit. Eastry hospital was originally built as a workhouse then converted to house the mentally impaired and those with learning disabilities. On with the pics! The famous doors Still toilet paper?!??! Pacman FTW!!! Admin wing I think The best insult graf I have ever seen Art deco light switch? Gentlemen We also found a rather disturbing room with police tape across the door and lots of bullet holes in the walls and door, in this room was also a freshly decapitated pigeon, and a kinda blade on a stick next to it :S Sorry it took so long to stick up these pics Shadow